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#LUKESGRIT Challenge – Complimentary Fitness Classes in Dallas this Holiday Season!


Hey Hey friends! ¬†I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving Holiday and ate lots of yummy food that you love ūüôā ¬† No need to feel guilty for indulging because I have five,¬†free, super-fun workouts in store for you this holiday season. ¬†If you live in Dallas, come join me and my friends from Luke’s Locker for the #LUKESGRIT Challenge! ¬†Me and 3 instructors from my studio will teach a sweaty series of high energy, motivating¬†classes during the month of December.

The #LUKESGRIT challenge aims to provide a fun environment that encourages women to stay active during the holiday season. Generous prizes from Luke’s Locker will be awarded to those who complete 3 or more community classes in the month of December.

The challenge begins this Sunday, Dec. 6th with a kick off “GRIT mash up” class and shopping event at Luke‚Äôs¬†Locker ‚Äď Mockingbird, Dallas, TX. Each week following, members of the Dallas community can participate¬†in a complimentary community workout at the GRIT Fitness studio located at 3821 Ross Ave.¬†Dallas, TX 75204.


  • Date: Sunday, December 6, 2015
  • Time: 10:00am
  • Location: Luke‚Äôs Locker 3046 Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75205
  • Cost: Free & open to the Dallas community
  • Details: Enjoy a 1-hour ‚Äúmash up‚ÄĚ workout led by GRIT Fitness instructors, followed by¬†refreshments and shopping. The kick-off class will consist of Dance Cardio, Body Sculpting and¬†Cardio Kick Boxing. Space is limited – class participants must register online!


  • Kick Off – GRIT Mash Up Workout¬†¬†12/6, 10:00am at Luke’s Locker – Mockingbird, Dallas, TX
  • Class 1 – Dance Club Cardio, 12/9, 7:30pm at GRIT FITNESS
  • Class 2 – Turbo Kick, 12/16, 6:30pm at GRIT FITNESS
  • Class 3 – GRIT HIIT, 12/23, 6:00pm at GRIT FITNESS
  • Class 4 – Body Sculpt Express, 12/30, 5:15pm at GRIT FITNESS

You can visit the GRIT Fitness website to read the description of each class format.  I hope to see you there!  xoxo, Brit

5 Tips For Expanding Your Small Business

Wow – it’s crazy to think that just 1 year ago today, I took the giant leap of faith by quitting my management consulting career and setting out to open my own fitness studio, GRIT! ¬†At that time I wrote a blog post, 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job, and today I’m so grateful to still be working for myself and continuing on this crazy, chaotic,¬†entrepreneurship¬†journey.

We are about to close our 10th month of business at GRIT Fitness (woo hoo) so now my focus is on phase 2 – expansion. ¬†I’m finding expanding¬†the business to be just as if not more challenging than starting the business. ¬†I need to standardize my processes so they can be replicated, keep my current clients satisfied, excited and engaged all while executing my expansion¬†strategy. ¬†As you can imagine, the work is exciting but I feel like I’m being pulled in a million different directions.

As I continue through this phase, I want to share my 5 super practical tips that have helped me prioritize my time and make smart growth decisions. ¬†If you’re embarking¬†upon the growth/expansion¬†phase of your business or project,¬†these tips can help!

Brit’s 5 Tips For Expanding¬†Your Small Business:

1. Articulate Your Business Case For Action РHow much will it cost to expand my business and how much additional revenue do I expect?

GRIT Fitness classes are bursting at the seams - expansion is critical in order to service our demand

GRIT Fitness classes are bursting at the seams – expansion is critical in order to service our demand

Why do you need to expand?  Are you bursting at the seams with an overflow of volume that you simply do not have capacity to take on?  Are your clients demanding more services or product offerings?

Here it’s critical¬†to calculate your return on investment (ROI). ¬†Remember to always grow your sales before your grow your cost. ¬†It’s easy to get wrapped up the hype of having a second location or a presence in a new city. ¬†But remember, sales are KING. If revenue¬†is not increasing at the same rate or faster than your costs, you may want to rethink your growth strategy.

