Spring into Shape – Top 5 Super Sweaty YouTube Workouts

spring into shape

Now that Spring is upon us, I bet you’re super eager to rock your sundresses.   I am.  Fortunately, this weekend marks my official return to teaching Turbo Kick classes since my surgery in January. I’m excited and super nervous all at the same time.  Wish me luck!  While I’m huge advocate for group fitness (i.e. TurboKick, CrossFit, Yoga, Barre, etc.), I appreciate that sometimes we simply can’t make it to the gym.  On these days having a nice repository of fun, effective and free workout videos is key!  Here are my 5 favorite super sweaty YouTube workout videos that will have you drenched in sweat and feeling slim and sexy for your patio brunch.

For best results, do the following 7 day plan = 1 video per day for 3 consecutive days + 1 day of Yoga +  1 video per day for 2 consecutive + 1 day of weight training

  1. HIIT Cardio: 10 Minutes by MomsIntoFintess 

2. 15 Minute Cardio by Yours Truly

 3. 15 Minute Insanity Cardio Workout Exercises by HASFit 

 4.  Burn fat, Burn calories, Aerobic, Full Length Workout Video by Jessica Smith

5. Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Video by FitnessBlender

What’s your favorite YouTube workout?  Let me know!

Get ready to rock your sundress! xoxo, Brit

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