30/60/90 Fitness Class Review

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(above – action shots from my 1st 30/60/90 class)306090logo

Last week I checked out a 30/60/90 group fitness class with #rock star instructor,  Zack Schares (follow him @zaxfit).   I’ve always been a little skeptical of this group fitness format because it seemed very “boot camp” style and I’m not a fan of such.  I prefer choreographed workouts.  Workouts I can jam to. Way more fun.  Obvi.

HOWEVER, my 30/60/90 class was a very pleasant surprise that left me profusely perspiring and pleased indeed 🙂

Here’s the scoop…

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Locations: 24 Hour Fitness and Equinox clubs in New York City; Click here for a full schedule of classes
  • Calories Burned: ~450-600
  • Style: Cardio intervals, plyometrics on a step, and resistance training using hands weights
  • Vibe: Depends on the instructor, but booty bumpin’ music is key – the workout can be done to the beat of the music and is MUCH better when done so!

5 reasons to check it out…

  1. Let’s HIIT it!  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the foundation of this fitness format.  I’m still not really sure why the class is called “30/60/90″…we did some drills for 15 seconds and 45 seconds so I didn’t make the connection.  BUT the point is that you do some high intensity intervals and intermix them with lower intensity resistance training.  You guys know I’m a HUGE fan of HIIT training, the most efficient and effective way to work out, hands down.
  2. 90’s step aerobics anyone?  Be ready for some old school step aerobics moves.  The workout has a sneaky way of building them in, which I actually found to be really fun!  These moves are mostly during the cardio intervals and go well with the music.  It’s nice because you can jam while you step and sweat.
  3. Hard “CORE”  There’s a lot of plank holds, side planks, and squat thrusts (aka burpees) which really work your abs and lower back.  A strong core is critical for balancing, good posture and sexy abs.  I was really happy with the movement for my middle!
  4. Sculpt. Super. Sexy. Muscles.  During the workout we used moderately heavy hand weights to tone our arms.  My shoulders are my favorite body part,  so the narcissist in me enjoyed watching myself in the mirror, pumpin’  iron in my new racer back tank – holla 😉
  5. *Pump up the Jamz* My instructor, Zack, blasted the beats (which seemed to be the norm).  It was easy for me to get lost in the music during the really challenging cardio intervals.  Music makes me move and this class had some juicy jamz!

(below – #SELFIE before and after class; I clearly got a good sweat)

GRIT by Brit at 306090 NYC


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SoulScoop: Official New York SoulCycle Instructor Ranking

Soulcycle logo



I introduced my bestie,  Jazzmin, to SoulCycle about 2 months ago and since then she has officially joined the cult.  She’s not a casual cult member by the way,  shes’ a freakin’  fanatic – I’m talking multiple classes per day sometimes – no joke!

That said, Jazz has taken classes with almost every single instructor across all of the New York studios.  Today she is gracing us with some #realtalk and providing the inside scoop on the best instructors.  You guys know we always keep it extra real on GRIT by Brit…enjoy 🙂

jazzmin lamas

Guest post by Jazmin (AKA Jaz on Jane)  Harvard MBA, NYC Finance Professional, SoulCycle cult member