2. Recruit and retain great talent –¬†Can I quickly acquire and¬†train a winning team?

Me and 2 awesome members of my #dreamteam, Emily & Annabel. Without them, GRIT Fitness is nothing!

Me and 2 awesome members of my #dreamteam, Emily & Annabel. Without them, GRIT Fitness is nothing!

Let me make something very clear: NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR TEAM РPEOPLE ARE YOUR GREATEST ASSET.  That said, know what skills and talents are required to grow and maintain your business.  Recruit people who are passionate about your vision and who possess those skills and talents.  Then do everything in your power to keep them engaged!  I highly discourage you from expanding your business faster than the rate at which you can acquire great talent.

3. Explore & Confirm Your Financing Options –¬†Where will I get the money?


Me and my home girls shooting a new promo video to kickstart our crowd funding campaign!

NEWS FLASH: Unless you have a rich uncle or your business has already earned a lot of revenue (like $200K), getting access to capital is very tough for a new¬†business. ¬†Banks won’t talk to you. ¬†You can can apply for an SBA (Small Business Administration) loan but the process is super slow with lots of red tape. ¬†Or can you take money from investors, but you’ll have to give up a percentage of ownership of your company (I’m not down with that). ¬†There are some other small business loans but the interest rates can be quite high, like 8-11%. ¬†Last, you can opt for crowd-funding like KickStarter, which allows members of the community to fund your business because they like/believe in your concept. ¬†In return you provide small tokens of appreciation like complimentary goods/services, swag, etc. ¬†The downside, is that crowd funding campaigns can be time consuming¬†because¬†they require lots of marketing to be successful.

At the end of the day, all of these financing options have pros and cons, so you need to evaluate each and find the best solution for your business.  Remember, business expansion costs money so you must have plan to get some cash!

4. Know Your Target Customer and Keep Her Happy – How does expansion better serve your target customer?


GRIT Fitness targets young, social, active, hip, professional women between the ages of 21-35

A GRIT Fitness, I have a “muse” if you will. ¬†She’s a young, professional woman between the ages of 21-35 who’s high-achieving, social and ready to take on the world. ¬†She is my target customer. ¬†Any time I make a business decision, pleasing her is my top priority.

You should be able to quickly define your target customer and know what he/she wants. ¬†Keep your target customer’s needs at the forefront of your mind as you think about expanding. ¬†Go where they are¬†and give them what they want. ¬†This can be tough because pleasing your target customer may mean that you disappoint some other customers. ¬†I believe that not trying to please everyone is they key to branding success (and to being a happy person – wink wink).

5. Maintain Your Vibe –¬†What is your culture and how you¬†will maintain it?

FUN. FIERCE. FABULOUS. That's pretty much sums up our culture at GRIT Fitness

FUN. FIERCE. FABULOUS. That’s pretty much sums up our culture at GRIT Fitness

We just kick-started the #FallN2Fitness challenge at my studio and our classes are PACKED with fierce chicas who are determined to stay fit this fall. ¬†Typically, October/November are times when we fall OUT of our fitness routines; however we are determined to break the cycle and fall IN to fitness ūüôā¬†Class challenges are a great culture building tactic¬†¬†that I’ve implemented¬†at GRIT Fitness.¬† They help foster a sense of community and encourage our clients to push past their comfort zone AKA “show their grit!”

Regardless of whether we expand to a 2nd studio location, online, DVD’s. etc. ¬†we must maintain the behaviors and core values that make GRIT Fitness special and unique. ¬†It’s imperative¬†for you clearly articulate what key behaviors, practices and values you will keep consistent as you expand your small business.

