NYC Wedding Bells

Image: Sippin an Old Fashioned with my classmates/boy buds Eric & Chris. I’m really not a whiskey girl, but I got peer pressured

Hello Friends! Happy Monday. This morning I’m blogging from NYC. I traveled here for a beautiful Manhattan wedding of my business school friends, Matt & Lily-Hayes. The ceremony and reception were held at Rockafeller Plaza in the Rainbow Room overlooking the city. The food was amazing, the scenery was stunning and most importantly I got to reconnect with my amazing friends. Sigh…still on a high.

So get this, for 4 weekends straight I’m either attending a black tie wedding or a formal gala. Today marks 3 down and 1 to go. These fancy festivities started with my friend Leslie’s wedding followed by the Dallas Autumn Ball last weekend. (I actually wore my bridesmaid dress from Leslie’s wedding to Matt & Lily-Hayes wedding. Getting some use out of that bad boy). Next weekend is my last formal event of the year, the Dallas Margarita Ball. I’m excited!

I decided to extend my NYC trip to do some “market research” on new dance cardio studios here in the city. So excited to take 3 classes today and catch up with several of my fitness sistas! I’ve gotta run to another sweat session, but be on the lookout for NYC class reviews coming soon. NYC is a great place and I use Moovit train line maps to help me get around.

Here’s a few photos from Matt & Lily Hayes’ wedding – hope you like. Have a wonderfully active and happy week!

Lots of luv, Brit

Enjoying the gorgeous NYC view during cocktail hour before the reception (Rainbow Room @Rockafeller Center
The lovely bride and groom dancing away on the rotating floor – stunning!
Me and my crew at cocktail hour – Harvard Business School Section B Class of 2010 – we roll deep (wink wink)
My first time witnessing the traditional Jewish chair dance – so fun!
What better way to end the weekend than an all you can eat BBQ brunch at Dino’s in Harlem! From Left to right, my classmates Jenn, Matt (groom), Chris, Eric & Lakshmi

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  1. Hi Brit! Nice website! I actually came across this post searching for info on the Rainbow Room as a possible venue for my wedding. would love to get your experience on what it was like from a guest’s point of view. was the food and service really good? anything you liked or didnt like? Hard to judge since i have never been to a wedding there and would appreciate your feedback. Not sure if its crazy to ask if your friend who got married there would also be interested in giving me some more details. Anyways, glad to come across your blog! Also HBS grad btw, but 2014. Thanks!!!