Healthy Habits for Sustained Success

10 healthy habits

I made up this healthy habits list about 2 years ago when I got really serious about taking control of my health, my weight and my life.  While these habits may seem a little extreme, they are doable and beneficial!  Personally, I have not mastered the list, but each day I try to do a little better.  It takes a lot of GRIT to develop healthy habits.  But healthy habits are the only way to a sustain a healthy lifestyle.  While these habits can take a lifetime to develop, we should strive to perfect them EVERY DAY.  Doing so helps us be our BEST SELVES!  If we focus on 1 healthy habit at a time, soon enough we’ll be living by the full formula.  GOOD LUCK! Luv, Brit 😉

need a littl GRIT


0 – Hours of television

1 – Hour of exercise

2 – Liters of water

3 – Cups of hot green tea

4 – Short mental breaks

5 – Small meals

6 – AM wake up time

7 – Minutes of laughter

8 – Hours of sleep (at least)

9 – PM end of the day and off to bed

10 – Prayers of gratitude (list 10 things you’re thankful for)

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  1. I love this list…well almost, the zero TV will be hard to do. LOL I watch the news everyday like clock work and Steve Harvey on Family Feud. 🙂 This will be my ‘comment’ to Me List. Thanks!

    1. Good luck Tory! I was the same way with TV – but I now I get my news online or through Twitter so I can multitask. All the best to you! Lots of luv, Brit

  2. Great list! I just started blogging this week about my journey to get fit, and I have been tying to implement many of these things. I do feel small, incremental change can work better than changing everything at once, so I am concentrating on the water and getting to bed early right now (in addition to diet and exercise). I love watching So You Think You Can Dance on Tuesday nights, so we won’t be giving up the TV anytime soon!

    1. Glad you like my list! I know the “no TV” thing can be hard. I persoanlly love to watch the Bachelorette on Monday nights – it’s my guilty pleasure. I try to justify it by doing crunches during commercial breaks – that counts right? keep in touch! lots of luv, Brit