Weighing In on “Weighing In” – Facts about stepping on the scale every day

Guest post by FalafeLover, Grit by Brit Nutrition Expert – A registered dietitian, psychological counseling grad student, former Israeli professional basketball player, former college teammate of Brit.

Imagine if you stepped on a scale every day, recorded your weight into an excel spreadsheet, and then created a chart representing your weight trajectory for a whole year. What, if anything, might you learn about your body weight pattern? And what, if anything, would be the effect on your weight itself?

My dear friend Carly Pacanowski, a Cornell nutrition researcher and fellow Registered Dietitian, has spent the last 3 years investigating these types of questions. And her research as yielded some pretty remarkable results: Carly and her team found that people who simply stepped on a scale and recorded their body weight each day were more successful at losing and/or maintaining their weight!

Recommending daily self-weighing as a weight loss tool remains controversial though, and for good reasons. Although daily weighing may help some regulate their body weight, critics have expressed concern about the impact this routine might have on the psyche. After all, we are not robots, and for a lot of people, weight is not just a number. Would seeing your weight pop up on the scale can negatively impact your self-esteem or trigger upsetting emotions? Even if daily self-weighing does help you lose or maintain your weight, would it cause you psychological distress? Could it lead to a weight obsession, or in extreme cases, lead to an eating disorder?

¬†I sat down (well, actually, went on a walk ūüôā with Carly to get her thoughts on the practice of daily self-weighing. Read on for her expert opinion, so that you can decide for yourself whether or not self-weighing is a habit worth incorporating into your daily routine.

Lindsay: How does self-weighing supposedly lead to weight loss/maintenance?

Carly: This is actually still not completely understood. There are a few different mechanisms proposed for how daily weight monitoring can help prevent weight gain/may even facilitate weight loss. One idea stems from the school of thought behaviorism ‚Äď that the feedback (weight) of the consequence of our actions (eating/physical activity) is necessary to inform future behavior. The way I like to think about this is like a long term biofeedback. This includes not only weighing oneself daily, but also viewing a graph of their weight trajectory over time. All participants in the studies we do use a computer program to view the graph as well.

 Lindsay: What are the potential benefits of daily self-weighing?

Carly: Benefits of self-weighing include increased information about body weight and body weight patterns/fluctuations, which can lead to increased awareness of your eating behavior. An added benefit of daily weighing for women is that they learn to expect a monthly change in weight when they are menstruating. Daily self-weighing may help women recognize and become accepting of this natural change when they see that it is a normal part of their monthly cycle.

 Lindsay: What about the potential risks of daily self-weighing?

Carly: For some, daily self-weighing is clearly not a good idea. Other researchers have found associations between frequency of weighing and unhealthful weight control behaviors (excessive restricting, excessive exercise, purging, etc.). On the other hand, there are also associations between daily self-weighing and healthy weight control behaviors (consuming more fruits and vegetables, improved portion control, etc.) More research is needed to identify those who will benefit versus those who might be adversely affected by this practice.

 Lindsay: What would you tell someone who is considering daily self-weighing?

Carly: I think I’d first be curious to know their intention for adopting the practice. There is better data showing that daily self-weighing is effective for: 1) preventing gradual weight gain that comes with age, and 2) for preventing regain after weight loss. There is less evidence for self-weighing leading directly to weight loss. But then again, this could simply be because there have not been many studies done on the latter.

Lindsay: Anything else GRIT readers should know about daily self-weighing?

Carly: Whether this practice is beneficial or not really depends on the person. While some may find it to be psychologically detrimental, it works very well for many others who find it to be a useful tool to help them notice a small weight gain before it gets out of control. If you do decide to weigh yourself daily, it is important to be both aware and honest with yourself about the trade-offs.

To learn more about Carly and her research on weight regulation, check out her page: http://www.human.cornell.edu/bio.cfm?netid=crp56

GRIT readers, feel free to share your thoughts, reactions, and personal experiences with daily self-weighing. This is a very new topic, and it would be great to hear your feedback too!

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My weight loss journey: How my “slip-ups” helped me “shape-up”…

Image: Playin’ college basketball in 2006 – feeling FIT

This post was originally published as a guest feature on  Greatist.com, the fastest growing site in health and lifestyle content, reaching more than 3 million visitors in just one year! Follow @jshakeshaft, the amazing fitness editor, who helped me with this post!