And here’s the official ranking…

  1. Stacey Griffith: If anyone can get Kelly Ripa bobbing to Khia’s My Neck, My Back (lick it), it’s Stacey.  There is a reason she has a cult following, and the reason is that she’s amazing. She plays Jay-Z, Fleetwood Mac, MIA, Kanya, Nine Inch Nails, and the most incredible mash-ups you could ever imagine (99 Problems/99 Big Red Balloons). She varies the workout just enough (alternates between top of the hill and low resistance intervals) that you sweat your a** off without feeling completely lost.  She’s inspiring. She’s challenging. She’s zen. She’s crunk. She is everything you could want in an instructor and I am clearly obsessed with her.
  2. Nick Oram: Nick is hot. So is his class (literally, you can see the steam on the mirrors).  His class is always a challenge, and there are a few songs that he plays more often than not (Daylight, Summertime Sadness, Everything) which, if you like his taste in music, makes it really fun.  Everyone is on the same page, and bobbing in the same direction.   There is admittedly little to his choreography (lots of around the world), but for me it’s just enough.  
  3.  Charlee (aka Christine Atkins)Charlee is also hot.  She has an amazing body, raspy voice, and dirty mouth.  She reminds me of the girl with the dragon tattoo, minus all the scary piercings.  Her playlist is dark and dramatic (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Eminem, insane instrumentals) and the beats have a way of pushing you through her grueling workout.  I love the way she goes heavy on the tap-back push ups so they are right on beat.  Charlee likes to say at the beginning of each class that the “ride is only as hard as you want to make it,”  but I think it’s pretty challenging no matter what.
  4.  Parker Radcliffe: Parker reminds me of Kurt from Glee.  He is upbeat and endearing and does cute dances in the mirror.  His classes are somewhat inconsistent, however.  Sometimes they are challenging and the music is killer and sometimes it’s less demanding and heavy on the house/techno, which I’m personally just not that into. 
  5.  Emma Zaks: I heard that in LA they have 90’s themed rides.  Emma is like a Z100 DJ circa 1996 (think Four Non Blondes, Collective Soul, Whitney Houston).  The workout was also challenging, heavy on the resistance and the arms section was really long.  I like how invested she is in our getting a good workout – telling the class where and when to squeeze and reminding us not to ruin it all when we got home by pigging out (“just eat lots of protein”).  I can see how her class might appeal more to women, but as a female 80s baby I dug it.
  6.  Rique Uresti: Four words: TOP OF THE HILL. That is pretty much where you will spend the entire class. Everybody knows Rique is one of the most challenging instructors, and I think that’s one of the reasons he has such a big following.  Rique reminded us that “a tight bike equals a tight body,”  and besides the Canadian sounding “ayes” that followed a few too many sentences, I LOVED his attitude.  “Keep up that resistance, and soon enough you’ll be sleeping with cuter people.”  Sign me up!  The only thing I wasn’t into was Rique’s music. I like songs with words, and his playlist was lacking. I’ll give him another chance, but for that reason he’s not my personal fave. 
  7.  Jolie Walsh: One of my friends who is a Nick/Rique devotee recommended I check out Jolie. Jolie was super cute, the kind of person you want to go out dancing with after class (she kept saying things like, “pretend you are at a club” or “I can’t wait for spring break”! The class was really upbeat and she counts in Spanglish so you feel really inspired to get bikini ready for that beach vacation. 
  8.  Sydney Miller: Sydney took my soul cycle virginity. The first class was high energy (two of her best friends were in the class and it also happened to be both of their birthdays) and it just what I needed to get hooked.  Sydney is great for first timers, very explicit in her instructions but also willing to critique.  In one class she repeatedly reminded me to keep my knees in (both on and off mic).  Though I was a teeny bit embarrassed, it was a much-needed and appreciated cycling form correction.  
  9. Danny Kopel: Danny is another SoulCycle favorite who isn’t 100% for me. The two times I took his class, I didn’t find it challenging enough.  I also thought the music was mixed (although in the second class he played 3 Michael Jackson songs, which was fun).  He is entertaining and fabulous, but I enjoy more of a challenge. 
  10.  Jeremy Whistine: I was really excited to take Jeremy’s class because I always hear the music before going into Nick’s 5:30 and its great.  Apparently Jeremy’s Friday evening class is his most popular, but the class I went to wasn’t very full.  That makes it more challenging for the instructor to get the energy up, but it’s still no excuse.  His music was great, but the class wasn’t challenging at all.  For the first time when I got off the bike I went to the front and asked to get into the next class, which ended up being my first experience with Charlee and my first back to back.  If you are going to go with Jeremy, I would say try to Friday night class where there is  presumably more energy. 
  11.  Madison Lari: I haven’t taken a Madison class in a while, but in general I would say that she provides a solid workout to a solid soundtrack.  In the middle of one class, at the top of the hill she proclaimed “ugh I was in such a bad mood before this class, but not any more”.  She just reminded me what an amazing distraction SoulCycle is to an otherwise hectic/stressful/burdensome life of a New Yorker.
  12. Melanie Griffith: When I took Melanie’s class, it was the first time I experienced an instructor who was off the bike the entire class (Stacey and Rique are never on the bike).  As a beginner, I thought this was kind of weird and that I didn’t get the full Melanie experience.  What I did learn from Stacey and Rique is that even if the instructor is off-bike, they can still be engaging and easy to follow.  I found Melanie to be insightful and enjoyable, but I didn’t leave her class dying to schlep uptown just to see her. 
  13.  Bea Del Rosario:  I took my first SoulSurvivor (60 minute class) with Bea when I was visiting my parents near Roslyn.  The feel of the whole place was different, it was also Super Bowl Sunday at 5pm – so most normal people were at home prepping for Beyonce.  On a positive note, Bea played mostly pop (she also can’t get enough of Rhianna’s Diamonds) and was good at helping people find the beat.  Unfortunately, many of her transitions were off and we would end up having to stop randomly mid-count.  There were also a few straight “recovery”, but I didn’t feel like there was anything to recover from.  Going in I was concerned about taking a 60-minute class, but unfortunately Bea just didn’t push it enough.
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Gettin’ that Pure Barre “Ledge” – Studio Review Pure Barre Dallas, TX

