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4 Calorie-Blasting Cardio Circuits

4 Calorie blasting cardio circuits

Hello friends!  In honor of “Throwback Thursday” (#tbt), here are 4 of amy all-time favorite cardio workouts from the Grit by Brit archives.  If you’re traveling for the holidays and unable to attend your favorite workout class, these circuits are an excellent alternative that can be done on your own.  I hope you enjoy.  Stay Sweaty ;) xoxo, Brit

  1. Treadmill Calorie Blaster - 20 minutes

  2. DIY Kickboxing Workout - 30 Minutes

  3. Skip into Shape Jump Rope Workout - 40 minutes

  4. EXTREME Bikini Body Workout - 60 minutes


Tread & Train: 45 Minute Treadmill + Resistance Training Workout

Hey guys!  Happy Workout Wednesday.  So lately I’ve been teaching a new group fitness format called Tread & Train and I love it!  Here’s the workout the that I led yesterday for the employees at Fossil Corporate HQ here in Dallas.  The total workout is only 45 minutes and it’s INTENSE!

So the way it works is that you do a set of speed intervals on the treadmill followed by an upper body resistance training circuit off of the treadmill.  Then, get back on the treadmill and do a set of incline intervals followed by a final set of lower body resistance training off of the treadmill.

This is a wonderful, efficient way burn off extra calories from your holiday parties.  It’s a also a nice way to shock your body because of the cross training and interval work.  Be sure to wear a pair of high quality running shoes to protect your knees during the run.  Also, you will need a pair of medium (5-10 pound) dumbbells to complete the resistance training parts of the workout.

If you have any questions, just post a comment below or shoot me an email to brit@gritbybrit.com.  Okay, I’m off to spin class – ttyl! xoxo, Brit

1 min warm up jog1 min base pace30 sec


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Nashvegas & New Beginnings

Hola friends!  I hope your week is off to a good start.  I just made it back from Julie’s wedding in Nashville, TN.  This is my 5th and final wedding of 2014!  I’ve had a blast seeing so many of my friends tie the knot this year.  Better yet, each trip had a been a nice little get away to relax from the grind of opening GRIT Fitness, my 1st studio.

I hardly ever have time these days to sit down and enjoy a magazine, so I very much appreciated the hour and a half flight during which I put in my headphones (blasting Ariana Grande) and plowed through my December editions of O and SELF magazine. (Shameless plug: Be sure to check out self.com for some of special blog posts).


In flight pleasure reading – O Mag & SELF are my “go to” magazines


Upon arrival in Nashville, I treated myself to an adult beverage. I love Lychee Martini’s – everything’s good in moderation, right???

This was 2nd time visiting Nashville this Fall as my other childhood friend, Leslie, also got married there in November.  Since this wasn’t my first rodeo, my friends and I immeidately had a cocktail and hit up the Honky Tonks for a fun filled evening.


Strolling by the Honky Tonk’s on our way to the ceremony and reception at the Aerial on Broadway

Julie’s wedding ceremony was right smack in the center of all of the action on a beautiful rooftop.  At the reception, we enjoyed yummy brisket sliders, mac and cheese, pork loin and wedding cake.  But not to worry, we danced enough to burn off the calories :)


Julie & Duane after they said “I Do”

As you can see, Julie was was a beautiful bride!  You can click here to see her all of her bridal photos.  It’s crazy that I’m now at an age where I can say I’ve been close friends with someone for over 20 years – cray cray.  Julie, Jamie and I became friends in 6th grade because we went to the same elementary school and played on the same basketball team.  My dad was our coach and my mom made us matching hair bows.  Despite now living in different cities and hardly seeing each other, we still have a special sisterly bond and can talk to each other about anything.  I’m so grateful that we’ve been able to support each other through several life experiences like having a baby, losing a parent, break ups, starting a new job and sports injuries.  Together we’ve experienced several “new beginnings” and our friendship lasts and strengthens with each one.


Jamie, Julie and Me posing at the reception. Over 20 years of friendship!

Now that I’m back in Dallas and back in the swings of work and working out, I’m planning to hit the gym this evening and knock out my Calorie Crusher Pyramid workout.  What are your workout plans for the week?

I’ll back back tomorrow with more news on my fitness studio and a special “Workout Wednesday” blog post. Have a wonderful day! xoxo, Brit


Fitness Fashion Friday #13: Travel Chic


Leather Jacket (Theory), Coral Long Sleeve Top (lucy), Black Capris (Under Armour), Black & Coral sneakers (Nike), Tote Bag (Burberry)

TGIF y’all!  I’m jetting off to (another) wedding in Nashville, TN this weekend.  My childhood friend and basketball teammate, Julie, is getting married and I’m so excited to watch her walk down the aisle.  To keep with the “travel theme” I figured I’d share some of my fav travel gear on this edition of Fitness Fashion Friday.  I made an attempt to mix my casual wear and my activewear.  What do you think?  Regardless, I was comfy :)  I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.  I’ll holla back at ya on Monday.  xoxo, Brit


Messy Top Knot (borderline hot mess – don’t hate)


Class Pass Review – Living the #SweatyLife

Hola friends!  Hope your day is going well!  I just finished some killer morning workouts thanks to my new ClassPass membership.  I wanted to go hard on my workouts this week because last weekend, my friend Margo threw a wonderful b-day dinner at the Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant and I enjoyed more than my fair share of the chocolate fondue (see below) – no shame in my game.  Work Hard Play Hard – right?


Margo’s b-day dinner at the Melting Pot. The rice krispy treats were off the chain – I’m such a sucker for sweets!

