7 Day Detox Formula

Last weekend I went to Miami on my annual family vacation. I was feeling good at the start of the trip (pictured above w/ my lil bro & sis). But by the end of the trip, I wasn’t feeling so hot. Fortunately, I kept up with my workouts because my family likes to workout together.

However, during this limited uninterrupted family time, I like to take advantage of the opportunity to indulge in delicious FREE meals (courtesy of my dad). That said, my body was definitely in need of detox from the weekend. So, this week I’ve stuck with my tried and true 7 day detox formula. It’s simple and consists of 3 basic diet eliminations:

  • Meat. Meat is a great source of protein but takes FOREVER to digest and is high in calories. This week I’m getting my protein some from vegetarian options recommended by my registered dietitian. This really helps cleanse my digestive tract. Also upped the veggie intake – can’t forget that 🙂
  • Sweets. Long story short, sugar packs on the pounds and make us hungry, so I’ve pretty much cut out the sweets all week. Interestingly enough, the less I eat sweets, the less I crave them – it’s true I promise!
  • Alcohol. As mentioned in my 28th B-Day post, “Cutting Back on the Booze,” alcohol slows down our metabolism and adds lots of empty calories. Going cold turkey for 7 days really does the body good!

Try my 7 day detox and let me know how it goes.

What do you have to lose?


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  1. Sugar is soooo my problem. I was in a three day training and all they gave us was candy. Of course out of boredom and because I am addicted to sugar, I ate it. Every 10 minutes, I will popping a piece in my mouth. I need to do this! But do I have the will power?!?!?

  2. Ok Britt i’m going to give this a try! I gained 3 lbs after our vacation and i am so mad. Giving up sugar and alcohol is no prob but MEAT is going to be a challenge for me. Pray for me girl….here goes!!!

  3. Okay I am giving this a try starting Monday! I just got the Ok from my doctor that I am able to start working out, so now it is time to start eating right as well. I have to lose this baby weight as well as a few extra pounds so that I can get ready for Puerto Rico in March!

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