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“Tuck up, up, hold…up, up, tighter freeze…”

I recently bought a holiday pass to Pure Barre, $50 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes.  I hadn’t tried the format before but have heard good things about it, so decided to give it the “GRIT by Brit” review.  Today I finished my 5th class and now I have a decent handle on what this “barre workout” stuff is all about…

The first class was alright…I left feeling like I got a decent workout but nothing spectacular.  However, the second time I went to class, my booty was on fire!  Good technique is key to feeling the burn. To get the most out of this workout,  you must have proper form and do the exercises correctly.  The barre method is based on isometric training, which basically means that you contract your muscles and make sharp tiny movements to strengthen and tighten them.  Isometric training is an effective form of resistance exercise but still requires you to do cardiovascular workouts. This means that doing barre method workouts alone, will NOT suffice for your recommended amount of exercise.

Workout Summarypicstitch (9)

  • Duration: 55 minutes
  • Vibe: The workout is set to music (mostly top 40) and all of the exercises go with the beat of the track.  I like that I can get “lost” in the music when the burn is really gettin’ going.
  • Instructors: Really nice and inviting.  They walk around the room to adjust your form and ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout.
  • Format:  You start by doing a total body warm up routine, then move on to working each of the target muscle groups: arms, thighs, seat, abs, lower back.  You spend about 10 minutes on each muscle group.
  • Equipment: You use a variety of “toys” like light dumbbells for arm work, resistance tubes for thigh work and a small bouncy ball to hold between your thighs and SQUEEZE

Pure Barre IS for you if:

  • You are already pretty lean and just want to tone up
  • You work out consistently and are looking for a new form of resistance training to challenge your muscles
  • You’re already a fan of barre workouts but are looking for a class with hip music and a young vibe
  • You like dance and ballet

Pure Barre IS NOT for you if:

  • You are trying to lose a lot of weight.  Assuming that you do not plan to workout for 2 hours per day, you’d be better off spending your 55 minutes doing a workout that makes you sweat and gets your heart rate elevated. (Also everyone in the class was pretty lean..just keepin’ it 100%)
  • You only like athletic workouts.  Pure Barre has more of a finesse to it which may seem prissy.  However, I consider myself an “athletic” type and I really liked it, so the jury is still out…

P.S.  The “Pure Barre Ledge” is the little crease that connects the top of your thigh and the bottom of your seat 😉

Are you a Pure Barre fan?  Let me know!