Long story short, I‚Äôm a fan of ‚Äúplans.‚ÄĚ ¬†It started in high school when I discovered Slim Fast and dropped 15 pounds.¬† I gained that back in one summer.¬† During college, I was captain of my women‚Äôs basketball team which kept the pounds under control.¬† But when I entered the working world, I packed on plenty of extra ‚Äúcushioning.‚Ä̬† ¬†I tried Weight Watchers for about a month, but always skipped meetings and under counted my ‚Äúpoints.‚ÄĚ Then there was the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Lipodrene diet pills and the cayenne pepper/lemon juice cleanse (Beyonc√© put me on to this one).¬† I‚Äôd lose 5-10 pounds with each program only to gain it back in a few months.¬† I had officially reached a point where I was failing at every weight loss system.¬† I was a 5‚Äô8‚ÄĚ 25-year-old who weighed 179 pounds and felt ‚Äúless than stellar.‚Ä̬† I had to get it together.¬† I REFUSED to let another day of my 20‚Äôs go by without rockin‚Äô short shorts, high heels and lots of swag!¬†¬† This is when I accepted my weight control Slip up #1: I tried to be perfect.¬†

Fall break vacation 2009 – weighing over 175 pounds

I have a super Type A (slightly neurotic) personality and get really pumped up about new a diet plan or workout regimen.¬† But if I slip up even once, I beat myself up and eventually quit.¬†¬† Being mean to myself does not help me lose weight.¬† So, I had to accept the reality that most ‚Äúplans‚ÄĚ aren‚Äôt doable for the long haul. ¬†This meant getting rid of my ‚Äúall or nothing‚ÄĚ weight loss mindset.¬† Instead of feeling guilty for slipping up, I started keeping a mental note of what I ate and tried to match my food intake with equal calorie burn.¬† For example, if I killed a burger and fries at lunch, that was cool.¬† It just meant I‚Äôd have a small side salad for dinner followed by an extra 30 minutes of cardio.¬†Simple, right?¬† Not quite.

Despite having this revelation and starting to feel more balanced, I wasn’t losing as much weight as I wanted.  What was the problem?  After downing a bag of trail mix one afternoon, I realized Slip-up #2: I ate too much.  Simply put, it goes like this:

  • Choosing a healthy snack = a good look ūüôā
  • Eating five servings of a healthy snack = not a good look¬† ūüôĀ
At a wedding in 2009 “mean muggin” – I was thick but still cute right? ūüôā

The fact that I ate too much was the most difficult truth for me to accept because I actually ate healthy food!¬† The problem was that I simply ate too much of it.¬† So, it was really hard to burn more calories than I consumed, which is the only way to legitimately lose weight.¬† You‚Äôve heard it before, ‚Äúeat until you‚Äôre satisfied, not until you‚Äôre full.‚Ä̬† Well, it‚Äôs true.¬† I had to accept that portion control is just as, if not more, important than food choice.

On that same note, I discovered Slip-up #3: I overestimated my calorie burn.¬† Since I work out regularly, Ialways figured I deserved a diet ‚Äúbuffer.‚ÄĚ But, turns out our bodies don‚Äôt blast as many calories as we think.¬†¬†¬† Calorie counters and heart rate monitors often over count calorie burn.¬† This is because several factors like hydration, stress, diet, genetics and room temperature aren‚Äôt considered.¬† The bottom line is this: The harder you work the more calories you burn. ¬†So, I started using the Talk Test to quickly and effectively measure my Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)¬†and indirectly measure my calorie burn. ¬†¬†If I‚Äôm breathing really heavy (like ‚Äúsucking air‚ÄĚ) I know I‚Äôm torching calories because I‚Äôve reached my anaerobic training zone.¬† Now when I work out, I try reaching and staying in this calorie blasting zone to maximize the burn!

Hosting a house party in 2010 – gettin’ my GRUB ON

I‚Äôm not going to lie, after weeks of trying to eat less and move more, I was having some serious hunger pangs!¬† Luckily, I found that simply drinking a glass of water did wonders for my cravings.¬† Check this, most of the time we think we are ‚Äúhungry‚ÄĚ we are actually ‚Äúthirsty‚ÄĚ due to dehydration.¬† Also dehydration makes us feel lethargic and we crave sugar and other simple carbs that make us fat.¬†So there you have it, Slip-up #4: I didn‚Äôt drink enough water.¬†

Now, I was on a roll! After a few months proactively addressing my weight control ‚Äúslip-ups,‚ÄĚ I was feeling good, slim, and energetic.¬† So one day I decided to weigh myself.¬† Up 6 pounds?¬† WHAT?!¬† How did that happen?¬† Then I thought to myself, hmmmm‚Ķ I had indulged in ice cream the night before and a little bacon at breakfast‚Ķ and pizza on Friday night.

