Studio Review: American Power Yoga (APY) – Power Yoga for “Spiritual Gangstas”

Brit sneaking a pic before class ūüôā
  • Name:¬†American Power Yoga (APY)
  • Duration: 1 class = 1 hour
  • Calories Burned:¬†150-350
  • Focus:¬†Flexibility, mind/body connectivity
  • Location:¬†¬†Local power yoga studio in your community;¬†Dallas APY Studio – 5400 E Mockingbird Lane
    Dallas, Texas 75206; APY DVDs for sale online here!
  • What is power yoga? This yoga method includes Kung Fu, Tai Chi and athletic movements to really challenge your body and mind. ¬†The studio is warm (about 85 degrees) so that your muscles have the heat necessary to quickly get deep into the poses. ¬†Throughout the class you flow continuously through various yoga poses and exercises.
  • Commentary:¬†If you are like me and have an attention span of about 30 seconds, the thought getting through a Bikram yoga class is as appealing as watching paint dry. ¬†Late last year I got a Groupon for APY, so I checked it out and have been going at least 2X per week ever since. ¬†I like power yoga because it’s like “yoga for athletes” – the warm room and challenging moves give me a good sweat. ¬†APY is definitely a “GRIT Worthy” workout!
  • The Facts: A person’s level of physical fitness is determined by 3 key factors: 1) Muscular Strength 2) Cardiovascular Endurance 3) Flexibility. ¬†You need to have an adequate level of each in order to be “fit.”¬† Yoga is great way to ensure that you spend time focusing your flexibility. ¬†However, according to my standards, yoga DOES NOT count as one of your cardio or strength workouts – you still need to get these in separately!

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