6 Health Benefits of Dance Cardio Workouts

Image: Our Zumba / Dance Cardio class at the Westin Galleria Dallas after Summer Sweat Series #2

There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.

– Vicki Baum

Happy Monday beauties!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend – mine was busy but lots of fun.  Yesterday morning I enjoyed an energetic Dance Club Cardio class at my studio, GRIT Fitness, and I couldn’t help but acknowledge how happy I felt after class.  There’s something about dancing that just makes my soul sing and getting a good cardio workout in the process is icing on the cake.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my studio is partnering with the Westin Galleria Dallas to bring a series of free workouts and pool parties each month this Summer.  We’re calling it the Sumer Sweat Series.  Our 2nd series was a Zumba / Dance Cardio class and it was a HIT – over 200 members of the Dallas Community came to sweat and shake with us.  Here are some pics from the event…

Emily (GRIT Dance Cardio Instructor) and I before her class
Over 200 ladies shakin’ a little something and ballistic’ calories at the Westin Galleria Dallas
Representing my clique ūüôā
The Fierce Four Dance Cardio / Zumba instructors who led our class

In the spirit of sharing my love for dancing I did a little research to summarize its key health benefits.  Check it out!

6 Health Benefits of Dancing

  1. Relieve Stress (Journal of Applied Gerontology) 
  2. Improve Memory (The New England Journal of Medicine)
  3. Lift Your Spirits
  4. Manage Weight
  5. Increase Energy (The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition)
  6. Make New Friends

This week I highly encourage you to try out a dance cardio class or at least dance a for a few minutes infront of the mirror Рyour body and your mind will thank you!  Also, if you live near Dallas, join us for Summer Sweat Series #3 on Sunday August 9!  CLICK HERE to register for free.  xoxo, Brit

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Summer Fun. Summer Parties. Summer Patios.

Summer Fun - GRIT By Brit Blog

Hey friends!  Happy weekend!  Sorry for the sporadic posting – GRIT Fitness is growing like crazy and it’s my birthday weekend which means my blogging time has been cut substantially.  BUT I wanted to check in and share a few pics from last night!  One of my Turbo Kick clients/friends threw me a little Friday night pool party at her lovely pied a terre in Highland Park, TX.  I loved the decor so much I had to post pics – very Pinterest worthy don’t you think?

Tonight, the partying continues as I host a party at the Social House in Uptown Dallas.  I’ll post a full update and lots of photos tomorrow.  Have a wonderful weekend.  xoxo, Brit

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Top 5 Healthy Eats On The Go

Hey friends!  I hope your week is off to a great start.  Mine is pretty awesome!  Lots of exciting stuff happening at my fitness studio including new instructors coming on board, fun fitness events and the launch of several new class formats.  That said, I’ve had minimal time to meal prep and have had to rely 100% on takeout the past couple of weeks.  Instead of grabbing fatty fast food, I’ve chosen healthier takeout options that are actually pretty darn tasty.

Below are my top 5 picks for healthy eats on the go.  I chose these based on the following criteria: delicious taste, price (under $10), high protein and low sugar, under 400 calories and includes at least 2 servings of fruits/veggies.  To me, these factors are most important when considering nutrition, value and convenience.  So without further or do…here’s my list!

I must say the greek salad at Zoe’s Kitchen has been come my new lunch “crack” – I could eat it every single day.  It’s topped with caramelized onions and served over savory marinated potatoes – what a combo!

What’s your favorite healthy takeout?

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Celebrating 5 Months of Business at GRIT Fitness

Hey friends! I just finished teaching my 6am GRIT HIIT class at my studio and I’m feeling energized and ready to take on the day.  Here’s the workout we did this morning in case you want to give it a whirl on your own! (Do 20 seconds of each exercise then rest for 20 seconds, repeat each round 4 times continuously before moving on to the next round)


GRIT HIIT – June 18, 2015

Round 1

  • Triple step side to side
  • Skater leap holding medicine ball

Round 2

  • Plank Froggers
  • Forward lunge with medicine ball overhead press

Round 3

  • Hop on one leg, side to side and front to back (2 rounds right, 2 rounds left)
  • Side squat with knee raise back to center holding medicine ball

Round 4

  • Wood chop jumps swinging medicine ball between legs
  • Chair pose twist jumps alternating sides

Round 5

  • Plank spider knee pulls (same knee to same elbow)
  • Full sit up with medicine ball

Today is an extra special day because we’re celebrating 5 months of business of GRIT Fitness!  (check out the little slide show I made in honor of our clients and staff) Time flies when you’re having the time of your life.  I’m so grateful for every single person who’s taken a class, attended an event or simply shared an encouraging word.  I have 100% confidence that the best is yet to come.  Here’s to the next 5 months…and the next…and the next!