Ramped up my workout intensity w/  hour-long Turbo Kick classes

That‚Äôs when I clearly saw Slip up #5: I needed a reality check.¬† After that random weigh-in, I started weighing myself every morning (yes EVERY day) and have done so for over 1 year now!¬† This habit is controversial because body weight fluctuates for a variety of reasons (mostly due to hydration levels).¬† However, the fact of the matter is that the numbers on the scale are your body weight at that time.¬† THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE (or at least it did for me)!¬† Being mindful of my weight on a daily basis makes me think more deeply about what I am consuming, my digestion patterns, hydration levels, sweat output and calorie intake/burn.¬† While my daily weigh-ins help keep my weight in line, my ‚Äúheavy days‚ÄĚ can be very discouraging.¬† I have to constantly remind myself to keep the big picture in mind – my fitness, health and happiness, not just the numbers on the scale.

Me now at 153 pounds ūüôā Feeling “STELLAR”

My slip-ups have taught me that weight management isn’t about the latest and greatest diet or workout plan; it’s about continuing on a lifelong journey of developing and strengthening healthy habits.  There will always be good days and bad days, but success comes from balance.  Now, at 27 years old, my weight ranges from 150-155 pounds.  I’ve maintained this weight range for over a year without the use of any expensive weight loss plans or diet pills.  I feel strong.  I feel healthy.  I feel authentic.  Most importantly, I ALWAYS rock my short shorts, high heels and lots of SWAG!

What are some of the ‚Äúcraziest‚ÄĚ weight loss plans/cleanses that you‚Äôve tried?

Do you have any “slip-ups” to add to my 5?

Me now in 2012 – teaching Turbo Kick for my “side-hustle” ūüôā
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4-week tone up challenge: COMPLETE

“Done and Done! ¬†The 4-week tone up challenge was truly a great mix up to my winter workout rut. ¬†I appreciated having set days to work out and set days to recover.¬† Also, the structured workout plan gave me goals and checklists which were extremely helpful when fitting workouts into my busy schedule. Overall, I am loving the results so far and will continue to use Brit’s workouts ALL summer. ¬†This is just the kick-start I needed to get beach body ready.¬† After only 4 weeks my “six-pack” is starting to show and my legs are significantly more toned!¬† I’m looking forward to some new workouts for my post Italian vacation in a couple of weeks to help me get back on track after a little R&R with a great friend (Brit).” ¬† – Jan

Wanna try the challenge?¬† Missed one of Jan’s updates?

Photography provided by Anna Jane

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5-minute Healthy Breakfast Ideas

The week before last I worked from home – yay! ¬†On Thursday morning, I made and ate breakfast immediately after I woke up. ¬†I was so proud, I took a pic of my breakfast and posted it on Twitter ūüôā ¬†This got me thinking, “I’m going to commit to eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up for the next 5 days. ¬†Not only that, I’m going to take a picture of my meal and post it on Twitter for accountability.”¬† Well, turns out that what our parents say is TRUE, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. ¬†Studies show¬†making breakfast a daily habit can help you lose weight – and keep it off. ¬†Personally, I felt the following changes/benefits¬†that week:

  • I wasn’t starving at lunch which helped me make better food choices
  • My digestion was more “regular” ūüėČ
  • My¬†energy¬†level was higher during the day, especial during my workouts
  • I felt lighter and leaner

Based on my fitness experience and nutrition knowledge, I have created a formula for what I consider to be a complete “GRITTY” breakfast:

GRITTY Breakfast = complex carb (whole grains and/or fruit) + protein + KICK  

FYI – a “KICK” is little bit of caffeine to get my body going full speed. Remember all the benefits of Coffee that we learned about earlier?

Below, are pics of all of  my breakfast meals that week.  All were prepared in less than 5 minutes, making them excellent options for those of you rushing to work in the morning.  Try out the breakfast challenge for yourself.  You may just take on a new healthy habit!


