Fibroid Removal Surgery: Real Talk About Myomectomy

Hey Gang!  So in case you’ve noticed I haven’t been posting many gym #selfies lately.  It’s not because I’m being lazy and skipping the gym, rather I recently had fibroid removal surgery (myomectomy) and have been out of commission.  I had no intention of writing a blog post about this experience, but I’ve encountered so many women that struggle with fibroids that I feel compelled to share my story.  Now don’t fret, this is a story of a success and hope, not of negatively and fear.  So let me start from the beginning…


I’m very active young woman, 29 years old with no history of any medical problems. However, like a year and a half ago my periods started getting really heavy to the point that they were inconveniencing me at work and making it difficult to get through the day.  I thought it was just due to my body changing with age and because I had stopped taking birth control. A few months later I mentioned my symptoms to my OBGYN during my annual exam and she responded that my heavy menstruation could be due to fibroids.  I was like, huh?  Surely enough during my exam she did feel some lumps on my uterus so she instructed me to a have an ultrasound, during which my fibroids were confirmed.  At this point, I totally freaked out.  A million questions ran through my mind like –  “Can I still get pregnant?” “Do I have cancer?” “Is this because of my diet or lifestyle?” “Do I need surgery?” “If so, what kind of surgery?”

Fortunately, my doctor was very thorough and walked me through the severity (or lack of severity) of the situation and explained that fibroids are benign tumors very common among women of child-bearing age and in most cases can go left untreated if they are not causing symptoms.  However, mine were causing symptoms and were fairly large (ranged from 2cm to 7cm) so she highly recommended that I have them removed if I planned to become pregnant in the future.

“Okay,” I thought to my self, “So I know I need to have surgery, the questions now are: When?  And how I will have the operation?”  This is where my GRIT by Brit hardcore research mode kicked in.  During my investigation, I learned 3 key facts that changed my world for the better:

  1. You are  NOT alone – up to 80% of women experience fibroids before the age of 50.  So don’t freakout.  You’re not critically ill or cursed.  As long as you treat your fibroids appropriately, you are likely to be well.  Also, the presence of uterine fibroids is mostly genetic.  So if you your mom had them (mine did) you will likely have them too.  Also, some studies show that high consumption of alcohol and red meat are likely to lead to fibroids, but this hasn’t been scientifically proven.
  2. You do NOT need a hysterectomy – If you have several fibroids and ovarian cysts you may think that a complete hysterectomy (removal of your entire uterus and ovaries) is your only option.  This is not true!  For many older women in their later 40’s and 50’s this is the best option because they are not likely to bear children.  But if you are in your 20’s or 30’s, you can opt for a myomectomy to remove your fibroids and preserve your fertility.  For some women who have really small fibroids that are not growing rapidly, birth control is an effective treatment to mitigate heavy bleeding and no surgery at all is needed.
  3. You do NOT need to get a giant C-section scar – So many of you, like me, are very active wellness-minded young adults who cringe at the thought of being cut open and laid up on the couch in agonizing recovery for several weeks.  Fortunately, there are several non-surgery options and minimally invasive surgery options (e.g. laparoscopic myomectomy, DaVinci Robot myomectomy, high intensity focused ultrasound- HIFU)
Leaving the hospital just after my fibroid removal surgery 1/22/14

Personally, I decided to go with the laparoscopic myomectomy to treat my fibroids.   I really wanted to do HIFU, but it’s still in the clinical trial phase and radiologists will not let women who wish to become pregnant undergo the procedure – so HIFU got ruled out.

I had surgery on Jan. 22, 2014 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital with Dr. Jon Einarsson.   It was a day surgery and the procedure itself took about 3 hours.  I checked in the hospital at 8:30am and went home around 3pm.  Here’s a pic of me leaving the hospital (in some pain but still cracking a smile for the camera).

Below is a photo of my uterus before and after my surgery.  As you can see up top, the fibroids were making my uterus much larger than needed and taking up way too much space in my belly.  I also had an ovarian cyst which you can see on the bottom left corner of the top photo. On the bottom you can see my uterus now, without the fibroids and without the cyst.  So much more space! There’s some stitches and internal gauze that will dissolve over time.

Brit’s Uterus before and after the Laparoscopic Myomectomy – fibroids and ovarian cysts removed!