While expanding your business or project may be a little stressful, I think it’s one of most rewarding¬†experiences. ¬†I constantly¬†remind myself that THE JOURNEY IS THE REWARD. ¬†No matter the fate of GRIT Fitness, I’m having a blast bringing my idea to life, taking risks and helping people live happier, healthier¬†lives. ¬†I hope these tips are helpful and I wish you all the best to you on your journey! ¬†xoxo, Brit

Precision Running at Equinox: Finally a Fun Treadmill Workout

Happy Hump Day Gang! ¬†A few weeks ago I met Maggie, the¬†General Manager of¬†Equinox Preston Hollow, at a Girl’s Night Out event hosted by Trunk Club Dallas. ¬†Her energy immediately drew me in and next thing I knew I was making plans to come try out one of Equinox’s hottest new group fitness classes. ¬†I had a such a great experience, I wanted to share all the details…

equinox precision running

The Class:¬†¬†Precision Running is the newest group fitness class at Equinox.¬† ¬†It‚Äôs a 45-minute treadmill workout with ‚Äúprecisely designed intervals to hit every muscle in your body.‚Ä̬† ¬†I‚Äôve read several positive reviews, but I wanted try to the class for myself.¬† So I grabbed my friend Nena and headed to Equinox!

The Method: The class is built on the Balanced Interval Training Experience (BITE) method, which strikes a middle ground between High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and aerobic endurance training (e.g. long distance jogging). There are varieties of interval routines so you can expect a different 45-minute treadmill workout each class.

The Space:  Unlike most group fitness classes, Precision Running doesn’t take place inside the group fitness classroom.  We were actually on the treadmills in the open gym floor.

The Crowd:  Approximately 15 women and men between the ages of 30-50.  Nena and I attended a 9:30 AM class, which may explain the more mature crowd.  Everyone was dressed in trendy activewear and seemed happy to be there.

The Experience: First off, I have to admit that I hate running on the treadmill.  Though I was excited about trying a new class, I was secretly dreading being on the treadmill for 45 minutes.  Fortunately, I got a pleasant surprise with Precision Running and here’s why…

  • Warm up – As class was bout to start, we hopped onto our treadmills making one long line of class participants.¬† Our instructor paced back and forth in front of us as we kicked off a slow jog to warm up.¬† During this time, she coached our running form, breathing and proper foot contact with the treadmill.¬† The warm up lasted about 3 minutes and then we moved on to the first interval series.
  • Interval Series 1 – For 20 minutes, we jogged, ran and sprinted through a variety of 30 second and 1-minute speed intervals on¬†very low¬†incline.¬† My endorphins flowed¬†and my heart rate elevated!
  • Interval Series 2 – We got about 3 minutes of transition/recovery time until we started the next interval series.¬† It¬†also 20 minutes but had more of a ‚Äústrength‚ÄĚ focus.¬† We continuously increased the treadmill incline but maintained a moderate, steady pace.¬† I could feel my quads, calves and hamstrings very much engaged as the incline got steeper and steeper.
  • Cool Down – Following the 2nd¬†series, the instructor led us through short cool down jog/walk and then ended the class. ¬†I was impressed with her ability to keep the class lively by simultaneously motivating, coaching and changing up the intervals.

Loved:¬†The number of calories I blasted ‚Äď 469 at the 43-minute mark.¬† Woo Hoo!

Hated: I forgot to bring my own headphones so I didn’t have any music to energize my stride.

Intensity Level: Moderate-High intensity.  Fortunately, if you’re still building your fitness, you can run at a slower pace and not feel like a slacker nor stand out from the class.

Afterwards:  Can we say drenched in sweat? About 3 minutes after the class ended, I cooled down and could feel the after burn.  While my leg muscles were tight, surprisingly I didn’t feel knee pain.  I guess running with proper form pays off!

Our instructor taught a 30-minute Dynamic Strength class directly after Precision Running so Nena and I hit that up for some body sculpting action.  It was the perfect compliment to our treadmill workout.  Nena and I were completely exhausted and ready to inhale a yummy lunch.

Final Verdict:¬†¬†Simply put, if you looking for cardio conditioning, look no further.¬† I give Precision Running the official “gritty two thumbs up.” ¬†Dallas crew, be sure to check out a class for yourself – hit up Equinox Preston Hollow and ask for Gabby. ¬†ENJOY!