Greek yogurt + mixed berries + 1 crumbled crunchy granola bar + hot green tea


Quaker instant oatmeal + 1 large orange + black coffee


1 Van’s whole wheat waffle (comes frozen, just put in toaster) + peanut butter + strawberries + hot green tea


2 crunchy granola bars topped w/peanut butter + 1 apple + hot green tea

Monday¬†(up in the air, breakfast at the airport before a 6am flight…the life of a consultant)

2 small apples + 1 small bag of almonds (not pictured) + black coffee

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Brit’s Ultimate DIY Boot Camp

Tasia, my sister Kortani and me after my DIY boot camp – 05/24/12

Focus: Total body conditioning
Calories burned:500 -800
Duration: 1 hour
Commentary: While the last few days of Spring linger around, head outside and enjoy this lovely weather!  You Texans know that our summer heat is NO JOKE . 110 degrees outside = indoor treadmill running for us.

My lil’ sister is home from college – yay! ¬†This she week she wanted to go to the gym, but as a typical poor college student,¬†couldn’t¬†afford a membership (and I’m not spottin’ her any $$$). ¬†Instead, I taught her how to make her own boot camp. ¬†This way, she can work out anytime she wants¬†at a local park or track . ¬†This evening, I did the boot camp with her and her friend, Tasia. ¬† They really enjoyed it so I figured I share my “formula” with you guys.

To get started, you will need:

  1. 2 light/medium hand weights (1-10 pounds each for ladies; 5-20 pounds each for gents)
  2. Yoga Mat or large towel
  3. At least 100 yards of flat land and/or 1 standard running track (400 meters around)

    Tasia and Kort after we finished – they are too young to be this tired! LOL

Brit’s Boot Camp Formula:

+Warm Up

+ 2 Cardio circuits  (3-4 cardio exercises in each)

+4 Resistance circuits (4 strength and toning exercises in each)

+ “Booty Kickin” Finale ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†(~10 minutes¬†anaerobic¬†cardio = sucking air!)

= 100% effective FREE personal boot camp

Here’s the complete boot camp that we did today. ¬†Print and save or create your own – enjoy!

Here are some pics of us doing the exercises in case you are unfamiliar with some of them ūüôā

squat w/ should press – part 1

squat w/shoulder press – part 2

Triceps kick back on 1 leg

side squat walk (get it KORT – LOL)

lunge w/ bicep curl – part 1

Lunge w/ bicep curl – part 2

frog/star jump – part 1

Frog/star jump – part 2

plank row

donkey kick

side lunge w/ torso twist

back fly

berry pickers

leg lowers on back (Tasia is clearly in pain-LOL)

side to side leaps

front shoulder raise

side shoulder raise

wood chuck jump – part 1

wood chuck jump – part 2

plank – mountain climbers

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So…the treadmill isn’t so boring after all

Me gettin’ a sweat going on the hotel treadmill, Thursday 5/17

This week I had to travel to Cleveland for a client workshop, meaning my only option for a workout space was my “lovely” hotel gym. Unfortunately, this hotel’s gym consisted of 1 treadmill, 1 broken elliptical, and a yoga mat…that said, I had to make the best of an unfortunate situation. This got me thinking, I need to have options for effective and engaging treadmill workouts to hold me over in times like these. So, I put together these 3, 20 minute treadmill workouts. Each one burns 200-350 calories – NOT BAD! Hopefully you find these exercises helpful. If you are trying to get more into fitness but don’t have a treadmill at home, then you might want to check out something like this FitnessVerve. What’s not to love about having you own home gym?

Feel free to print, try out for yourself and keep handy when you’re looking to shake up your treadmill routine. Also, don’t forget that a jammin’ 20 minute playlist ALWAYS gives you a boost – Enjoy ūüôā

  1. What Goes Up…Must Come Down (walking) – Walk at a speed of at least 3.0/mph. Start at 0.0 (zero) incline and increase the incline by 1.0 every 1 minute. After 10 minutes (when you reach level 10 incline) lower the incline by 1.0 every minute until you get back to 0.0 (zero).
  2. Walk, Sprint … Repeat (sprinting intervals) – Start by walking at least 3.0 mph and 1.0 incline – NEVER GO BELOW 1.0 INCLINE. After 3 minutes, sprint at least 7.0 mph for 2 minutes. Repeat the walk/sprint cycle 4 times for a 20 minute workout.
  3. Slow and Steady Wins the Race (jogging) – Start by jogging at least 5.0 mph with an incline of 1.0. After 2 minutes, increase your incline to a level that is “challenging” (i.e. makes you breathe heavy, difficult to talk). Keep the incline here for 3 minutes, then take it back down to the starting 1.0 level. For the next minute, increase your speed to a faster jogging pace, at least 6.0. Repeat this 5 minute cycle 4 times.
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Bringin’ Sexy BACK!