Here’s a photo of my incisions.  I’ve gotta be honest, I was really concerned about having a giant scar on my belly – who wants that?  I was so relieved to learn that I could have my myomectomy surgery done laparoscopically (even though lots of gynecologists told me I couldn’t…hmmmm).  As you can see, there are just 2 small incisions on the left side of my abdomen (each only 1 centimeter) and then there’s an incision in my belly button.  So, 3 incisions altogether.  Each incision is covered with a dermaglue that peels off in like 2-3 weeks.  Not bad huh?

Brit’s incisions from Laparoscopic Myomectomy by Dr. Jon Einarsson

Today, I’m grateful to report that I am 3 and a half weeks post surgery, have ZERO fibroids or ovarian cysts, a fully functioning uterus and ovaries and I feel AWESOME!  The laparsocipic surgery has significantly less recovery time and uterine scarring than the open myometocty, which is puts me in better shape for when I get pregnant in the future.  I’ll return to work full-time this week with zero restrictions.  Last week I’ve even starting working out again!  Also, my scars are tiny and healing very well.  I have minimal swelling in my abdomen but my pelvis region is still a bit tender.  I also have some bruising around my groin and on my upper thighs which will last for another month – that’s the worst of it.  Overall, I feel so blessed for the abilities of modern surgery and for my amazing surgeon, Dr. Einarsson. 

I just wanted to share my experience with you guys so that hopefully it can be a story of encouragement for anyone going through the same thing.  If you have ANY questions at all feel free to post a comment below.   Also, if you have had experience with fibroids, please share your story with us!  Let’s support each other 🙂

Be a Well Woman!  xoxo, Brit

Look at me now! Feeling healthy, fibroid free, and ready to hit the gym 🙂

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  1. Brit, thank you so, so much for sharing your story and kudos to you for not being afraid of the surgery, I certainly am! I have 3 fibroids ranging from 3 – 4.33cm and a cyst on the left ovary, and although I don’t bleed heavily I have other symptoms that can be constraining. My doctor recommended a hysterectomy, but I’m only 42 and although I don’t have kids, that door hasn’t shut for me and my husband. If God were to bless me with a child I would be thrilled! But that just hasn’t happened yet. We have talked about getting the surgery but I’ve been such a chicken. But reading your story and especially after seeing the pictures (yuck, by the way!) I just might take the plunge now. Fibroids are very common in women and left untreated they will eventually go away on their own without treatment, but who wants to wait that long? I thought I was willing to, but perhaps not anymore! Thank you again Brit, and so happy that you are back up and running again. You are such an inspiration to me and so many others!!!

    1. Thanks so much Ashley! Surgery can be a tough decision, but I encourage it. All the best on your journey – expecting blessings in abundance for you.

  2. Glad you are feeling better and thanks for sharing your journey. I just shared the link with a friend that is having some similar issues and has to make a decision about what to do.

    1. Thanks Demetra! It’s great to hear from you and thanks for sharing with your friend – wishing her all the best on her journey!

  3. Thanks a million Brittani for sharing your story. Although I do not have fibroids, my mom has suffered tremendously from them and is also scared to have surgery being that the only option she was given was a hysterectomy. I know she doesn’t want any kids lol being that my sister and I are pushing 30 but she has been trying to learn about other less invasive options. I will most certainly share your story with her for encouragement. Much love and blessings to you!

  4. Hi Brit! I have fibroids and I wanted them removed but my gyn said they were too small to operate on. Besides the heavy bleeding, I don’t have any symptoms; I just can’t stand the feeling while working out. I am glad you found relief and am now free. God bless for sharing your story. FYI I did the tricep workout in December and January. I started again this week and it is still KILLA. I’m still doing the tricep push ups on my knees but I feel and see a difference!

    1. Hey – thanks for the comment! yea, when they are small, sometimes it not worth going through surgery. Glad you like the tricep workout – keep in touch!

  5. Hi Brit, my case is very similar to your case.
    I am very concerned about what type of procedure to choose for my myomectomy. I’m trying to avoid the scars as much as you did. Why did you prefer Laparoscopy rather than DaVinci? Your doctor performed a very nice job, and he let you only 3 scars!! less than with the DaVinci method.