Dallas GRIT Fitness: My 1st Studio – Progress on Site Renovations

Hey guys – happy Tuesday! ¬†So I’m back in Dallas and back to work renovating and preparing for the grand opening of my very 1st fitness studio! ¬†I can’t believe this is all happening. ¬†It’s SO MUCH more work than I anticipated but I’m loving every minute of it.

My studio, Dallas GRIT Fitness, is located in East Dallas at 3821 Ross Avenue. ¬†I’m SO excited to bring the very 1st one-stop-shop for a variety of the most energetic group fitness & yoga classes! ¬†No more having to drop in to 5 different studios to attend your favorite workouts.

Right now, I’m in the thick of of renovations and managing contractors. ¬†We started off by tearing down 6 walls in what use to be a chiropractor’s office. ¬†Talk about manual labor. ¬†I had a little bit of a hiccup last week when the City of Dallas officials stopped by and said I needed an additional permit for the demolition work that was done – YIKES! ¬†We had to stop working for a couple of days until we secured the permit – UGH! ¬†Fortunately, everything is squared away now and we are back in business!


My friend Turner, owner of Dallas Fit Body Bootcamp, did all of the demolition work by himself! Talk about GRIT


Turner knocked down 6 walls on 1 Day #BEASTMODE


During the demolition, the flooring guys came by to give me an estimate on wood floor installation


I almost fainted when I heard the price… maybe I can get wood floors installed barter for classes???


At the end of Day 3 all of the wall were gone and the debris was cleared out. Turner and his buddy Glen literally did magic!

Once we got all of the walls knocked down and cleaned out, we did a mini celebration – YAY! ¬†Then the painters came in and worked their magic. ¬†I decided to go with gray walls and white crown molding. ¬†What do you think? ¬†My biz partner, Tuner, will run Dallas Fit Body Bootcamp in the suite next door. ¬†We’re excited to offer cross-studio memberships and ¬†joint workouts ūüôā


Painters doing the final touches on the crown molding

All done with painting yay! Now I need to get a "Dallas GRIT Fitness" sign made to go in the entry way behind the welcome desk

All done with painting yay! Now I need to get a “Dallas GRIT Fitness” sign made to go in the entry way behind the welcome desk

Now that painting is done, the flooring guys will install beautiful maple wood floors this week.

Last but not least, we will wrap up renovations with mirrors, wall art and sound/lighting installations. ¬†Then we are good to go! ¬†I’m having an orientation for all of my rockstar instructors in early December and “soft opening” in late December 2014. ¬†I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress. ¬†In the meanwhile, check out the studio website: dallasgritfitnesss.com

So much is happening so fast!

Thanks for being a part of the journey.

Lots of luv, Brit


What Does GRIT Mean to You? Answers from 8 Wonder Women + GRIT Tank Top Giveaway

Good morning friends! ¬†As promised, I gathered all of your comments from my GRIT Tank Top Giveaway a couple of weeks ago and summarized them into the graphic below. ¬†I have to be honest, at first I did this for selfish reasons as these quotes became my morning motivation. ¬†I was so inspired by your definitions of “GRIT” I just had to share the goodness. ¬† Now you can print, Pin or post this graphic anywhere you like. ¬†Also, HUGE thank you to 8 Wonder Women who shared what “GRIT” means to them…

On that note, let’s keep the gritty goodness going. ¬†I’m hosting another giveaway for this black GRIT tank top (pictured below). ¬†Just like last time, post a comment answering the question, “What does GRIT mean to you?” ¬†I’ll read through all of your inspiring words and pick a winner – will announce next Wednesday (Oct. 8). ¬†Enjoy!

