#OperationBeachBody Series Starts Now! Hardcore Leg Workout with Lavon

opbeachbod with lavon

Hey gang!  I’m starting a new series on GRIT by Brit to get you right and tight for the summer #OperationBeachBody!  Every few days I’ll feature a specially designed workout specifically made to get you ready for the beach!

Our first #OperationBeachBody workout comes from my friend, Lavon Washington!  Like me, Lavon (pictured below) is native Texan who recently moved to New York City.  His passion for fitness and wellness started by playing sports when he was really young and continued as a he was college football player.  Now, Lavon competes in body building competitions and does a little fitness modeling as a side hustle to his full time Mergers & Acquisitions career.  Above is the fierce leg workout that he did earlier this week and was kind enough to share with us.  Try it for yourself to get ready for short shorts this summer!


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