Hilary Swank is def a fit chic – I’m sure she pumps iron for this sexy back!

  • Workout: Sexy sculpted back workout by Brit
  • Calories burned: about 200
  • The facts: Strengthening your back enhances your posture which makes you look taller and leaner – YAY!¬† However, when working your back, it‚Äôs critical to work the opposing muscles which are your pecs (chest).¬† Therefore, I‚Äôve included some push ups to work your chest.¬† Most importantly, if you want results you must PUSH yourself and PUMP UP the weight during¬† this workout ‚Äď YOU WILL NOT GET BULKY! ¬†You need to choose a weight heavy enough that you can only get through 8-12 reps. ¬†If you can easily do more than 12 reps, you are not lifting enough weight and your muscles are not getting enough resistance to actually change shape!
  • Instructions:
    • Use medium to heavy hand weights to complete this workout (5-15 pounds for the ladies, 10-30 pounds for the fellas)
    • Complete 3 cycles of each super set alternating between the 2 exercises in each set. ¬†For example, in Super Set 2, go back and forth completing the low row and bent over fly 3 times each, then move on super set 3
    • Do this workout 2-3 times per week for 4 weeks along with your moderate/high intensity cardio workouts at least 2-3 times per week
    • Click on the workout below to make it bigger, also feel free to print and save ūüėČ


In case you’re unfamiliar with some of the exercises in this workout, here are some pics to guide you ūüėČ

Deadlift aka "Good Morning"
Dead lift aka “Good Morning”

Bear Walk

Low Row

Bent over rear delt fly

Shoulder press

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Tone Up Challenge Week 2 Report: Jan falls in love with Flywheel

We’re half way there – Jan has officially completed her 2nd week of my 4 Week Tone Up Challenge. ¬†Here’s her update along with my advice to get her through the home¬†stretch¬†with maximum shape up results – enjoy!

Week 2 Update from Jan:

“Wk #2 was great! ¬†I started going to Flywheel Spin and it was a ‘game changer.’ ¬†I have been spinning for years and love the¬†energy¬†and intensity of Flywheel more than than¬†any¬†class ¬†I’ve ever gone to. ¬†I worked out 5 days last week, but 1 day was without cardio. ¬†I added Brit’s Six Pack by Summer ab routine ¬†to all of my workouts last week (the plank and seated portions). ¬†I also did¬†Brit’s Killer Legs workout after spin one night and was really in the hurt box – in a good way ūüôā ¬†

So far I’ve been seeing some good results in terms of my muscle definition . ¬†My ‘six pack’ is on its way back for sure. ¬†I’m feeling leaner and just more fit in general. ¬†However, my knees and ankles are quite sore from all of the exercise, so I’ll need ¬†to be careful with them.”¬† – Jan

Brit’s Advice for Jan:

  • Diet, Diet, Diet – Jan continues to get her 5 workouts in per week; however, slipping up on her diet could¬†completely¬†wash away her results. ¬†Many top resources claim that weight loss depends 80% on diet and 20% on exercise.
  • RICE – Jan has a history of knee and ankle injuries so it’s critical that Rests, Ice, Compress, Elevates her knees and ankles after workouts to keep¬†inflammation¬†down. ¬†However, you¬†should¬†ALWAYS refrain from exercise and get clearance from your¬†doctor¬†before starting any new workout regimen.
  • EVEN more discipline – Jan must push herself¬†through the home stretch and¬†commit¬†to having a PERFECT last 2 weeks. That means¬†every workout¬†is¬†completed¬†with max effort and she sticks to her diet change ups 100%. ¬†Jan needs to give it all she’s got these last 14 days for¬†maximum¬†results.
Stay tuned for Jan’s 3 week report and special edition final report which will include a post challenge photo shoot of her smoking hot body, compliments¬†of the lovely Anna Jane!