This week I’ll sweat it off at 5 different boutique fitness studio because  ClassPass just launched in Dallas!  Luckily ClassPass offered me a free month to try their all-access membership to boutique fitness studios.  So far so good!  Here’s how it works…

ClassPass DallasFW

ClassPass allows you to purchase 1 single monthly membership to take classes at the best studios in DFW and attend each studio 3 times a month.  You can also enjoy these perks:

  • Hundreds of classes to choose from, with new studios added weekly.
  • Covers the cost of your classes at the best fitness studios every month.
  • No commitments, cancel anytime. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

So far, I’ve taken classes at 3 boutique studios – BEYOND 500, Core Power Yoga and We Yogis.  I’ve actually been really impressed with the simplicity of the scheduling and booking process.  It’s really nice to be able to see a holistic schedule of a variety of classes on one single screen (see below).  Also, I had no issues at all once I arrived to the studios to take the class.  They already had all of my info in their systems, so I could just walk in a get to sweat in’!  WARNING – you get charged a hefty fee ($20) if you register for a class and don’t go.  So make sure you can attend all of the classes that you reserve.

Screenshot 2014-12-09 10.11.56

The user interface is very intuitive and booking classes is a piece of cake

As icing on the cake, I got to rock this cute ClassPass tank top and tote bag to my sweat session.  I don’t mind showing some love to ClassPass because it’s an amazing service for fitness enthusiasts, like me!  I’m going to hop around to boutique studios regardless, so I’m grateful that ClassPass is now available to help me organize my workout schedule and save me a little money ;)

If you live in Dallas, I encourage you to hop on the Class Pass band wagon!


Thanks ClassPass crew for hooking me up with this cute tank and tote bag!

Enjoy living the #sweatylife ! xoxo, Brit


Simple Kombucha Cocktails for Healthier Holiday Party


I first discovered Kombucha when my co-worker had a huge bottle on his desk and explained to me that he was on a “cleanse.” Immediately I thought, “I’ve gotta get my hands on this stuff.” Three years later, I’m now recommending a way to “re-tox” a detoxifying drink – funny how that works.

Kombucha receives a lot of health buzz due to it digestive cleansing and detoxifying abilities. This fermented sweetened tea is slightly effervescent and tart making it a perfectly refreshing cocktail mixer. Though it may seem counter productive to mix a detoxifying beverage with alcohol, I figure it’s a means of making a healthier holiday cocktail! While Kombucha offers several health benefits, keep in mind that it’s not sugar free. It has about 8 grams of sugar per serving, so don’t over do it.


I recently tried Kombucha Wonder Drink and LOVED all the yummy flavors – prefect cocktail mixers!

Here’s a simple Kombucha cocktail recipe I’m planning to showcase at my upcoming holiday party. If you’re feeling brave, you can make your own Kombucha. Otherwise, you can simply buy it and mix with the ingredients below:


  • Kombucha (flavor of your choice)
  • Vodka
  • Fresh squeezed lime or lemon juice
  • Ice


Fill a small glass half way with ice. Pour in Kombucha and vodka (whatever ratio suits you). Add a little lemon/lime juice to taste and garish with a lemon slice.   If you are using berry-flavored Kombucha, garnish with berries instead of lemon or limes.

Give it a whirl and let me know how you like!  Happy (healthy) Holidays! xoxo, Brit


Getting Ready for the Grand Opening of my New Fitness Studio – Grit Fitness!


Me (center) and half of my team of fabulous fitness instructors! Photo by Sharee Antoinette Photography

Hi friends – Happy Monday!  First and foremost, my apologies for the lack of blog posts last week.  I’m not a believer in excuses, so I won’t give you any.  I’ll just do better :)

On a brighter note, I’m back to frequent blogging now that most of the renovation and employee on-boarding activities at my new studio, GRIT Fitness, are complete!  WOO HOO  Being a full-time entrepreneur is WAY more time consuming than working in corporate America, that’s for sure.  Nonetheless, I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.  I’m so excited to wake up everyday and get after my long to do list.  But before I get to work today, I’ll take a minute and share all of the great progress that was made last week…


Custom wall art & sound responsive lighting installed!

So one thing I’m learning a lot about is obtaining city permits.  UGH!  We finally secured our “green tag” of approval for all of the renovation work that was done in the studio so now we can “legally” open for business.  Our super cool, sound responsive DJ lights were installed last week.  Also, the custom wall art of motivational sayings were hung.  Last we set up the sound system and started blasting some music.  For the first time, I could feel the vibe I’ve been trying to create for my clients.  I can’t wait until the first class on Jan. 19, 2015!


Entry way photo wall filled will images from my classes over the past 3 years! (still missing one pic in the upper left corner. That one is coming soon)

After getting the studio’s interior set up, I started decorating the entry way.  This is a still a work in progress but here’s a sneak peak at the photo wall I’m putting together.  I got these frames at At Home (formal Garden Ridge) for only $9.99 each!  Then I took photos from my piyo and turbo kick classes over the past three years and had them blown up into black & white poster-size prints.  As time progresses, I’m going to add instagram photos from our clients when they post them with hashtag #nogritnopearl – fun huh?  Yesterday a I bought a hot pink bench and some other decor for front desk.  I’ll post pics of that once I finish :)

me and kort at studio

Me and my sister, Kortani our dance cardio instructor, posing for a selfie after orientation.  Hey Girl Hey!

On Friday and Saturday I hosted orientation for my fierce, fabulous crew of instructors.  Starting off, we will be a team of 10 (including me) to teach over 20 classes per week.  We went over the studio policies, “GRIT Etiquette” and had a fun photo shoot.  I’m so grateful work with such a fun, high-energy fit family.

Well, that’s the run down.  I’ll be back later this afternoon with some healthy holiday cocktail recipes.  Until then, HAPPY MONDAY!  xoxo, Brit