Have an awesome day!  xoxo, Brit

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#SummerSweatSeries at Westin Galleria Dallas

Image: GRIT Fitness Flexin Flow class at the Westin Galleria Dallas Summer Sweat Series on June 14, 2015

Hey hey friends! ¬†I hope your weekend was good to you! ¬†I enjoyed another fun, busy weekend of fitness fun. ¬†Our studio, GRIT Fitness, has a new partnership with the Westin Galleria Dallas called the “Summer Sweat Series.” ¬†Each month this summer we do a free fitness event at the hotel followed by a pool party – hey! ¬†Yesterday was our first event in during which we led a free Flexin’ Flow class. ¬†Huge shout out to our GRIT Fitness instructor and my dear friend, Maria Rowe for leading the pack! Follow her blog at www.marlizrowe.com. ¬† The turn out was amazing as you can see blow…

Post workout photo – yay for sweat & smiles!

After class we posed for a fun group photo before enjoying free Sangria and passed bites!   Also, the Westin and other Galleria retailers raffled off 22 gifts including a free weekend stay at the hotel.  Holler!

Me, Maria and Kortani posing by the pool after Maria’s booty-kickin’ Flexin’ Flow class!

After class we kicked it by the pool and celebrated yet another awesome fitness event!  I’m so grateful for my energetic team and the corporate partnerships that we’ve developed and strengthened over the past 2 years.  This is only beginning of even bigger things to come!

If you live in Dallas, join us for our next event on July 12th.  We’ll lead a free Zumba/Dance Club Cardio workout followed by a pool party.  CLICK HERE to RSVP and get more details.  Hope to see you there. Happy Monday! xoxo, Brit

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NIKE Pop-In @Nordstrom Dallas

Whoa what a weekend!  I had my first partnership with NIKE – one of my all time favorite brands.  Last week NIKE reached out to me to choreograph a fitness/fashion show for their pop up shop at Nordstrom here in Dallas!  This was such an amazing opportunity, because it stretched my abilities…big time!  A wise mentor once told me, “if you’re fully prepared for an opportunity, that means the opportunity isn’t that great.  It’s the scary opportunities that you aren’t fully prepared for that propel you to the next level.”  Well let me tell ya, the NIKE show we pulled off this weekend was DEFINITELY a stretch opportunity!  I’m so excited to share that the event was a huge success and exceeded expectations!  Here’s a quick recap of how everything went down…

On Friday, a fabulous group of NIKE Trainers from the University of Texas at Austin drove up to Dallas to star in the Pop-In show alongside some of my very own GRIT Fitness instructors.  We immediately clicked and I LOVED how psyched they were after me and my sister, Kortani, showed them the routine.After a practicing all Friday afternoon, the girls then had a dress rehearsal Saturday morning at Nordstrom Dallas NorthPark Center (while I was busy teaching my signature Flexin’ Flow class at the W Dallas Hotel) – ahh if only I could be in 2 places at once.

Here’s a quick pic of my class on Saturday morning…

After teaching my Flexin’ Flow class on the W Hotel Wetdeck, I quickly changed clothes (no shower – ewww) and jetted over the NorthPark to do one final run through with the girls before the first show at noon!  Here’s a pic of us backstage after running through the routine one final time…

And here’s a pic of the crew on the elevator to the first floor getting ready to go on stage for the first performance!

The show went off without a hitch and was SO much fun!  We got lots of cheers from the crowd! Here’s a link to the video of the full 10 minute performance.  Afterwards, these sporty sister girls posed for the camera to show off all of their hot NIKE gear and hot bodies ūüôā

After the first show, we chilled backstage and watched a video of the first performance..and ate a yummy lunch.  Then around 2:40 we got ready for the 2nd show.

The 2nd show also went off without a hitch and I was super excited that some my best friends / GRIT Fitness clients came to support us!

All in all Saturday was a HUGE success. ¬†Today I’m feeling accomplished and VERY blessed!¬†Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. ¬†JUST DO IT! xoxo, Brit

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Fitness Friday: Pink & Black Everything

HAPPY FRIDAY!  It feels so good to wrap up another wonderful week filled with good friends, sweaty workouts and continued business success!

