Love Your Body Day #4: Shake what your mama gave ya!

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Life is hard…and serious…often more serious than it should be.  Personally, I struggle with taking myself too seriously and causing unnecessary stress on my body.    Exercise is a good stress reliever for me, but sometimes I even get stressed over workouts (what gives?).   However, one activity that NEVER stresses me out is dancing.  I think it’s impossible to be irritated while bustin’ a move 😉

That said, today I’m encouraging you to take some time to free yourself, pump up the music and shake your groove thing.  Not only is a good ole’ dance session liberating,  it’s also good for your BODY.

“Studies show that dance can help you lose weight, stay flexible, reduce stress, make friends, and more.” 

Here’s my Top 5 Health Reasons to Hit the Dance Floor!

  1.  Stress Relief – Grabbing a partner, pumpin’ up the music and hittin’ the dance floor has shown to reduce stress according to a study by Journal of Applied Gerontology.
  2. Lift Your Spirits – People who participate in group dance activities suffer less from depression and have a more optimistic view on life!  Even if you’re “dancin’ by yourself” you can still benefit from a mood boost.
  3. Have Beauty & BRAINS – A study by The New England Journal of Medicine, shows that dancing may boost your memory and prevent you from developing dementia as you get older.
  4. Blast Calories – Because dancing is a form of aerobic exercise, it raises your heart rate and ultimately burns lots of calories!  Here’s to shakin’ away some excess pounds!
  5. Bring Sexy Back – If you’re like me, you don’t actually like to dance in front of people – I usually feel  really self-conscious.  However, the more I do it, the more comfortable I feel.  By getting out of my comfort zone I’ve released a who new level of self-confidence and sexiness 😉

(below – me & my childhood friend Brett, 2 steppin’ & twirlin’ back in Texas)


Love your body today by blastin’ the music and lettin’ loose – free yourself! #GRIT

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