grit tank top giveaway

Thursday Giveaway! Win a signature GRIT tank top

Hey y’all! ¬†Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Core + Cardio Workout. ¬†My abs are still sore! ¬†I just made it to NYC for a work conference. ¬†I love it here. ¬†Last night I checked into my hotel and caught up on some work. ¬†This morning I went to 24 Hour Fitness in Midtown for a 30/60/90 HIIT class. ¬†It’s really crazy to be here in the city (in the Financial District specifically) on 9/11. ¬†I remember the horrible event like it was yesterday. ¬†I was a Senior in high school and we watched the 2nd plane on TV – we couldn’t believe our eyes. ¬†On a positive note, I remain so amazed by the resilience and perseverance of the families and friends who lost loved ones. ¬†We are so much stronger than we think…

Ridin' in my cab from the airport to the W Hotel in Midtown

Ridin’ in my cab from the airport to the W Hotel in Midtown

I’m feeling generous today so I’ve decided to randomly giveaway one of my signature GRIT by Brit tank tops. You can choose either the black or the blue – whatever style you prefer. ¬†To enter to win, just post comment below sharing what “GRIT” means to you. ¬†You guys know what GRIT means to me, but I’d love to hear your point of view and personal stories. ¬†Also, I’m a big fan of learning from each other, so let’s spread some gritty love and words of wisdom. ¬†I’ll announce the winner next week, September 19th,¬†in my Fitness Fashion Friday post. ¬†Be sure to include your¬†email if it’s not already linked to your comment profile so I can contact you for your mailing address and tank top size. ¬†Good luck! ¬†luv, Brit

Me and my friend Nena, sweaty in our GRIT tanks after PiYo class!

Me and my friend Nena, sweaty in our GRIT tanks after PiYo class!

G.R.I.T – The Secret to Success and Happiness

Hello friends. ¬†A colleague of mine forwarded me an AMAZING article¬†from Forbes.com. ¬†You can¬†click here¬†to read the full article, but below is an¬†excerpt of the GRIT section¬†by¬†Scott Petinga – it’s just too good not to share…

photo 1

  • ‚ÄúG‚ÄĚ is for guts, that secret superpower that allows us to overcome adversity and steer a course over, under, around or straight through life‚Äôs many obstacles and challenges. Having guts is about living in the moment and doing things you‚Äôre afraid of right now ‚ÄĒ not tomorrow, not five years from now. It‚Äôs about being confident in your opinion, voicing that opinion and not being afraid to disagree with people.
  • ‚ÄúR‚ÄĚ is for resilience, which allows us to bounce back from life‚Äôs many defeats to enjoy the fruits of our labor and eventual success. Perseverance is a major part of that. The journey that got me to where I am today gave me this insatiable drive, this compulsion to create change ‚ÄĒ to be change. It also taught me to genuinely care about people, to care about the community around me and to care about the impact I have on the future. Don‚Äôt limit yourself to what‚Äôs immediately doable. Instead ask, ‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs possible?‚ÄĚ
  • ‚ÄúI‚ÄĚ is for initiative, that entrepreneurial spirit that inspires us to act on our biggest ideas and build a life and career for ourselves. With initiative comes the risk of failure, which is why doing so is well worth it. Either it takes you forward into a new direction, or you fail, and those failures take you in a new direction.
  • ‚ÄúT‚ÄĚ is for tenacity, which ultimately determines how hard we fight for our dreams. Tenacity can be summed up as, ‚Äúimprovise, overcome, adapt,‚ÄĚ regardless of the odds. You miss 100% of the shots you don‚Äôt take. A tenacious person never has to say ‚Äúwould have,‚ÄĚ ‚Äúcould have‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúshould have.‚ÄĚ Don‚Äôt think too long about things, just go for them.

Those of you who have been following me from the beginning know that helping people develop GRIT is the core purpose¬†of my blog. ¬†I believe fitness is about so much more than a strong body. ¬†It’s about transforming your mind, CHOOSING to think positive thoughts¬†and having the courage to believe in and work for your goals. ¬†The great thing about¬†GRIT is that can be developed. ¬†Unlike talents, we aren’t born with GRIT. ¬†This means that each of us has the opportunity and the means to make our dreams come true. ¬†True that. ¬†xoxo, Brit

What’s your dream? ¬†

How are are you fighting to makes your dream come true?

How do you show your GRIT?