WOD: Endurance Pyramid Dumbbell Circuit

Hey Gang!  Hope your week is going well.  I started a new project in Chicago this week.  My team is full of CrossFit junkies and this morning they hit up a 5:30am CrossFit session.  Unfortunately, I overslept and missed it 🙁  But on the bright side, I made a back up “Endurance Pyramid Dumbbell Circuit”  workout and did it in my hotel gym.  After the circuit, I got a quick 30 minutes in on the elliptical.  My entire workout took 45 minutes (so I’m guessing the circuit only takes ~15 minutes).  Try to power through it with minimal rest to focus on building your endurance and to get a good sweat going – post a comment if you have questions.  Enjoy!  xoxo, Brit

Endurance Pyramid

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    1. Hey! I’m in Chi Mon-Thur only 🙁 But I’m starting PiYo back the W hotel on May 31 – if you’re in Dallas for a weekend, come to my class!

    1. hey lady! thanks so much! sorry for my delayed response – I’ve been out of town in Mexico 🙂 so glad you like my blog and the workout. have you tried it yet? keep in touch xoxo, Brit

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