Brit’s Beach Bikini Workout

As we savor the last few days of Summer, I wanted to share a workout my friends and I did last weekend in Miami.  The workout is fun, simple and effective (instructional photos are below).  Give it a whirl this Labor Day weekend and let me know how it goes.  Lots of love, Brit

Alternating Forward Lunges
Standing Abductor Leg Raises
Chair Pose Hold w/ Heel Raise
High Push Up Plank Hold
Dolphin Pose w/ Toe Raises

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  1. This looks like it would be more difficult to maintain balance in the sand. Did you notice that it made things harder? Or was the difficulty better for strengthening the areas needed?

    1. oh yes! the sand definitely adds a stability challenge – which is a good thing! the exercises don’t require too much dynamic movement, so isometric training (especially in the holding positions) is key. Hope you enjoy!