5 Day Resistance Workout Routine! 5 days, 5 unique workouts to work each specific muscle group

5 Day

Hey Guys!  Hope you had a great weekend.  So my “fit friend” and fellow blogger Laura (author of http://www.50by25.com/) gave the great suggestion of creating a weekly resistance workout plan for my blog followers.  The plan incorporates very targeted workouts that each focus on a specific muscle group.  None of the workouts are full-body circuits (i.e. my infamous Tummy, Booty & Thighs circuit that you guys love so much).

So, the idea is that you need to complete the entire weekly plan in order to get a complete, total body workout.   At the beginning of the week, you work the larger muscles groups and then later on in the week you work the smaller ones.  This sequencing allows you to get some fierce fitness going on by really exhausting and fatiguing one muscle group at a time.  Doing so requires greater muscle repair and consequently, the development of more lean muscle mass.

For best results, complete the following plan in addition to 2-3, 30 minute cardio workouts.  Enjoy and let me know how it goes!  Lots of luv, Brit







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    1. Thanks! The only bad thing about that is then you are doing shoulders the day after you did chest and back. Your shoulders get a pretty good indirect workout on chest/back days so I like to give myself 1 full day of recovery so I can lift heavy on my shoulder day 🙂

  1. Love these! Thank you for putting it together. We did the back one yesterday, and only had time for the first part of the abs (we work out on our lunch). I used 15# for the overheads, thinking it would be fine, but by the third round, I was struggling just to get the first 5 in and keep my form. Tomorrow we will be doing the biceps and more abs (a necessary evil – lol)

    1. Yay! Glad you are enjoying the workout. Let me know how the rest of the week goes. Yes, I sometimes have to decrease my weight for last few sets so that I keep proper form and still bust out those reps. ENJOY 🙂

  2. Okay, we didn’t get to anymore of them this week, but a couple of Saturday’s ago my friend and I did your Halloween routine (hey, that rhymes!). I am probably an intermediate person and she is beginner to intermediate, so she modified a few of the exercises – and it was perfect then for both of us. But, the cool thing is – she introduced your workout to her beginners class (our employer pays an instructor to come in as part of a health/wellness benefit – she is always open to ideas from the instructees), and they have now done your Halloween workout twice in the last two weeks. She said they love it!