1 Day Liquid Detox

Harvard Business School, Section B, Class of 2010

Image: Harvard Business School, Section B, Class of 2010

Hola friends!  I’m traveling to Boston next week for my  5 year business school reunion – I’M SO EXCITED!  There are tons of fun events on the reunion agenda including professional development classes, parties and most importantly, a black tie gala!   My best girl friends/classmates and I rented an awesome house in Brookline and we’re planning to party it up!  (Now let’s just hope my 30-year-old body can do the things my 25-year-old body could.)

Obviously, I want to look my absolute best when seeing my classmates.  However, my current diet is a bit of a stumbling block.  Recently I’ve been enjoying chips and guacamole and sugar cookies for lunch  (yeah – just keeping’ it real).  I’ve gotten pretty sloppy with my diet in recent weeks as I feel like I’m always stretched for time causing me to grab whatever food is readily available.  Teaching 10 -13 classes per week is a blessing and a curse.  On the good side, I don’t gain weight despite my poor eating, but on the bad side I don’t feel wonderful and am depriving my body of adequate nutrition.    SO in preparation for my 5 year reunion and as a gift to my body, I created a 1 Day Liquid Detox to cleanse my digestive system and kick off my 4 day healthier eating plan.  Here are the details of my detox in case you want to join along… 

I’ll do this 1 day liquid detox tomorrow and then for the next 4 days I plan to follow these diet principles…

  • NO sodium (salt makes you look bloated)
  • NO coffee (caffeine dehydrates you)
  • NO food after 8pm
  • Drink 2 Liters of water per day
  • Eat 2 apples every day (lots of fiber – wink wink)

My diet will mostly consist of a raw/grilled/steam veggies, fruits and grilled or baked chicken and fish.  There are so many meal options with these foods, so I don’t expect to feel deprived.  I’ll continue to teach my classes as usual to ensure adequate cardio and strength training.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter @gritbybrit as I share my progress.  AND I encourage you to join me 🙂

Here’s to kicking off a happy, healthy Summer (and looking HOT at my reunion)!  XOXO, Brit

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