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You should know by now that I’m a sucker for being INSPIRED.  Anytime I discover a new fitness format or fitness leader who makes me want to work harder, be healthier or simply have more fun, I’m eager to share ASAP.  Well this is certainly the case with Sadie Kurzban (@SadieKurzban) – a girl after my own heart.  Just graduating from Brown University, she took the plunge and started her own fitness company in NYC – 305 Fitness.  This girl has some serious passion, drive and focus.  At the ripe age of 23 she is doing it BIG!  When I was 23…hmmm, let’s not go there 😉

Sadie strives to bring some “Miami Heat” to NYC through her hot, sweaty, sexy 305 fitness workout.  She invited me to attend a class last week, so I wanted to share my experience first hand.

 (above) Sadie on the right & @DJBourgeois strikin’ a pose after our sweaty workout

So let me start off by saying that I’m NOT a great dancer.  My little sister is essentially a professional dancer and always teases me about how “stiff” I am.  Going into the 305ftiness workout I was a little self-conscious, not gonna lie.  Fortunately most of the people in the class were girls around my age and all very cool and friendly.  I was able to loosen up pretty quickly because everyone else was so easy going and Sadie did great job of setting a fun and welcoming atmosphere.  Also, the dim lighting and glow sticks let me “escape” to a “Miami” dance club where I had a free reign to bust a move 😉

Here are my hot facts about 305fitness…

  • Duration: about 1 hour
  • Format: Cardio dance workout – Hip Hop, Latin dance & little kick boxing, no resistance training
  • Intensity: Moderate – High; you can control how hard you push but def expect to sweat a lot!
  • Cool Stuff: Dark room with disco ball, glow sticks and live DJ on the 1’s and 2’s – yeah buddy!
  • Venue: Various dance studios and venues around NYC – totally a “pop up” fitness class
  • Price: High – you have to pay $20-30 per class. There’s a Living Social deal running to buy a package of classes.  305 was also featured in Daily Candy so keep your eyes peeled for more deals!
  • Website: http://www.305fitness.com/

Overall, I had a great workout, great time and met some great people.  I highly recommend checking out a class if you’re in NYC and wanna get your sexy, sweaty swag on!

(above) Me at my first 305fitness class – it was a blast!

Get to know Sadie!

305 fitness founder and your workout leader

What does GRIT mean to you?

For me, GRIT is all about the fiery commitment towards becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. It’s not about being better than the person next to you on the treadmill or on the sidewalk. GRIT is about pushing your own limits to become the very best you.

What made you pursue a career in fitness?

The best part about my job is that I get to help others reach their goals. I’ve always been fascinated by the magic in connecting with others and coaching them through a challenge. If I weren’t doing this, I think I would be a middle school teacher – it’s such an awkward age and those kids are like play-dough: dying for someone to come in and leave a big impression.

When someone tells me that she lost 40 pounds and kept it off or another person tells me my classes were the only thing that helped them get through a painful breakup, I feel like I’m living my life’s purpose. Being able to stay in shape is an added bonus to my job but what I love most about my work is helping others.

What song always gets you going?

“Heart of a Lion” by Kid Cudi

What exercise makes you feel sexiest and why?

Pushups. I know that sounds ridiculous. But there is something so sexy about a woman doing military style push-ups.

What do you say to motivated when you’re completely exhausted?

I don’t let the debate start because once I do, I know which voice in my head will win (the lazy one!). There are so many reasons to not work out or to not eat right. I try not to give myself a choice by planning ahead. Before going to bed, I lay my sneakers and gym clothes right next to my bed so I don’t give myself an opportunity to have an inner debate. Like Nike says, “Just do it.” Once I go to the gym, I always end up feeling better and it usually gives me a second wind of energy.

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SoulCycle: Join the cult…or maybe not?

