Brit’s Beach Bikini Workout

As we savor the last few days of Summer, I wanted to share a workout my friends and I did last weekend in Miami.  The workout is fun, simple and effective (instructional photos are below).  Give it a whirl this Labor Day weekend and let me know how it goes.  Lots of love, Brit

Alternating Forward Lunges
Standing Abductor Leg Raises
Chair Pose Hold w/ Heel Raise
High Push Up Plank Hold
Dolphin Pose w/ Toe Raises
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Fun in the Sun! My Lovely Ladies Weekend in Miami

Image: Wishing you a wonderful day from Miami Beach! xoxo, Brit

Hello friends!  I have been coast to coast this week.  Last weekend I went to Anaheim, CA for the Idea World Fitness Convention and Sweat Pink Blogfest and now I’m just wrapping up a wonderful weekend in Miami Beach.  Me and 2 of my fab girlfriends from Dallas, Andria and Crystal, decided to take a long weekend and soak up some sun.  It was the perfect “End of Summer Getaway” to relax and refocus for the new season…

Taking it all in – love the Miami Vibes

We arrived on Thursday and kick-started the weekend with dinner and cocktails at Larios on the Beach (Gloria Estefan’s restaurant).  I had a delicious lychee martini along with a hearty green salad topped with skirt steak – well deserved after  long day at work and 3 hour flight to Miami, right?  On Friday, I had to take a few conference calls in the morning but around noon I met the girls on the beach.  My friend Crystal rented a great little tiki hut that provided us some shade to sip our pina coladas under.

Me, Andria and Crystal on Friday – just kickin’t it at the beach and sippin’ pina coladas 😉
Our Tiki on the beach = perfection!

Overall the weather was great,  but because the sun was shining so brightly the sand was burning up our feet. We had a to make a mad dash in and out of the ocean.  I like to think that was my cardio interval training for the day (wink wink).

My and Crystal sprinting back to the Tiki in the hot sand – ouch! LOL

But seriously, we did make up a fun “Beach Bikini Workout” which I’ll post later this week!  Each night we went out for an amazing seafood dinner and, of course, some dancing.  We had delightful brunch on Saturday at Mister Collins at One Bal Harbour Resort & Spa.  Later that night we a great dinner at Michael Schwartz in the Raleigh Hotel.  After dinner we hit up Hyde Night Club at SLS Hotel for a little booty shakin’.  I love the vibe there – it’s a cool Euro/hip hop mix.  Have any of you ever been?

Lounging and dancing pool side at SLS on Saturday night

This morning I treated my self to some time at the spa and enjoyed a mani/pedi and full body massage.  Do you all prefer male or female masseuse?  I had a man today…

Now I’m on a plane back to Chicago for work.  I probably had more than my fair share of cocktails and desserts this weekend, but hey, it’s okay to indulge every once in a while.  This evening I’m going to do my 20 minute treadmill workout at my hotel gym.  Tomorrow morning I’ll go to CrossFit and Tuesday I’ll to Yoga Sculpt at CorePower yoga.  I’ll also be sure to drink lots of water and unsweetened hot green tea (the BEST natural detox drink).  What are your workout plans for the week?

Cheers to a wonderful weekend and an even better week ahead!  Lots of luv, Brit

Yay for our mojitos (coconut flavored ones) – yummy!

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Your Flat Tummy Plan: 3 Days 3 Killer Core Workouts

#TBT Enjoying warm weather in Martha's Vineyard last year with my "Fit Friend" Brittany - 2 Brit's in 2 Bikinis ;)
#TBT Enjoying warm weather in Martha’s Vineyard last year with my “Fit Friend” Brittany – 2 Brit’s in 2 Bikinis 😉

Hey Gang!  While it’s FREEZING outside, I can see the little light at the end of the tunnel that is Spring Break.  Despite being 29 years old and not having a true Spring Break, I like to still prepare my bikini body – hehe. That said,  I’ve been digging through my workout repository and have pulled my 3 fiercest, most effective AB workouts…

Now, the plan is to do 1 workout every other day for the next 6 days.  So do 1 workout, rest/do cardio, do the other workout, rest/do cardio…and so on.  Got it?  The idea is to give your abs and core one day of rest in between workouts so your muscles can repair and gain strength.  Overworking your abs without adequate rest prevents you from gaining the full benefits of the workout.   Alright… let’s do this!

Grit by Brit AB Workout #1:

ABS for Days Vol. 2

CLICK HERE for full instructions & photos

abs for days

Grit by Brit AB Workout #2: 

Tight Tummy, Sexy Stomach, Cut Core

CLICK HERE for full instructions & photos

Tight Tummy, Sexy Stomach, Cut Core

Grit by Brit AB Workout #3:

Six Pack by Summer

CLICK HERE for full instructions & photos


Enjoy your Spring Break Abs ! (cliche’ I know – hehe) 

Peace out, Brit


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The time of my life…reflection from my get away to Greece


Who has a case of the Mondays?  I DO! 🙁

Sorry for my lack of blog posts over the past 9 days.  Me and 3 of my BEST friends went on the ultimate girls getaway to the Greek Islands – eek!  We spent 2 nights in Athens, 3 nights Mykonos and 3 in Santorini.  I truly had the time of my life.  Even though the scenery was breathtaking and the food was delicious, I’m most grateful for my amazing friends.  It’s so nice to have people in my life who accept me for who I am… flaws and all.  On top of that, I actually have fun with them!  Could there be anything better?

Now that I’m back to the US and back in my usual routine, I’ll also get back to posting workouts and diet tips for you guys to enjoy  🙂

Here are some pictures from my trip. Hope your week is off to an amazing start!  Lots of luv, Brit

santorini bikini




mykonosgreek islandsgreek island sunset

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3 weeks till GREECE! #BikiniBody


It’s almost Summer!  In less than 3 weeks I will be lying beach-side in Santorini and Mykonos, Greece! I’m SO excited.  I’ve never been to Greece before.  Have you?

Last year I went to Monaco and Italy which was AMAZING.  In preparation for the trip, I designed an Extreme Bikini Body workout which got me in tip-top shape.  I felt tight and toned in the Côte d’Azur! Below is a throw back pic from Summer 2012 at the Monte Carlo Beach Club!

grit by brit bikini body

Now, it’s time to get bikini ready yet again!  So I made a new and improved EXTRA Extreme Bikini Body Workout.  I plan to do this workout 4 times in the next 3 weeks to get me in super bikini shape.  On my off days, I plan to do power yoga and my teach my regular cycling and PiYo classes.

The workout is very intense with heavy cardio and lots of focus on the core – it’s designed to burn 1,000 calories!  Simply getting through the workout requires at lot of #GRIT which makes us feel strong and confident.  After all, confidence is the most important thing we need to look awesome in a bikini 🙂

Got a beach trip coming up?  Try the workout for yourself

Yay for bikinis! Luv, Brit

EXTRA Extreme Bikini Body Workout

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