Learn more about FlyWheel at their website: https://www.flywheelsports.com/

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5 Tips to Spice Up Your Workout Routine: Variety is the SPICE of life and the FUEL for fitness

NOT this kind of variety ūüėČ

Hopefully you’ve found a workout that you¬†absolutely¬†LOVE , which is GREAT! ¬†I’m a firm¬†believer¬†that you’ll never consistently exercise until you find a workout that you TRULY enjoy and that makes you FEEL GOOD about your body! ¬†However, it’s critical that we constantly change up our workout routines. ¬†This doesn’t mean we have to give up the exercises we love, but we DO have to SPICE things up. ¬†So you are probably wondering…

  • Avoid the plateau – Our bodies are super efficient – ¬†WE ARE STRONGER THAN WE THINK WE ARE! ¬†Once our bodies ¬†get use to a certain¬†workout, they don’t require the same amount of energy (calories or strength) to get it done.
  • Prevent injury – If we do the same workouts all of the time, we run a¬†significantly¬†greater risk of chronic injuries (shin splints, etc.) ¬†Changing it up makes us work a variety of muscles and develop balanced¬†strength¬†and¬†endurance.
  • Stay interested – New workouts keep us engaged in exercise.¬†¬†High mental and emotional engagement makes us more energized meaning we work harder and reach greater fitness levels.


Burn up to 1,000 calories in 1 hour of Title Boxing!

  1. Do 3 DIFFERENT types of cardio exercises every week¬†– At a minimum, its most important to ensure that you get 3-30 minute cardio workouts in each week. ¬†However, you can maximize results by doing a variety of cardio workouts. ¬†For example: Monday – Treadmill, Wednesday –¬† Elliptical, Friday – Boxing class. ¬†
  2. Add Intervals¬†– Intervals in terms of speed and incline/resistance are a great way to keep your body in the “cardio zone” and make sure you don’t get complacent. ¬†For example: when on the elliptical, ride at level 5 resistance for 3 min then level 10 resistance for 1 min, continue alternating for 30 min to 1 hr.
  3. Power walk instead of running/jogging РPower walking is not as natural of a movement as jogging/running which means you have to engage more muscles.  This is a great way to shock your body and even burn more calories Рadd light hand weights for an extra burn!

    TRX Suspension Resistance Training
  4. Switch up your resistance regimen – Instead of your¬†usual back/biceps and chest/triceps workouts that you have been doing for years, change it up! ¬†Try the new TRX suspension training¬†or an¬†endurance body weight routine (like several posted on this site). ¬†Remember, if you do what you always done, you’ll get what you always got!
  5. Get moving with a group РWorking out with a group makes you push harder and leverage the energy of those around you.  I encourage you to try some of my favorite group exercise classes: Title Boxing Club, Boot Camps (any one), Bar Method, Cycle classes and TurboKick.
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Tone Up Challenge Week 1 Report: Jan’s gettin’ in the groove

So, you guys remember my friend Jan from our¬†4-week Tone Up Challenge¬† – well she has officially completed her 1st week and is kicking butt and taking names. ¬†Here is an update on her “toning up” progress.


Jan gettin’ ready for her SPIN class this morning!

“So good 1st week! ¬†I changed up the days a little bit because I was sick, so did your #1 and #2 workouts and will do #3 on Tuesday, so I’m a little off. ¬†Felt really good doing a 5 day workout this week, but knees are swollen. So, ¬†I took Sunday off but went to Spin class this morning and feel really good about it. ¬†The #1 workout was good, did the AB portion twice (the 2nd 1/2). ¬†The standing up stuff didn’t work me out as much as I liked. ¬†The workout #2 was good, a little tough on my knees with the 1st 1/2 squatting etc, but still good to tone up my legs. ¬†I already am feeling good results, bc my body changes pretty quickly so LOVING IT!”

– Jan ūüôā


  • Don’t get complacent. ¬†Jan did a great job on getting in 5 workouts in 1 week. ¬†Often when have a successful exercise week, we get¬†complacent¬†and think we deserve a “break.” ¬†This is also the case we we lose the 1st 5 pounds…we get¬†excited¬†and gain ’em back the next week. ¬†While you should feel good about yourself and¬†proud¬†of your¬†accomplishment, make sure to keep up the hard work. ¬†This week, I’m¬†continuing¬†to push Jan to get her 5 workouts in!
  • Jan’s doing a good job of listening to her body to prevent over training; however, she is still pushing herself and ensuring that she gets ALL of her workouts in. ¬†It can be hard to balance the two, but she’s doing a great job!
  • Don’t forget your diet. ¬†This week, I challenged Jan to focus more on her 3 diet change ups: 1)¬†protein¬†at breakfast 2) healthy afternoon snack 3) and no eating after 9pm. ¬†She did pretty well the first week but there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

Stay tuned for Jan’s Week 2 update next Monday, WISH HER LUCK – Go Jan!

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