Gritty and Nautical

Happy Labor Day everyone!  I hope your weekend was joyous and well.  Mine certainly was.  I went to Boston to celebrate the wedding of one my dearest b-school classmates.  Despite living in Boston for 2 years, I experienced a completely new side of Bean town = Southie.  Usually, I try to stay away from Southie at all costs (read: Gone Baby Gone & The Town), but I was pleasantly surprised by history, “grittiness” and authenticity of the neighborhood.  I enjoyed a nice 5 mile run around the South Harbor and had a killer vegetarian sausage breakfast burrito at Sophia’s.

After the wedding, I hopped a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard for a night.  The island exhibited a wealth of racial and cultural diversity (I was expecting to only see Sperry’s and blondes). My friends and I kept up the physical activity with paddle boarding at the beach.  SO FUN!  Took me a while to get my groove.  I definitely bit it like 3 times, but it was totally worth it.  If you’ve never tried paddle boarding, you must.  My core and booty are super sore today 😉

While the food was great and the scenery was unreal, the best part was the company.  As I reflect on the weekend, I’m so grateful for my positive and loving friendships – something I TOO OFTEN taken for granted.  Thank God for good friends.


So, here’s to Bean Town, Martha’s Vineyard, and all things Gritty and Nautical.

Me and Dave soaking it all in before heading home



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  1. Brit, Glad you enjoyed your holiday weekend!!! Martha’s Vineyard….let’s just say i’d love to visit there one of these days, hint, hint! And paddle boarding looks like you’d have to be well balanced or you’ll end up taking lots of dips in the water. I’m sure it was a great work out and if anybody can master it, you can. Looking good girlie, keep it up and thanks for sharing. Love ya, mama-K