New Year Kick-Start Challenge Complete!

Today marks the official conclusion of our 3-week New Year Kick-Start Challenge.  Candace has been our #GRIT GIRL to lead the way on the plan.  You can see her progress by reading the weekly updates that she shared along the way:  Week 1 Update, Week 2 Update.

Huge thanks to Candace for being such a good role model – her  hard work, good choices and smart decisions have been an inspiration to us all.  Way to “kick-start” 2013 with good health and happiness!

Candace’s Week 3 (and final) Update

“Week 3 went well, I’ve lost a total of 5 lbs during the challenge. I’m well on my way to my 12 pound weight loss goal!  I definitely liked the plan and I’m going to keep it up until I reach my goal. I really enjoyed the various cardio options and the tips you provided along the way were great motivation. Thanks Brit!”

– Candace

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