What’s in my gym bag? Maintaining an #AwesomelyActive Lifestyle

As you guys know, I live an extremely active lifestyle.  On weekdays I workout 3-4 times usually in form of CrossFit sessions and Yoga Sculpt classes at Core Power Yoga.  When weekends roll around I start off my Saturday mornings by teaching Pilates/Yoga then I hurry over to Turbo Kick (cardio kickboxing) and Body Pump classes with my gym buddies (Saturday is my ‘detox day’).  On Sunday mornings I practice hot yoga then teach another Turbo Kick class in the afternoon.  Long story short, my weekends are an #AwesomelyActive whirlwind of a fitness adventures!

Before and After teaching my Sunday kickboxing class #SweatyHairDontCare

My gym bag is my “life line” on the weekends as I run all over Dallas and teach back to back fitness classes. I rely on it to hold all of my essentials – of course there’s obvious things like my water bottle, hair ties and healthy snacks (usually apples).  But as a fitness instructor I also have to keep an audio belt for my microphone and my GRIT by Brit business cards so I can stay connected with the awesome people in my classes.  The type A side of me also insists on packing a pair of light hand-weights in case I need to intensify my Turbo Kick workouts (wink wink).

As I’m sure you noticed, I also keep a stash of Tampax® Pearl® Active™ in my gym bag.  These bad boys are perfect for #AwesomelyActive ladies like me who partake in serious fitness, high performance athletics and need to stay in the game.  The Built-in Backup Braid and FormFit protection help stop leaks before they happen.  As we all know, leaks are not a good look.

Tampax® Pearl® Active™ is a “must have” in my gym bag! I like to carry them in a small toiletry bag so I have extra space for all of my other essentials.

Overall I love my active lifestyle and am so happy that I have my trusty/trendy gym bag filled with all of my essentials.  Staying active keeps me healthy and happy!  What’s in your gym bag?  How do you stay #AwesomelyActive?

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​Disclosure: This #AwesomelyActive post was sponsored by Tampax® Pearl® Active™ through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR, all opinions are my own.

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