Home Workout Routine & Video for Agility Drills


Hey Gang!  Here’s your workout for the week.  I wanted to change it up and incorporate some new moves that I don’t typically do so I designed this 20-25 agility drill circuit.  You can do this workout in your living room – no equipment required.  I promise you will be sweaty by the end and your legs and glutes will get a good burn.  For best results, move from one drill to the next without resting – only rest at the end of the circuit as instructed above. If you have knee issues, it’s probably best that you pass on this workout as it requires lots of jumping.

You guys seemed to like the instructional video from my Hardcore HIIT Workout last week, so I made another for this agility workout.  Feel free to watch me demonstrate the moves if they sound at all confusing.  Also, be sure to blast some of your favorite jamz while doing this workout (makes it so much more fun!)  Expect to burn ~250 – 350 calories.  ENJOY!

Luv, Brit

Here are some more of my sports drills & plyometric workouts:

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  2. Rohit Singh

    Great post and this is my first time here but your workout routine tips are great and you video is good for anyone who wants to burn extra calories and lose weight! Keep up the good work

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