Babalicious Bicep Workout

Showin' of my "Babalyicous" Biceps.  Hey, no shame in my game :)
Showin’ of my “Babalyicous” Biceps. Hey, no shame in my game 🙂

What’s up GRIT GANG?!   Hope your week is off to an AWESOME start – mine certainly is.  This morning before work I did this bicep workout along with some cardio.  I figured I’d share the workout with you guys since I got some requests after posting my Triceps Workout last week.

For best results, do this workout 1-2 times per week and combine it with a tricep workout – it’s important equally work opposite muscle groups.  Use 2 medium dumbbells (about 5-10 pounds depending on your strength).  Just like the tricep workout, this routine has a LOT of reps, so you don’t have worry about bulking up.  Get ready to show off your sexy sculpted arms!  #heygurlhey

Enjoy and lots of luv, Brit

Babalicious Bicep Workout

Gym mirror #selife after finishing my Bicep workout + 20 minute jog = great combo!
Gym mirror #selfie after finishing my Bicep workout + 20 minute jog = great combo!

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  1. I’m going to try this one this week. Last week, we (my gym buddies and I) did your 2nd 5 minute abs. Holy crap. Most times we couldn’t do each exercise for the full minute without taking breaks in between reps (while swearing profusely), so we have some goals to go after!

  2. I seriously LOVE this workout so much – I’ve done it about half a dozen times now and love how it gets me so sore every time. (I’m up to 10lb dumbbells now, though for the very last lateral extension one I have to switch out to 7.5 lbs). I really love the muscle specificity of the workout rather than a combo circuit – gets me in and out while really working that muscle HARD. Do you have other super specific muscle groups, or perhaps could you do a post on a good weekly routine that keeps it really specific (e.g., biceps/triceps Monday, glutes/hamstrings Tuesday, shoulders/chest Wednesday, etc)?

    1. Hey Laura! I’m so glad you like the workout! 10 pounds is pretty fierce – way to go chica! I love the idea of a weekly routine, I’m working on it now and will post later tonight – thanks for the idea! 🙂

  3. I found your bicep workout a few days ago, and my arms are still in pain today! Great basic bicep workout!! Truly effective!

    1. Yay – so glad you enjoyed the workout. I have posted several other workouts for triceps, shoulders, chest, etc. So I hope you can check out some more – Happy New Year! contact me anytime [email protected]