    Could you post an update about your scars and stomach size? Also, your routine after the procedure.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    1. Hi there! Sorry for my delayed response. I preferred the laparascopic because I only have 2 visible (very tiny scars). There are only 3 incisions, 2 on your side and 1 through the belly button which you can’t see at all. With the Di Vinci, there are 4 scars. Also, the Da Vinci is a longer surgery b/c it takes time to set up the robot so you will be under anasthesia longer. However, I hear the DaVinci can be more precise because the arms of the robot are more flexible and can remove the fibroid better. It all depends on which method your Surgeon is most comfortable with, at the end of the day you just want your surgeon to feel really confident with the procedure. My scars are so small, you can hardly see them – like I have no problem rocking a bikini. My abs were not affected at all, I still have good definition in my abs. For the first 2-3 weeks after the sugery, my tummy was swollen but then it went down significantly. I really hope this helps! God bless you and your health – claiming victory!

  6. Hi Brit, Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m currently scheduled to have a abdominal myomectomy on 4/28, I’m curious what type of fibroids did you have and how many? I have two submucosal and two intramural fibroids that need to be removed and each doctor doctor has suggested an abdominal myomectomy which has me REALLY nervous.

    1. Hi – I actually all 3 types of fibroids, submucosal, pedunculated and intramural. I also had 13 of them! Seriously, no joke. So many docs told me it was impossible to do the surgery laproscopically, but I insisted on finding someone who could and I’m SO glad I did. I’m back to 100% in only 2 months. I ran a 5K in 3 weeks. Do your research and select the best surgeon available. I encourage you to do the myomectomy but do it laparoscopically or robotically!

  7. Hey Brit. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I just had a consult at Brigham & Women’s last week for minimally invasive surgery. I was wondering if you had any other symptoms before your surgery, like a protruding abdomen, bladder issues, pain not associated with your period? After you had the surgery and initial bloating went down, did you feel that your stomach was flatter? I feel like I have a football in my stomach and am not sure if this is due to the fibroids or extra weight? And how did you come to decide on Dr. Einarsson. I met with Dr. Karen Wang and liked her very much.

    1. You’re welcome! No, I didn’t really have any other symptoms other than heavy bleeding. My stomach is the same as it was before the surgery – so I don’t think the fibroids made my belly protrude. It’s probably due to water retention or extra weight. Dr. Einarsson has a really good reputation for laparascopic surgery, so that’s why I chose him, but I think all of the surgeons are top notch. You are in good hands! All the best!

  8. Hi Brit! This has been the best article I’ve read. And I have read many. One question I can’t find the answer too: is it safe to work out before your surgery. I’ve ready it can aggrevate the fibroids. I don’t have any symptoms other than a large tummy. Can I weight lift? Can I do crunches? I’m scheduled to have surgery August.

    1. Hi – so glad my post was helpful for you. Yes, I did workout and lift weights before and after my surgery. Exercise never aggravated my fibroids but rather helped reduce cramping. As always, you should consult with you doctor before engaging in any strenuous exercise or physical activity. Lots of luv to you! xoxo, Brit

  9. Thank you Brit….I am in the same situation. Read your article which gave me so much hope that everything’s gonna be alright.

  10. Hi Brit!
    thank you for sharing your story and pictures. I am scheduled for a laparoscopic myomectomy with robot Nov 6. How are you doing now? My biggest question: have your period been lighter since the surgery? Thanks!

    1. HI Katie! Praying for a safe and successful surgery and your speedy recovery. I feel wonderful! My periods are SO much lighter it’s like magic. I’m really happy I decided to have surgery and think you will be happy with you decision too. Keep in touch 🙂

      1. Update: hi Brit! I am on recovery day 5 after my da vinci robot assisted laparoscopic myomectomy in Seattle. I was going up and down stairs on day 1. Narcotics 2 days and only ibuprofen since then. Unexpectedly had to spend first night in hospital (supposed to be outpatient) because of nausea. I suspect is was due to giving me oral pain meds on empty stomach. Threw up twice. .. ouch). Couldn’t urinate for 24 hours after surgery due to anesthesia so they gave me a 12-hr catheter. But now I am thrilled it is over and am recovering quickly. So happy I had lap. Vs. Open! Anyone is welcome to email me if need dr. recommendation in Seattle [email protected] or any other questions. Thank you Brit for sharing your story and giving me courage!!! I wish you the best in all you do!

