Studio Review: Uplift Studios NYC – Get UPLIFTED!


Last weekend I discovered yet another NYC fitness gem, Uplift Studios!  It’s a women’s only gym that provides personal training and group fitness classes (no standard gym equipment to workout on your own).  Long story short, it’s a smaller, higher-end version of  Lucille Roberts or Lady of America.  While scoping out the scene, I took a Cardio group fitness class.  Overall, I was VERY pleased with my experience.  Here’s the low down…


The vibe of the studio is VERY welcoming and peaceful.  Boutique fitness studios in NYC can often be snobby, which makes me feel super uncomfortable.  This certainly was not the case at Uplift.  I was greeted with a HUGE smile from the front desk staff and received several compliments on my Nike Pro leggings 😉  Also, the group fitness class instructor, Steph, went out of her way to introduce herself to me and push me individually during the class.


Now, this studio is NOT for you if you like to workout on your own with no guidance or if you want to engage in some hard-core competition.  On the other hand, the studio is GREAT for ladies who are new to working out.  There’s no anxiety about being the “worst person in the class” or men watching you exercise.  As you can see in the pictures above, the studio tries to generate a very “uplifting” group atmosphere.  Cardio dance parties and encouraging, intimate group fitness classes are the core of the studio.  The fitness classroom is very small and can only hold about 15 people.  Also, the personal training is great if you’re getting ready for a big event, like a wedding! Training sessions are private and the trainers seem really patient. picstitch(25)

Last but not least, the studio itself is very nice, clean, modern and well-kept.  GREEN is key color and luckily that day I had green nail polish, so I fit right in 😉  Showers, hair dryers and free lockers are also available.  In regards to cost, Uplift classes are on the high-end (market rate for boutique fitness studios in NYC).  Expect to pay $32 per 1-hour class.

Ultimate Verdict:  I personally, won’t be going back because I’m very value conscious.  For $32 dollars I would rather go to SoulCycle, CrossFit or Barry’s Boot Camp because the atmosphere and culture are more intense.  However, I’m a really competitive person and realize that many people don’t share my fitness preferences.  Nonetheless, I highly recommend my GRIT Girls to try out Uplift, especially if you typically only do Pilates/Yoga workouts and want to explore new cardio and strength training classes.  Get “Uplifted” – enjoy!

Lots of luv,


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  1. I LOVED Uplift when I went for a class, and am hoping to make it back soon. I also took a spin class with Steph at Revolve (she teaches at both places) and thought she was amazing, so I’ll prob try her out.

    One tip on price: my friend Theodora has an arrangement with Uplift where her blog’s readers get a 10% discount! Check out

    1. Sweet – thanks for sharing! Yeah, Steph is great and I’ve been wanting to check out Revolve too! Hope to see you in class this Sunday – we’ve missed you 🙂

      1. I’m unfortunately skiing this weekend 🙁 I’d like to come the 21st but am on a train that’s supposed to get in to Penn Station at 10:45. If it’s on time, can I dash over and then pay after class so I’m not late?