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1 Day Liquid Detox

Hola friends!  I’m traveling to Boston next week for my  5 year business school reunion – I’M SO EXCITED!  There are tons of fun events on the reunion agenda including professional development classes, parties and most importantly, a black tie gala!   My best girl friends/classmates and I rented an awesome house in Brookline and we’re planning to party it up!  (Now let’s just hope my 30-year-old body can do the things my 25-year-old body could.)


Harvard Business School, Section B, Class of 2010

Obviously, I want to look my absolute best when seeing my classmates.  However, my current diet is a bit of a stumbling block.  Recently I’ve been enjoying chips and guacamole and sugar cookies for lunch  (yeah – just keeping’ it real).  I’ve gotten pretty sloppy with my diet in recent weeks as I feel like I’m always stretched for time causing me to grab whatever food is readily available.  Teaching 10 -13 classes per week is a blessing and a curse.  On the good side, I don’t gain weight despite my poor eating, but on the bad side I don’t feel wonderful and am depriving my body of adequate nutrition.    SO in preparation for my 5 year reunion and as a gift to my body, I created a 1 Day Liquid Detox to cleanse my digestive system and kick off my 4 day healthier eating plan.  Here are the details of my detox in case you want to join along… Brit's 24 HourLIQUID DETOX

I’ll do this 1 day liquid detox tomorrow and then for the next 4 days I plan to follow these diet principles…

  • NO sodium (salt makes you look bloated)
  • NO coffee (caffeine dehydrates you)
  • NO food after 8pm
  • Drink 2 Liters of water per day
  • Eat 2 apples every day (lots of fiber – wink wink)

My diet will mostly consist of a raw/grilled/steam veggies, fruits and grilled or baked chicken and fish.  There are so many meal options with these foods, so I don’t expect to feel deprived.  I’ll continue to teach my classes as usual to ensure adequate cardio and strength training.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter @gritbybrit as I share my progress.  AND I encourage you to join me 🙂

Here’s to kicking off a happy, healthy Summer (and looking HOT at my reunion)!  XOXO, Brit

Dr. Oz Weekend Juice Cleanse Confessions

dr oz juice cleanse review

Hey gang!  So a few days ago I completed the Dr. Oz & Joe Cross 3-Day Weekend Juice Cleanse.  This is the second cleanse I’ve tried this year, and overall, I had pretty positive experience.  I only lost 1 pound, but I do feel clean and lean.  Here are my confessions…

For starters, this cleanse was A LOT harder than the than the Dr. Oz DRINK cleanse.  During the day, I was quite hungry which kind of sucked.  As I mentioned in a previous post, juice has hardly any fiber and lots of sugar which triggers hunger.  Controlling my hunger during the day was really hard on the first day but got better on the 2nd day.  On a positive note, it made me drink more water and realize that I don’t really need that much food to get through the day.  It’s crazy how often I eat just because I’m bored, not because I’m really hungry.

On that note, the cleanse allowed for 1 solid food meal for dinner every day. The meal could only consist of fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, I tended to go to overboard on this meal (yikes).  I think it was because I was hungry and eagerly anticipating real food.  Needless to say, my portions got a little out of control.  I probably would have had better results with the cleanse if I ate a smaller dinner and didn’t stretch out my tummy so much.

juice cleanse

Since I was traveling for work and had to buy my juices, I had to be very conscious of choosing “good juices.”  Just because a juice is “all natural” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you.  Also, veggie juice is MUCH healthier than fruit juice – it has more fiber and protein and less sugar.  I had to make sure my juice purchases met my 3 criteria:

  1. All natural
  2. No added sugar
  3. Fresh pressed/squeezed (not from concentrate)

Believe it or not, it’s REALLY hard to buy juice off-the-shelf meets this criteria.  BUT, I did find one that passed the test and also tastes great.  It’s “Sweet Greens” by Evolution fresh – I highly recommend it!

evolution juice

All in all, the juice cleanse was an interesting experience.  Will I do it again?  Probably not.  But I may start substituting fresh pressed juice for a meal every now and then, as it can be a good way to slim down quickly for a big event or something.  Have you a done a juice cleanse before?  What was it like for you?  Please do share your words of wisdom 🙂

Hope you have a great week ahead.  Love you tons! xoxo, Brit