Brit’s 5 Favorite (Fit) Things

If not for these 5 things, I’d have a very hard time living a healthy and lively lifestyle.  Here’s why I love them and why you should love them too – enjoy!

  1. Starbucks Venti iced green tea “Straight Up” (no sweetener no added water) – When I’m hungry (or bored) this is my #1 go to.  It’s filling, hydrating, taste great, loaded with antioxidants and serves as a natural metabolism booster.  Also, by ordering it “straight up” I consume ZERO calories!
  2. Pedometer – If you remember my Pedometer Diary post a few months back, I tested this thing out just for fun, but I find that it really helps me stay more active during the day.  I tend to get up from my desk and walk around every hour or so.  I also intentionally park far away from my office building to meet my step goal.
  3. Daily Devotions – Fitness isn’t only limited to our bodies, it extends to our minds and souls.  That said, I carry a really small daily devotional handbook that I got as a high school graduation gift.  It’s nice and concise and organized by “life topic.”  I find that just taking 5-10 minutes each day to a read a few lines and give thanks to God really helps keep me in a positive mindset and grateful spirit.
  4. Apples – Because I travel every week for work, my stomach situation gets a little “off track” if you will.  Apples are a super fiber source, easy to carry, keep my breath fresh and most importantly, keep me regular 😉
  5. TaeBo DVDs + Billy Bands – I became a TaeBo groupie when I was 15 and Billy still gives it to me like he used to in my teens.  The Billy Bands add resistance for extra calorie burn and toning.  Also, I just pack the DVD and bands in my suitcase and easily workout on my laptop in my hotel room.  Super convenient!

What are you favorite things that keep you fit?  Let me know!

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