  11. Thank you for sharing your story! I have yet to have surgery to get rid of my Fibroids and PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I have 3 pretty large Fibroids; 2 of them are 5 cm and the other is I think 6 cm and huge cyst on my ovaries. Unlike a lot of ladies posting here my symptoms are many (severe cramps, heavy bleeding, stomach growth, etc..) and a big part of it having to do the cysts as well as fibroids. You have empowered me to shop around and not just settle for the first answer given. I want a great surgeon who will leave my reproductive organs in tact while relieving me of problem. My question to you is did it cost extra for them to go ahead and remove the cyst and was that originally apart of the surgery? And did you try any of the natural methods before opting for surgery?

  12. Well I have fibroids and I am very nervous about surgery idk what is my best option.

  13. Hello Brit, thank you for sharing your story! I’m beyond inspired! I, too, just had a myomectomy. You’re the only one out there that seems similar to me; I’m active, love the gym, and running is my passion. My activity came to a halt, though, 3 months ago with a three month menstrual period (heavy bleeding and clots – sorry, TMI). It was all caused by a 3 in. fibroid on my uterus. I know you “get it”, so I wanted your advice on returning to running. Had the surgery last Wednesday, July 22nd. Today is the … what … 27th? I’m ready to get back to the gym and the pavement for a half-marathon training along with some ab workouts. I’m up to 1.5 mile walks (takes all I’ve got, though!). What do you recommend? I am a fighter for my health, so I’ll take on any challenge you suggest. P.S. You look great!

    1. Brit/Carolyn, thank goodness I stumbled upon this “old” blog. ; ) I, like Carolyn am curious about recovery and getting back to running. I have one submucosal fibroid that is being removed due to infertility issues. I am signed up to run a half marathon seven weeks after surgery. I am already fully trained for the event. Last year, I walked it with a broken foot (I didn’t know it was fully broken at the time) so this was my redemption race after 2014. Now this…so it’s okay if I walk/run it (grudgingly) I just wanted to see if you think it’s actually possible. xoxoxo!

  14. Hi brit
    Glad you better now and thank you for sharing your story. I want to ask you this but did your doctor mention that u can have a natural birth when you get pregnant in the future? Cause they always say after surgery you can only have a CS done.

  15. Thank you so much for this post! It definitely gave me a brighter view on my problems than the medical websites have. I was afraid I would have to give up hopes on having children in the future. I’m 25 and recently went to the doctor for some x-rays because I was having terrible back pains and discovered that I have a large fibroid on my uterus that is trying to grow into my spine. I have to wait three weeks to see another doctor about what we will try, but now I am a little less afraid. Hopefully it can only be a myomectomy instead of spinal surgery. But, again, thank you for your story!

  16. Hi Brit, your story is very inspirational. I have also found out after my second pregnancy that ended in miscarriage that I’ve grown a nearly 6 cm submucosal fibroid in my uterus. I’ve been trying to conceive for a year after losing a baby at 11 weeks and not until I’ve found a skilled surgeon that I’ve made a big desicion- myomectomy! I’ve been told by so many that an open surgery is my only option, and dr Saad was the only one who took on the task. I am literally one week post surgery, feeling already great and just so thankful that I can try to conceive again in 6 months without the scare of fibroid that could cause another mc or infertility like it did for the longest 12 months of my life. If you guys suffer from fibroids- don’t fear laparoscopic myo, it is so worth it, and preserves our right and hope for a healthy pregnancy

      1. Hi Michelle! Hope all is well and happy thanksgiving ! I am happy to say that I got pregnant after only 4 months post surgery on a first try, I have had a beautiful baby girl on Feb 10th, 2017. I had my surgery exactly a year before, Feb 12th, 2016. She is my little miracle and a beautiful 9 month old baby now. I’ve been truly blessed, although I’ve had a scheduled C and last months of pregnancy were a little rough. Hope you are doing well with whatever issues you had to deal with.

  17. I was diagnosed with 2 medium sized fibroids which placed an enormous pressure on my bladder. I was advised by 3 different doctors to undergo surgery to remove these fibroids as I was told that there was nothing I could do to shrink or stop their growth.

    However, I researched some natural remedies and went to my local health store and bought the herbs and vitamins and the other more basic ingredients I needed.

