GRIT by Brit Ultimate Body Burn DVD on sale now!

Get your copy at AMAZON or at my eStore!

It’s launch day – YAY!  The time has finally come and I’m so excited to share my passion, energy and positive fitness spirit with you in video mode!  Purchase your copy of GRIT by Brit Ultimate Body Burn ASAP – it will certainly be one of the best decisions you make this year!

You must have GRIT to make it through this workout! GRIT by Brit Ultimate Body Burn is a high-intensity, total body 30 minute workout set to endorphin-pumpin’ music (fun is SO necessary).   It also includes a bonus 20 minute core, booty and thigh workout! This  fitness method utilizes light-medium hand weights to maximize calorie burn and guarantee intensity without building bulk.  Kick Boxing, Athletic Drills, Plyometrics, Pilates, Anaerobic Intervals and Resistance training are also incorporated for a complete, exciting workout that hits every major muscle group while keeping your heart rate elevated.  You can get it all – effective, fun total body fitness and time to handle your busy schedule!

There’s two  ways to purchase the DVD:

  1. My eStore :
  2. Amazon:

Have FUN, SWEAT and get FIT with

Brit & the GRIT Girlz!

You are stronger than you think you are! #GRIT

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  1. Britt, i want to thank you for inspiring me to get up off my lazy behind and finally start working out!!! It was so dang hard for me to make this be a part of my everyday living. Thank God you didn’t give up on me and you kept pushing me. It’s what i needed!!! I’m over 50 and feeling fabulous but no where near being fine & fit…until now. Because of all your helpful workout plans and menu tips i’m looking and feeling so much better. Everybody is noticing it too. Grit by Brit got me started and now i’m hooked!!! I also do Zumba 3 times a week and I’m loving it. The lbs are coming off and I’m finally starting to like the way i look again. Thanks Brit-Brit for helping me to be a better me. Love you!!!