I saw this quote and LOVED it, so I wanted to share it with you guys. It’s so true – right?  When I think about the key moments in my life that really made me feel strong, each moment forced me to do something I didn’t think I could do.  From running a mile under 8 minutes to teaching a group fitness class, each moment pushed me out of my comfort zone.

As many of you know, I’m a not a full-time fitness professional.  I work long hours in corporate America and feel most comfortable in a conference room presenting PowerPoint slides.  On top of that, I’m not a “writer” and I’ve struggled with my weight over the years.  All of these facts make it easy to convince myself that I’m “unfit” to be a fitness blogger.  However maintaining this blog has pushed me out of my comfort zone and made my stronger in several ways – my fitness, nutrition, relationships and even my writing skills!

If you’re like me, you typically like to focus on things you’re naturally good at because it makes you feel good about yourself – nothing wrong with that.  The only issue is that refraining from pushing ourselves doesn’t make us stronger.  It doesn’t require grit.  And grit is what elevates our lives from ordinary to extraordinary.  So go ahead and do 5 burpees instead of 4, run for 16 minutes instead of 15, start that blog you’ve been contemplating or take on a new project at work even if it feels a little intimidating.

SHOCK yourself – be STRONG!

xoxo, Brit

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  1. The quote above is definitely a vital truth! It’s the things we are scared of doing that are usually the things we are purposed to do. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Just wanted to say that I love your blog – a lot of your quotes are very inspirational. Plus, I love how clean your blog looks! Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi, been reading your blog for the last couple of days and love it, it’s very inspiring. I especially like this quote about strength. Ran my first marathon last year and despite being absolutely exhausted and in pain for a few days I also felt this incredible strength and sense of achievement. Ever since then I try to do something everyday, that I either do not like doing or do not believe I can do; I just try to push myself a tiny bit further every day!