    After 7 days I didn’t see any change so I thought ‘here we go again’. But it wasn’t another disappointment. By the end of the 6th week on a bright Monday morning, all the pain and the awful bloated feeling just stopped.

    I’m thrilled to report that my last ultrasound showed that both my fibroid tumors had shrunk by 80%. My periods are much more consistent now, and I hardly experience any pain.

    In case you’re wondering, this website contains some of the remedies that helped me:

    Hope it helps anyone reading this!

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    1. God bless you for sharing such an inspirational story.I am equally 29yrs old and have multiple fibroids but I don’t have any symptoms aside from a bloated tummy.I have being looking for a better alternative such as this because I can’t stand the scar and the fact that I can only have a C section if I want to have a baby.My challenge is that I am n from the Nigeria and I would like to know the cost for this procedure.Thanks for this article.

  19. Older women do not have a hysterectomy. Just because you are not going to have children does not mean you should go through the awful and inns essay surgery of hysterectomy. They will tell you it is your only option, but it is NOT. Read up on it and do not be forced into it by a pushy Doctor because it is the easiest surgery that they are capable of. It has long term effects that are not condusice to a long healthy life.

  20. Thanks for your post. I recently had the same procedure you did. I am 12 days post surgery and recovering well. I have 5 incisions due to the size of the 8 fibroids removed. I was told I had 25 Fibroids on an MRI before surgery but that my Dr. Would try to extract the largest and most troublesome. I also had trouble finding a Dr. Who would do the procedure without 1) wanting to do a partial hysterectomy by c-section and 2) could do the myomectomy laparoscopically. I went to the Mayo Clinic because they are a teaching hospital and have different ways of doing things. Apparently the FDA changed the recommendations for myomectomy recently because the FDA didn’t like that the fibroids were cut up then removed which could possibly spread cancer cells in the uterus , they wanted the fibroids removed still in one piece. The Mayo Clinic’s work around is they put the fibroid in plastic before cutting then it is extracted still in plastic. Just an FYI in case someone is wanting to have this procedure. Don’t take the first Dr that says your only option is a c-section, look around. I had to go to 5 Drs before I went to the Mayo Clinic. This is your body and there are options available.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing! I am very conflicted and am not sure about surgery. I may want children and an concern that surgery may cause issues during pregnancy.

  22. I can tell you that I had a successful laparoscopic myomectomy 8 months ago, I had one very large submucus fibroid that was taking up the entire space in my uterus where fetus would implant. 4 months after I got pregnant and so far everything is going well, we didn’t have trouble at all, it happened on a first try, this will be my second child. There’s always a risk with any pregnancy or surgery, none of it is easy, but if you really do have those cancer cells already is it worth it not to proceed? Nowadays doctors take every precaution and test to make sure we know what our risks are. S@#t happens and if I had to do it all over again I certainly would, nobody needs weird growths in their uterus during childbearing age and if modern medicine can help us we should definitely take risks.

  23. I had fibroid for over 6 years and I have had countless miscarriages. All effort made to curb the menace of this recurrent problem prove abortive. I was literary at the end of the rope when I came across Angela story, Angela was inspiring, as she also had same problem as mine but uses Dr. Leonard product before she was able to conceived. Therefore based on this info, I decided to contact him on my own regard and finally got his medicine. I only used the medicine for two months after which I went for a scan and my Doctor himself confirmed that the multiple fibroid have shrink-ed off naturally, I have missed my period for a month now and hoping for a good news. If you are having same problem as mine, you can contact him for advice at possible solution with ([email protected])

  24. I am so happy to stumble across this blog. My faith in God has always brought me through situations. I want to thank you Brit and everyone else who has shared their stories. I am having laparoscopic myomectomy next week. I am very nervous and really had no idea what to expect. I found out 10 months ago I have a 5 cm fibroid and a polyp. My symptoms are severe and disruptive heavy bleeding along with clotting. Severe back pain due to the location in my uterus pushing on other organs. Unfortunately if I do not remove I will never be able to bare children because it’s causing blockage. I am relieved to be able to hear good outcomes and also to hear about recovery time and being able to get back to normal activity

