1 Day Liquid Detox

Hola friends!  I’m traveling to Boston next week for my  5 year business school reunion – I’M SO EXCITED!  There are tons of fun events on the reunion agenda including professional development classes, parties and most importantly, a black tie gala!   My best girl friends/classmates and I rented an awesome house in Back Bay and we’re planning to party it up!  (Now let’s just hope my 30-year-old body can do the things my 25-year-old body could.)


Harvard Business School, Section B, Class of 2010

Obviously, I want to look my absolute best when seeing my classmates.  However, my current diet is a bit of a stumbling block.  Recently I’ve been enjoying chips and guacamole and sugar cookies for lunch  (yeah – just keeping’ it real).  I’ve gotten pretty sloppy with my diet in recent weeks as I feel like I’m always stretched for time causing me to grab whatever food is readily available.  Teaching 10 -13 classes per week is a blessing and a curse.  On the good side, I don’t gain weight despite my poor eating, but on the bad side I don’t feel wonderful and am depriving my body of adequate nutrition.    SO in preparation for my 5 year reunion and as a gift to my body, I created a 1 Day Liquid Detox to cleanse my digestive system and kick off my 4 day healthier eating plan.  Here are the details of my detox in case you want to join along… Brit's 24 HourLIQUID DETOX

I’ll do this 1 day liquid detox tomorrow and then for the next 4 days I plan to follow these diet principles…

  • NO sodium (salt makes you look bloated)
  • NO coffee (caffeine dehydrates you)
  • NO food after 8pm
  • Drink 2 Liters of water per day
  • Eat 2 apples every day (lots of fiber – wink wink)

My diet will mostly consist of a raw/grilled/steam veggies, fruits and grilled or baked chicken and fish.  There are so many meal options with these foods, so I don’t expect to feel deprived.  I’ll continue to teach my classes as usual to ensure adequate cardio and strength training.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter @gritbybrit as I share my progress.  AND I encourage you to join me :)

Here’s to kicking off a happy, healthy Summer (and looking HOT at my reunion)!  XOXO, Brit

Perfect 1 Hour Workout Playlist

Hey Gang!  I’m especially proud of the the playlist I made for my spin class tomorrow, so I wanted to share.  CLICK HERE to listen on Spotify AND be sure to follow me on Spotify (Brittani Rettig) for tunes to energize your workouts!  I post every single playlist from all of my classes!

Also, on an unrelated note, I just set up a Snapchat account so please add me @ gritbybrit!



Last on somewhat related note, I’ve been hard at work on a new barre/pilates inspired class (powerbelle™) I’m launching at GRIT Fitness this summer.  I incorporated several moves from this “Love Handle Eliminator” workout from the GRIT by Brit YouTube archives.  Check it out!

I truly believe that variety is the spice of life, so I encourage your shake up your weekly fitness routine!  I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone too.  I’m not a big fan of barre classes, but I definitely appreciated the value of isometric resistance training and small repetitive movements to sculpt long lean muscles.  That said, in my new powerbelle™ class, we’ll use gliding discs and resistance bands to intensify traditional barre and pilates exercises.  And of course we’ll rock out to a jammin’ playlist because great music is SO critical for an amazing fitness experience :)

I hope your week is going well.  Chat soon!  xoxo, Brit

NIKE Pop-In @Nordstrom Dallas


Whoa what a weekend!  I had my first partnership with NIKE – one of my all time favorite brands.  Last week NIKE reached out to me to choreograph a fitness/fashion show for their pop up shop at Nordstrom here in Dallas!  This was such an amazing opportunity, because it stretched my abilities…big time!  A wise mentor once told me, “if you’re fully prepared for an opportunity, that means the opportunity isn’t that great.  It’s the scary opportunities that you aren’t fully prepared for that propel you to the next level.”  Well let me tell ya, the NIKE show we pulled off this weekend was DEFINITELY a stretch opportunity!  I’m so excited to share that the event was a huge success and exceeded expectations!  Here’s a quick recap of how everything went down…

On Friday, a fabulous group of NIKE Trainers from the University of Texas at Austin drove up to Dallas to star in the Pop-In show alongside some of my very own GRIT Fitness instructors.  We immediately clicked and I LOVED how psyched they were after me and my sister, Kortani, showed them the routine.DSCN0833 (2)After a practicing all Friday afternoon, the girls then had a dress rehearsal Saturday morning at Nordstrom Dallas NorthPark Center (while I was busy teaching my signature Flexin’ Flow class at the W Dallas Hotel) – ahh if only I could be in 2 places at once.

Here’s a quick pic of my class on Saturday morning…


After teaching my Flexin’ Flow class on the W Hotel Wetdeck, I quickly changed clothes (no shower – ewww) and jetted over the NorthPark to do one final run through with the girls before the first show at noon!  Here’s a pic of us backstage after running through the routine one final time…

DSCN0836 (2)

And here’s a pic of the crew on the elevator to the first floor getting ready to go on stage for the first performance!DSCN0838 (2)

The show went off without a hitch and was SO much fun!  We got lots of cheers from the crowd! Here’s a link to the video of the full 10 minute performance.  Afterwards, these sporty sister girls posed for the camera to show off all of their hot NIKE gear and hot bodies :)

DSCN0862 (2)

After the first show, we chilled backstage and watched a video of the first performance..and ate a yummy lunch.  Then around 2:40 we got ready for the 2nd show.DSCN0850 (2)

The 2nd show also went off without a hitch and I was super excited that some my best friends / GRIT Fitness clients came to support us!