First off congrats to Amanda Robinson and Laura (50by25) – you two won my Honest Fizz Giveaway!  I love that you both have discovered new, fun ways to stay active this Spring!  Email me to [email protected] so I can get your mailing info to send your prize.

As I look around my studio this week, I notice how perfectly my clients align their workout attire with our business colors – I’m talking a sea of pink and black.  Everyone looks so cute, I must share a few pics ūüôā

…and in honor of “flash back friday,” here’s and pic of my DREAM TEAM from the grand opening of GRIT Fitness – I love these ladies SO very much.

I wish you a wonderful weekend!  Until the next post, stay sweaty!  xoxo, Brit

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GRIT HIIT – 30 Minute Calorie Blasting Interval Circuit

Hey hey friends!  Last week I launched my newest class at GRIT Fitness, GRIT HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)!  Here’s the official class description…

Our signature high intensity interval training (HIIT) class designed to push you to your max! We utilize 6 or 8 pound medicine balls to take you through a tabata-style interval circuit that‚Äôs sure to spike your heart rate while building muscular endurance. Enjoy a jamming playlist to energize your workout and leave feeling fit and fierce!  Sneakers required 30 minutes

GRIT HIIT was very well-received by our clients so I wanted to share some “home-HIIT” goodness with you.

Photo op after my 1st GRIT HIIT class at GRIT Fitness

To complete this workout, you will need a medicine ball between 6-10 pounds, depending on your strength.  Complete 4 rounds of each circuit below for a 30 minute workout.  Be sure warm up with a 5 minute brisk walk or jog and stretch for at least 5 minutes after the workout.

GRIT HIIT- 30 Minute Workout 

Circuit 1

  • Jumping Jacks (no medicine ball) – 20 seconds
  • Medicine Ball Squat Jumps – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds

Circuit 2

  • High knee run in place (no medicine ball) – 20 seconds
  • Wood chop swings, holding medicine ball – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds

Circuit  3

  • Football run, quick feet drill (no medicine ball) – 20 seconds
  • Alternating split lunge jumps, holding medicine ball – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds

Circuit  4

  • Mountain Climbers (no medicine ball) – 20 seconds
  • Medicine Ball Plank Hold (stabilize with both hands on medicine ball) – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds

Circuit  5

  • Tricep Push Ups (no medicine ball) – 20 seconds
  • Seated Russian twists, holding medicine ball – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds

I hope you enjoy the workout!  If you have any questions about the exercises just post a comment below.  Wishing you wonderful week ahead.  xoxo, Brit

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Happiness is…

Good morning friends!  I’m loving this quote that I stumbled upon this morning via Instagram browsing.  It’s a great reminder of why I love mornings and why I love Mondays.  I encourage you to take this new week as a fresh opportunity to make your dreams come true and to be happy!  Remember, YOU hold the power ūüôā

Happy Monday!  xoxo, Brit

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GRIT by Brit 3 Year Blogiversary: Life Lessons and Favorite Posts

Hello friends! ¬†Well it’s true, time does indeed fly when you’re having fun. ¬†3 years wow! ¬†Today I went back and read my very first blog post. ¬†It was hotel gym workout that I made up while working in NYC. ¬†I made the graphic in PowerPoint (Canva and Pic Monkey didn’t exist then – haha). ¬†Today I’m taking some to time to reflect on how far I’m come as a blogger and a person in the past three years. ¬†So in addition to sharing my fav blog post I also want to share¬†the biggest life lesson I’ve learned from my blogging experience which is to Be Unapologetically Yourself. ¬†As many young women, I often apologized from my preferences, quirks, body “flaws” etc. ¬†But the only thing worth apologizing for is failing to be true to yourself. ¬†Blogging has taught me the value of being vulnerable and given me the confidence to speak my mind. ¬†If you’re on the fence about starting a blog, I highly encourage you to go for it! ¬†Nobody can be YOU like YOU can be you. ¬†So whatever you have to share¬†is a unique gift to the world, as long as it’s a true reflection of¬†you.

That said, as promised, here are my fav blog post from year three.  I hope you enjoyed these posts as much I did.  Also for your reading pleasure, CLICK HERE  to read my 2 year Blogiversary post and my fav posts from my second year of blogging!

Here’s to hundreds of new blog posts to come! xoxo, Brit

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