Are you the next Fitness Star?

Or am I?

Happy Monday everyone!  xoxo, Brit
You are a SUPER STAR!
xoxo, Brit

Well one thing is for sure, my body does NOT look like that chick in the Women’s Health Magazine flyer below, but look at all the love and energy I have to give. ¬†I mean, that counts for something. Right? ūüôā ¬†No matter your shape or size, if you follow a consistent fitness regimen, strive to live a healthy lifestyle and are dedicated motivating others, then you are indeed a “Fitness Star” in my eyes!

Heads up to the aspiring ¬†fitness professionals –¬†Women’s Health Magazine is having open auditions for the “Next Fitness Star.” ¬†The contest looks super cool and I highly encourage you to audition. ¬†I did (if that’s any motivation). ¬†The winner gets to star in their own DVD series and appear in pages of Women’s Health Magazine. ¬†CLICK HERE to complete the audition form. ¬†The deadline is March 6, 2014.

Don’t be scurred – go ahead and strut your stuff, share your passion and be a STAR! ¬†Have a wonderful week. ¬†Lots of luv,¬†Brit

next fitness star

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