(above) Me and my girl @marissagibbons after a ‘Sick Sunday Soul Sweat’

This past Sunday I tried out  SoulCycle  at NYC – Tribeca.  The NYC studios held  a special “Soul Service” contributing all proceeds to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  A good sweat and a good deed made an attractive combo for Sunday Fun-day. I’m gonna get straight to the point and give you guys the “hot facts” about the “Soul Movement”…

What’s all the hype about?

  • All the COOL KIDS are doing it – Move over CrossFit!  SoulCycle is the hottest AND most expensive fitness class on the street right now!   Studios are only in New York and LA and the Soul Movement is so strong that Soul Cycle was recently acquired by Equinox.  Several “A” list celebrities have joined the “cult” including but not limited to Lady Gaga and Kelly Rippa.  Being a part of the Soul Cycle cult is definitely a status symbol in NYC and LA.
  • Spin Class + FULL BODY workout – About 30 minutes into the ride, we used light hand weights conveniently placed under our saddles and started a hardcore upper body toning circuit.  SHOULDERS ON FIRE!  Also throughout the class, the instructor led several moves to engage our core. 

Why is it so expensive?

Not just expensive, but REALLY expensive!  The classes are $32 per 45 minute session making them the most expensive group fitness classes in the United States!  Here a few reason I can justify the price (in moderation):

  • Immaculate facility – Awesome brand with the SOUL CYCLE theme AND motivations slogans consistently portrayed.
  • Unique culture and fitness experience – The bikes are really close to each other and the room is pitch black lit only by candle light.  They keep the music thumpin’ so you can truly “escape” during your workout.
  • Boring instructors are NONEXISTENT – All of the instructors are highly energetic and bring a personal enthusiasm that isn’t annoying.  Very motivating leadership.
  • Supper friendly and knowledgeable staff – The front desk staff was super helpful especially since it was my first time.  They got me a pair of spinning sneakers, set up my bike and walked me around the facility


  • INSANE ENERGY!  Many of the instructors have backgrounds in acting and music so they know how to pump up a crowd and stay on beat with the music – so necessary.
  • COMMUNITY VIBE.  During the class all students moved side to side and up in down in the same direction so we look like a synchronized music video – I loved it!    Even better, I got a sweet welcome tweet before the class.  I can appreciate any club that shows GRIT by Brit some love – ya heard?


  • As a single method gym, Soul Cycle could get boring over time.  However, if you’re already a regular spin class goer, this could be a suitable alternative.
  • With the steep price, you may be likely to skip classes when money is tight.  Consistent fitness habits are crucial!
  • As a certified indoor cycling instructor I noticed that the class does NOT uphold true cycle principles and form.  If you are a hardcore cycling enthusiast, this workout will seem very superficial.
  • Cycle shoes are required.  So you either have to bring your own or pay an additional $2 to rent a pair (whoa, couldn’t they include that in the $32?)

Ultimate verdict?

I had an awesome time at my Sunday Soul Session!  I could see myself attending a class here and there when I need to change it up – maybe once every other week.  I definitely think Soul Cycle is something you should test for yourself.  If you’re a group fitness junkie, like me, you could easily be tempted to join the cult.  Even if you aren’t, at least you’ll FIT IN with the “cool kids” and maybe snag a celebrity sighting 😉

(above) My boy @caseygib after our ‘Sunday Soul Session’

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PiYo STRENGTH: Pilates/Yoga Fusion Workout

Last Sunday I finished the course requirements and am now a  certified PiYo STRENGTH Instructor – woop woop!  (That’s me on the right in the back row with my hair lookin’ a mess; long day so don’t judge, hehe).  In addition to teaching my weekly Turbo Kick classes, I plan to now teach a mind/body fitness format.

