3-Day Detox Cleanse by Dr.OZ

Dr Oz 3 Day Detox Official

So, some of my best friends have been ranting and raving about the great results they’ve had with the Dr. Oz Juice Cleanse.  Have any of you tried the cleanse before?  Were you successful?  Obviously, I have serious FOMO (fear of missing out) and have to try it for myself.  I already went shopping and bought all of my ingredients (see pic below).

dr oz juice cleanse

I’m especially excited about bathing in Epsom Salt every night! Growing up, my mother (a true country woman) would ALWAYS make me bathe in Epsom Salt to help soothe mosquito bites, achy muscles or open scrapes from playground accidents.   No matter the issue, an Epsom Salt bath was her go-to cure.

What’s really interesting about this “cleanse” is that the drinks actually include A LOT of food.  I spent $90 at Central Market today buying all of the ingredients.  If you look closely at each of the drinks, they each include almost 4 full servings of fruits and veggies – that’s AMAZING!  I have a feeling that the drinks are going to be very filling 😉

Also, I’m infatuated with Coconut Oil right now.  I like to use it on my skin and in my hair for deep conditioning, but never have I ingested it.   This will be a first.  Last, the almond butter, almond milk and flax seeds are nice additions to help ensure I get sufficient protein   Altogether, this cleanse is HEALTHY, BALANCED and LEGIT according to GRIT by Brit!

Follow me on Twitter @GRITbyBrit for my pictures and progress updates over the next 3 days.  Also, please share your cleanse stories if you’ve decided to try it too!

Hope you had a great weekend – CHOOSE to have a great week ahead!

GRIT by Brit stay strong

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  1. My boyfriend once ate a spoonful of coconut oil thinking it would taste sweet and boy was he wrong. So I suppose if you ask him, coconut oil by itself isn’t that great, but we add it to our vegan nacho cheese popcorn and it’s good. I’m sure you could scramble eggs and sautee veggies with it. I think this cleanse would be good. I try to juice for breakfast when I need to give my body a break, but his program sounds good too. Have fun!…………..Healthy Journey!

    1. haha – great suggestions! I’ll have to try cooking with coconut oil. The cleanse is great – I’m seeing that’s it’s not actually juicing, more of puree fruits and veggies 🙂 thanks for keeping in touch!

  2. i love this photo with the words on it!!! go get ’em! interested to see how your cleanse goes. lots of my co-workers are doing these now…

    1. yay – glad you like Megs! Day 1 on the cleanse has been great – the drinks are VERY filling! Just took a long bath in Epsom salt after kickboxing and feeling detoxed already 🙂

  3. Hey Brit! I also have a serious FOMO complex and want to try this out, but kale is seasonal in Denmark, so we don’t have any right now – are there any recommended substitutes? More spinach?

    1. Yeah – more spinach…also collard greens are cool! Let me know how it goes chica!!!!!!!!!! Hate I missed you on this side of the pond 🙁

      On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 1:55 PM, GRIT by Brit

    1. Glad you found me and glad that I’ve now found you! Good luck on the cleanse – let me know how it goes 🙂 Best, Brit

      On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 4:31 PM, GRIT by Brit

    1. Hey Vicki! Based on the shopping list, I had enough ingredients to make my snack drinks. Also, the lunch drink is a really large portion, so I drank half for lunch and the other half for my snack. Good luck! lots of luv, Brit

  4. how often should you do this cleanse? we did it 7 weeks ago and loved it. My wife and I (and now kids) have transitioned to a whole food/plant based diet.

    1. Once a month is actually okay – in fact some of the drinks can be used as meal substitutes on a regular basis. All the best to you! Luv, Brit

  5. What does this particular detox do for you?
    I am looking for a detox so I can start a workout routine with a different set of supplements.

    1. Hi Richard – this detox aims to rid your body and of toxins through ingesting lots of fiber, water and antioxidants. Youc an expect weight loss, better digestion, clearer skin and increased energy. All the best you! Luv, Brit

    1. I Cathy! I think that’s okay as long as the substiute is a equal in nutritional value and consistency. For instance, instead of kale you could probably use greens. All the best to you! Luv, Brit

  6. I’m interested in doing this cleanse. Hoping it works! So pretty much all that I need to do it make those shakes for three days?

        1. Def use the blender! Juicer strips the fruits and veggies of essential vitamins and fiber! Good luck 🙂

  7. Just completed the detox yesterday and it was not bad, but the lunch smoothie was hard for me with the kale, so I substituted it with spinach…much better

    1. Glad the detox went well for you! I agree, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – the drinks are filling. Please keep in touch! 🙂 luv, Brit

  8. Hi Brit, thanks for sharing. i’m now doing detox, this is my 3rd/last day. YEAH! i made it wasn’t sure. the sad thing is i didn’t weight in before starting so don’t know how many weight lost. I did it really to detox. Lately i have not had an appetite and when i do eat it was mainly cookies, cakes, ice creams and that was in the evenings. So i’m hoping this will reset my system. Question for you- don’t mean to be indelicate, but did you find that you poo often?

    1. yay – sounds like you had great success on the cleanse, way to go girl! …and yes, lots of poo (but I think that’s a good thing) – hehe. Keep in touch! luv, Brit

    1. Yikes – I’m not 100% sure. I assume you can sub regular water for the coconut water and skim or soy milk for the almond milk. Should be around the same calorie level. Let me know how it goes!