Fitness Fashion Friday #10: Elegant Athleta Energy

Image: Kelly Green Infinity Scarf (Nordstrom), Black cross back tank (Athleta), Black leggings (TJ Maxx)

Happy Fitness Fashion Friday.  Coming to you today in a simple black ensemble.  I added my kelly green scarf and fuchsia Nars lipstick for little pops of color.  I like this outfit so much I don’t wanna get sweaty in it, hehe.  Maybe I’ll wear it to dinner instead of to the gym.  What do you think?  

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  1. Possibly a total TMI question but I must ask- what sports bra do you recommend with strappy.backless shirts like this? I always want to rock them but can’t figure out the layering properly (or find a strapless sports bra that will support a full chest!)

    1. great question! so honestly, I usually wear a regular racer back sports bra under this top. If I wear a neon color, you can still see the cool stripy back. Although, it’s much cuter with the backless look 🙁 Long story short – someone needs to create a supportive strapless or thin strap sports bra.

  2. Brittani, I love following your blog, it’s really great information and I was wondering if you do any personal training?

    FYI – I love beyond pedaling! I could never make your class because they’re so early. I’ll keep an eye out if you ever switch class times.

    1. Hi Whitney! Thanks so much! Yes, I do personal training – email me to [email protected] for details. Hope to see you at my new fitness studio opening in January 2015 –