A Goal Without a Plan Is Simply a Wish

Image: Me in 2009 at 178 pounds vs. in 2014 at 155 pounds #progress #actionplan

Happy Transformation Tuesday!  I’m keeping today’s post short and sweet…

3 years and minus ~25 pounds…the only thing consistent is my dress (thanks to my tailor).  Once I got serious about taking control of my weight, and my life, I wrote down an exercise action plan and stuck to it for 8 weeks.  I worked out with a personal trainer every Friday morning, did 30 minutes on the elliptical every Monday and Wednesday and lifted weights every Tuesday.  Over time, I increased the intensity of my workouts and started eating less simple sugar.  The key to my weight loss success was writing down a weekly action plan that consisted of small tangible, realistic goals.  My success is NOT due to following a hardcore diet plan, starving myself or sticking to an insane workout routine.  Little by little my weekly actions became habits which lead to a healthier lifestyle.  If you’re just getting started on your fitness or weight loss journey, I highly encourage you to write down your action plan!  How will you achieve your goals?

A Goal Without a Plan Is Simply a Wish

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  1. Beautiful! Love it! So many people are looking for a quick fix for fitness and weight loss and there are plenty of companies willing to sell the some snake oil, promising that they’ll lose a ton of weight in 30 days. Luckily there are inspiring ladies like you out there who are honest about what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle and who will help inspire you to live that lifestyle!

  2. It’s funny, I just wrote about this very thing. The only thing that will ever cause weight loss is dedication, determination and willpower. It’s work, plain and simple and it does take a plan. You’re living proof that hard work and discipline make all the difference!

  3. You’re such an inspiration. I hope I manage to get to Texas just to meet you. Your work didn’t just transform you, but every single person you have reached out to.

  4. Thank you so much Allison – your kind words mean more than you know! Have an awesome day! xoxo, Brit