Who’s that bada** Under Armour chick?

Meet my friend and honorary GRIT Girl,

Natalie Uhling


I met Natalie about 1 year ago when I was staffed on an 18 month assignment in NYC.  I started going to her Turbo Kick classes just after falling in love with the format and becoming a certified instructor myself.   After taking just one of her classes, I was HOOKED!  She has energy that is absolutely unreal  and she always looks so good while working out – damn girl!  I always try to match her  enthusiasm and passion when teaching my own Turbo Kick classes in Dallas.

(below) Me and Natalie goofing around after Turbo Kick last Saturday 

Not only is she an awesome fitness instructor, she’s also the fresh, fierce face of Under Armour Women!  Natalie proves that GRIT is BEAUTIFUL.  She inspires me – so today, Natalie is officially an honorary GRIT Girl!

If you live in NYC, you should def check out one of her classes.  Natalie teaches Turbo Kick at 24 Hour Fitness – Midtown and Megaformer Pilates at SLT.   All of her classes exude energy, are tons of fun and SUPER challenging.  CLICK HERE to see her weekly schedule.  You’ll also appreciate Natalie’s authenticity and genuine spirit.  Not only that, but she works her BUTT off in EVERY class.  I’m talkin’ sweat puddles on the floor – this girl is not messin’ around!

So now I’m sure you guys are asking the same questions I was about this  super fit model chick.  Here are Natalie’s answers to some of those questions:

What are your top 5 tricks to looking good while working out?

  1. Wear your hair in a high messy ponytail.
  2. Accessories with an Under Armour headband.
  3. Wear great leggings!
  4. Make sure your sneakers are colorful.
  5. Wear a neon colored sports bra … it makes you feel full of energy!

Describe your diet? Any tips you want to share?

I am a Pescetarian. Basically what that means is I am a vegetarian that also eats fish. As far as diet goes … try to eat as clean as you can! Eat for your body and most importantly listen to your body’s needs.

What you do recommend as the right mix of weekly cardio and resistance training/toning workouts?

I honestly don’t think there is a magic number or workout formula, everyone is different. It is important to listen to your body and do what you are craving. The more you are in touch with your body the better you will feel.

What song always get you going?

Right now it has to be “Clique” – Kanye West, Jay- Z & Big Sean!

What exercise makes you feel strongest and why?

Turbo Kick! It makes me feel like a bada** every time I teach because it is super intense! I am all about INTENSITY!

What do you tell yourself to stay motivated when your completely exhausted?

I think about all my students who have been waiting all day to come take class! It gets me excited and motivates me every time. My students are my motivation.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to work out?

Start slow and gradually build up! The last thing you want is to get hurt. Also, find a workout that inspires you and gets you excited about exercise.

What does GRIT mean to you?

GRIT is about inspiring others to lead a healthy and positive life.  GRIT gives you tools that will help you be successful in your everyday life.

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