  25. a hysterectomy should NEVER be an option for a woman with fibroids – regardless of age – your uterus serves a lifelong purpose that continues producing life saving and essential hormones well after menopause. A hysterectomy causes sexual dysfunction in women and as part of the procedure, the vagina is sewn shut and shortened. Your bladder then falls into where the uterus was creating a slew of other issues. It causes your hip and lower body bones to shift as well which creates pain and walking difficult. NEVER EVER believe any doctor who tells you that you’re not a candidate for a myomectomy. I am 47 years old and 3 months ago had a robotic myomectomy for 5 very large fibroids – the largest measuring 9 cm and I didn’t bleed to death (if a doctor tells you that – it means they dont know how to perform the procedure. Educate yourself – contact The HERS Foundation – they helped me and it is because of the knowledge they gave me I was able to save my uterus. I went to 6 very prominent doctors and they all said I was not eligible for a myomectomy – I am grateful I did my research.

  26. I had fibroid for over 6 years and I have had countless miscarriages. All effort made to curb the menace of this recurrent problem prove abortive. I was literary at the end of the rope when I came across jessical story, jessical was inspiring, as she also had same problem as mine but uses Dr. williams product before she was able to conceived. Therefore based on this info, I decided to contact him on my own regard and finally got his medicine. I only used the medicine for three weeks after which I went for a scan and my Doctor himself confirmed that the multiple fibroid have shrink-ed off naturally,If you are having same problem as mine, you can contact him for advice at possible solution with [email protected]

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  28. I’m so happy that I came across your page!! My situation is similar to your story (two large fibroids, told by my gynecologist/surgeon that an abdominal myomectomy is the only option for my case and working as a fitness and coaching professional in the Boston area). I just had my second MRI at Brigham’s yesterday, post consultation for a second opinion. Fingers crossed that I am a good candidate for this surgery. I’m so thankful that I decided to go to Brigham’s. How long did you have to recover before you could work out again, including abdominal workouts? As always, health is number one. I’ll be thankful just to have children, as I am in my mid thirties.

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  30. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have recently completed my myomectomy surgery and 1.5 week post op. I had 4 fibroids and lost my child due to them which I was totally unaware of having them. I believe all women should know their risk and live a healthier lifestyle to prevent having them. I’m bless to say I’m healing great and FIBROID FREE.

    1. Thank you for being so transparent with your experience with fibroids and myomectomy. I hope you are doing much better these days. I’ve read that there is a chance of recurrence of fibroids with myomectomy and that women with a history of fibroids should give natural therapy a chance in order to bring the bodily hormones back into balance to prevent this from happening. The Beat Fibroids team at has been helping women fight fibroids using a natural approach and they have many Youtube videos explaining what they do. Feel free to check them out for more info on fibroid natural treatment. i hope your in high spirits these days 🙂

  31. Great post! I really wanted to see your pre-surgery tummy to know if there was any visible change.

  32. Thanks to everyone that has shared there experience. I found alot of comfort and reassurance in this blog before my surgery and I had a successful myomectomy and easy recovery.

  33. I am scheduled for a laparoscopic/robotic myomectomty on July 7. I have had some several unrelated abdominal surgeries in the past and have recovered without incident, but never have I been so active in my life like I am now. I am super anxious about my recovery time. I am planning to take one week off of work (I have a 85% sedentary job), and while I plan to listen to my body, I am hoping to get up and walking right away. I registered to run my second marathon on October 22 (before the surgery was even on my radar), so I an hopeful I will be cleared with 12 weeks to train (after a 4 week recovery). I recognize I am cutting this really tight, but reading your experience gave me some hope this may still be possible.

  34. Your story gives me lots of hope. I have been crying hysterically for days. Two years ago a small intramural fundal fibroid was located on an ultrasound. A few weeks ago, I discovered on another ultrasound that fibroid grew by a centimeter and is now 3.8 cm. To top it off I have another small one thats 1.7 cm.

  35. I forgot to ask you where was your intramural fibroid located? So many things I have read online make it seem like intramural fibroids are nearly impossible to remove while preserving fertility. Im super depressed, but your post gives me some hope. Thank you for telling us your surgeon too.

  36. Thank you so much.. This is my exact story too. I found out about my fibroids the exact way and I have been advised to take them out. I am going for my surgery on Monday to get my fibroids removed laparoscopically. I have been a bit nervous but after reading your story I feel better.. P.S How long did it take for yours to heal?

  37. Thanks for sharing your journey! May I asked what did you apply to your scars after the glue fell off to not make them so noticeable if anything?

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