PiYo is short for “Pilates Yoga.”  It’s a group fitness format available at most major health clubs, especially 24 Hour Fitness and women’s gyms. Long story short – get involved with PiYo.   Here’s why I love it:

  • I have (self diagnosed) ADD – If you also have a limited attention span, you will love PiYo because it’s fast paced.  Throughout the workout you flow swiftly through a variety of yoga poses and Pilates exercises which prevents boredom.
  • I like sweating – If I’m not drenched after a workout, I’m not convinced that the workout was productive.  Because PiYo is fast paced and the moves are challenging, you start breaking a sweat within the first 10 minutes.
  • I dislike awkward situations – PiYo has no spiritual element, it’s solely a mind/body WORK OUT.  I always feel super awkward in traditional yoga classes with serious spiritual cultures and chanting – not my thing.  PiYo has a fun group atmosphere where you can let loose and truly relax.
  • I like to JAM – PiYo is set to music, and not spiritual chanting or anything like that.  I’m talking Top 40 and R&B jamz.  Not only is the music great, but there’s also a dance element to the workout so you can shake your groove thang 😉
  • I need to be more flexible – As you can tell, most of my workouts are high intensity interval training or long cardio sessions.  However, I often skip the stretching and mind/body relaxation that my body needs.  In fact, flexibility is the most overlooked element of fitness!  PiYo lets me work on my flexibility without feeling like I’m wasting time.

And since you’ve been so kind and read to the end, I’ll reward you with some videos of PiYo in action – enjoy 🙂
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDdekLVTIpk&w=560&h=315]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHULk86G-2o&w=560&h=315]

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PSYCHO GYM – Ultimate Kettle Bell Workout

A few months ago I bought a Groupon for Psycho Gym, a popular Dallas workout spot that’s been getting a lot of buzz.  Last Saturday, I checked it out and I’ve been 3 times in the past 4 days!  Bottom line – I dig this place.

Usually, I’m really skeptical of single method gyms (ie. Pure Barre, Cross Fit, etc.) because of the high prices.  I mean what can they possibly be doing in there that’s so great, right? However, I was pleasantly surprised by Psycho Gym.  Here’s my run down:

What’s Psycho Gym?

Simply put, Psycho Gym takes you through a 1 hour workout.  The workout is   a circuit of 15 exercises that you do for 40 seconds each.  Getting through the circuit takes about 15 minutes and you repeat the circuit 3 times.  Trainers can adjust the workout however they please.  For example, so some will do longer circuits (20 exercises) but only 2 times through.

The workout utilizes a lot of cool “toys” but primarily kettle bells.  From heavy ropes, tires, weighted sleds, TRX suspension cords, resistance bands, jump ropes, cones for agility drills, and random tools invented by the gym itself, there’s a wide variety of workout equipment to keep things interesting.

Last, most of the exercises are both strength AND endurance based.  You are encouraged to challenge yourself with heavy weight BUT also to pump out as many reps as possible in the 40 second split.

Pros – What I liked

  • Every workout is different which prevents boredom
  • There is minimal rest between sets and the workouts last for a full hour -you are guaranteed a good sweat!
  • Several exercises that I would never do on my own are included, so it’s a nice change-up to ensure I work muscles that I usually skip
  • Cool, trendy atmosphere.  Gym is very clean and located in the heart of Deep Ellum which adds even more character.

Cons – What I could do without

  • The trainers aren’t very welcoming, motivating or nice – but,  maybe they aren’t supposed to be.  The gym is called “Psycho” after all…
  • Some of the exercises are overly complicated (example: Turkish Get-ups) .  I found myself spending too much time trying to understand how to do the exercise rather than actually working the target muscle. As I say, “doin’ too much” SMH

Bottom Line – Dallas folks should definitely check it out!

  • Psycho Gym is a great change-up to your RESISTANCE TRAINING regimen.  Remember, resistance training is needed at least 2x week to develop and sustain recommended fitness levels.
  • CONSISTENT CARDIO workouts are still required at least 3x week!  It’s easy to be deceived by this workout because you will sweat a lot.  However, the primary focus is resistance training, so Psycho Gym CAN NOT be swapped in place of your cardio.
  • Because the workout is intense with lots of anaerobic drills and resistance training, it really tears your muscle fibers which will make you HUNGRY and SORE.  This is okay, but be sure to closely watch your calorie intake and avoid OVER EATING.  You also need lots of lean protein (Whey protein powder is also a good option) to RECOVER after this workout.

