Living Room Workout: Brit’s Head 2 Toe Tone Up!

Spring 2014 GRIT by Brit Pics 014

Hey Gang!  Here’s your workout for the week.  I made up this routine while chillin’ at my parents’ house.  Lately I’ve been all about multitasking.  So while we were watching the Winter Olympics I simultaneously cranked out these 5 super effective, body sculpting moves.  This is a great workout if you’re short on time, have no equipment and want to focus on strength and toning.

Like most of my workouts, this routine is “circuit style” which means you need to move through each set of exercises fairly quickly with minimal rest.  Doing so helps elevate your heart rate and ensure you burn max calories while building muscle strength.  These exercises work all of our “problem zones” (i.e. thighs, abs and arm flab).  For best results, do my Head 2 Toe Tone Up 2-3 times per week for 4 weeks along with your cardio workouts.  Enjoy and let me know how it goes!  Lots of luv, Brit

Head 2 Toe Tone Up

Instructional Images

Spring 2014 GRIT by Brit Pics 013
Single Leg Lunges
Spring 2014 GRIT by Brit Pics 011
Plank Knee Pulls
Spring 2014 GRIT by Brit Pics 015
Decline Push Ups
Spring 2014 GRIT by Brit Pics 010
Tricep Dips
Spring 2014 GRIT by Brit Pics 017
Slow, assisted calf raises

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  1. Great at home workout. Thanks for sharing. I can feel the burn just reading the article and looking at the images. I am currently digging the body weight only workouts.

  2. Can you clarify the assisted calf raises? Are you pushing down on the mantel for resistance, or just holding it for balance? I’m psyched for this one!

    1. Great question! Just holding the mantle for balance to really isolate the calf muscles in a slow, up and down controlled movement. ENJOY!