DSCN0844 (2)

All in all Saturday was a HUGE success.  Today I’m feeling accomplished and VERY blessed! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.  JUST DO IT! xoxo, BritDSCN0856 (2)

Happy Healthy Spring! Sponsored by #AirborneHealth

spring into shape

Ah springtime…out with the old and in with the new. I love spring because it feels like a fresh start! I usually try to rev up my workout regimen, get super strict about taking my daily multivitamin and drink 2 liters of water per day. I recently discovered Airborne® Everyday, which is a dietary supplement that has similar immunity boosting benefits as the traditional Airborne effervescent tablets PLUS a multivitamin.

I’ve always been a fan of Airborne® effervescent tablets. I started taking them back in college to boost my immune system through the extreme winters in Ithaca, NY. Every morning before practice, I’d drop one of those bad boys in a cup of water, watch it fizz and gulped it down. A good sweat session, lots of water and my daily Airborne® was my go to solution for staying fit, happy and healthy.

airborne 2

Ready to start the day with gummies in hand!

I tried Airborne® Everyday the past week and I really like it. Each morning I chewed up 2 gummies in place of my daily multivitamin – much more enjoyable than swallowing a giant horse pill. Also, I didn’t feel nauseous as I often do after taking my multivitamin. The amount of vitamins and minerals are pretty similar to those in my multivitamin so I wasn’t missing out on any nutrients. Plus, I received the Airborne’s® crafted immune support. On the down side, there are 6 grams of sugar per serving. (I figured I’d make up for it by adding some extra burpees to my classes at GRIT Fitness – wink wink). Overall, I think I’m going to make Airborne® Everyday a part of daily routine this spring.

airborne giveaway

What’s your daily immune support solution? Post a comment with your answer and you can win a 3-pack supply of Airborne® Everyday! Here’s to a happy, healthy spring! xoxo, Brit

Disclosure: I have been compensated with free product but the opinions are mine.

Fitness Friday: Pink & Black Everything

HAPPY FRIDAY!  It feels so good to wrap up another wonderful week filled with good friends, sweaty workouts and continued business success!

First off congrats to Amanda Robinson and Laura (50by25) – you two won my Honest Fizz Giveaway!  I love that you both have discovered new, fun ways to stay active this Spring!  Email me to brit@gritbybrit.com so I can get your mailing info to send your prize.

As I look around my studio this week, I notice how perfectly my clients align their workout attire with our business colors – I’m talking a sea of pink and black.  Everyone looks so cute, I must share a few pics :)

Untitled design

…and in honor of “flash back friday,” here’s and pic of my DREAM TEAM from the grand opening of GRIT Fitness – I love these ladies SO very much.


I wish you a wonderful weekend!  Until the next post, stay sweaty!  xoxo, Brit

Spring Into Shape + Honest Tea Giveaway


Have I mentioned that I LOVE Spring?!  (almost as much as I love Summer)  Check out the beautiful tulips I got for my studio – they instantly put me in a good mood.  I also love rockin’ fun sports bras when teaching my classes.  Recently I went on a mission to find fitness gear and heathy treats to help me “Spring Into Shape!”  Here are my 5 healthy finds to get you in tip top shape this Spring!


 Brit’s Spring Fitness & Health Favorites

  1. Health Warrior Chia Bars
  2. Fabletics Taylor Tank
  3. Onzie elastic bra top in seafoam / citron with long legging in lotus
  4. Lorna Jane Dynamite Sports Bra
  5. Honest Fizz zero calorie beverage (perfect mixer with vodka)

GIVEAWAY: My friends from Honest Tea hooked me up with some goodies – yay!   Post a comment below sharing 1 healthy find you’ve discovered this Spring.  I’ll pick 2 winners this Friday to each win a case of Honest Fizz – ENJOY! xoxo, Brit


Loving this yummy, zero-calorie beverage from Honest Tea

GRIT HIIT – 30 Minute Calorie Blasting Interval Circuit


Hey hey friends!  Last week I launched my newest class at GRIT Fitness, GRIT HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)!  Here’s the official class description…

Our signature high intensity interval training (HIIT) class designed to push you to your max! We utilize 6 or 8 pound medicine balls to take you through a tabata-style interval circuit that’s sure to spike your heart rate while building muscular endurance. Enjoy a jamming playlist to energize your workout and leave feeling fit and fierce!  Sneakers required 30 minutes

GRIT HIIT was very well-received by our clients so I wanted to share some “home-HIIT” goodness with you.

Photo op after my 1st GRIT HIIT class at GRIT Fitness

Photo op after my 1st GRIT HIIT class at GRIT Fitness

To complete this workout, you will need a medicine ball between 6-10 pounds, depending on your strength.  Complete 4 rounds of each circuit below for a 30 minute workout.  Be sure warm up with a 5 minute brisk walk or jog and stretch for at least 5 minutes after the workout.

GRIT HIIT- 30 Minute Workout 

Circuit 1

  • Jumping Jacks (no medicine ball) – 20 seconds
  • Medicine Ball Squat Jumps – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds

Circuit 2

  • High knee run in place (no medicine ball) – 20 seconds
  • Wood chop swings, holding medicine ball – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds

Circuit  3

  • Football run, quick feet drill (no medicine ball) – 20 seconds
  • Alternating split lunge jumps, holding medicine ball – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds

Circuit  4

  • Mountain Climbers (no medicine ball) – 20 seconds
  • Medicine Ball Plank Hold (stabilize with both hands on medicine ball) – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds

Circuit  5

  • Tricep Push Ups (no medicine ball) – 20 seconds
  • Seated Russian twists, holding medicine ball – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds

I hope you enjoy the workout!  If you have any questions about the exercises just post a comment below.  Wishing you wonderful week ahead.  xoxo, Brit