Here are few shots of me getting my “plank rows w/burpee” on this morn at 6am

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Real talk about personal trainers…

Seek a Personal Trainer who INSPIRES you!

So, I’ve received several requests  for my thoughts on qualities you should seek in a personal trainer.  Let’s face it, PT is NOT cheap so we gotta make sure you get your money’s worth – AMEN?    I had a personal trainer for 1 year and he really helped me get back into shape after b-school.  BUT, before I found my trainer I ran into a few duds.  Here are the top 5 qualities my PT had that helped me reach my goals – hopefully these come in handy when selecting your own – enjoy 🙂



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Les Mills Body Pump Review: Pump ON = Fat OFF

  • Workout: Body Pump, Les Mills
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Calories Burned: 350-550
  • Focus: Total body muscle strengthening and toning
  • What is Body Pump?: A total body weight lifting class using a bar with weighted plates on each side.  There are about 8-10 music tracks and each one has a choreographed weight lifting routine to work a specific muscle group (i.e. legs, chest, back, biceps, triceps, etc.).  You can also buy the DVDs and equipment to do the class at home.
Brit gettin’ her “PUMP” on April 9, 2012

Commentary:  I try to go to Body Pump at least once a week and when I do, I always feel tight and toned.  The music is okay, def not amazing, but the workout is sick –  it’ll get you right.  I like this class because it’s an efficient TOTAL body strength workout. I appreciate that I don’t have go searching for a weight lifting routine for each body part, I can get it all at once – 1 hour and done.  Also, you do a ton of reps for each muscle group so bulking up is not an issue.  Instead, your muscles gain endurance and you even get a good sweat!

The Facts: Building lean muscle mass is not only great for your overall health and  fitness, it’s also a great way to speed up your metabolism aka BURN FAT!  Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the rate that your body burns calories while at rest.  RMR is directly related to your ratio of lean body mass.  This means, the more lean body mass you build, the more calories and fat you burn while at rest.  So get your PUMP ON and get the FAT OFF 🙂

Resistance training has been perhaps the most under emphasized component of the comprehensive weight loss program.  – Paula Besson MEd

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Every Damn Day…JUST DO IT!

  • Name: Nike Training Club (NTC)
  • Duration: 1 hour (if done in a group fitness class)
  • Calories Burned: 400-600
  • Focus: Total body conditioning + intensity intervals + athletic drills
  • What is NTC?: A total body athletic circuit set to music.  If you take NTC in a class, the instructors usually have pretty decent play lists going on in the background.  OR you can download NTC to your SmartPhone and sync your customized workout to your own playlist – sweet!  DOWNLOAD HERE NOW! The exercises and drills are very intense – Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Plank Rows, Split Jumps, Clap Pushups, Froggers, etc.
  • Commentary: I love this workout because it’s HARD and FUN.  As you guys know by now, any workout that makes me feel like a “real athlete” is def  “GRIT – worthy.”  To be honest, some of the drills I’d never do on my own because, let’s face it, they BURN!  But boy do they work!  When I’m on the road for work, I the use NTC iPhone app for a sick workout right in my hotel room.  It’s like having my own ePersonal Trainer.  With NTC there are NO EXCUSES – you can get high quality, free, fun workouts anytime, any day.  JUST DO IT!
  • The Facts: To truly change your body, you have to PUSH!  NTC is great for this.  Did you know that most young adults only begin receiving cardiovascular training and benefits after reaching 70% of our maximium heart rate?  To find your max heart rate take 220 – age = Max Heart Rate.  Now, multiply your max heart rate by 0.7 and that’s how many times your heart should beat in 1 minute during an effective workout!
Me and Alex (Co-founder of Sporty Afros) relaxing in the sauna after NTC on Friday, April 6, 2012
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