Tread & Train: 45 Minute Treadmill + Resistance Training Workout

Hey guys!  Happy Workout Wednesday.  So lately I’ve been teaching a new group fitness format called Tread & Train and I love it!  Here’s the workout the that I led yesterday for the employees at Fossil Corporate HQ here in Dallas.  The total workout is only 45 minutes and it’s INTENSE!

So the way it works is that you do a set of speed intervals on the treadmill followed by an upper body resistance training circuit off of the treadmill.  Then, get back on the treadmill and do a set of incline intervals followed by a final set of lower body resistance training off of the treadmill.

This is a wonderful, efficient way burn off extra calories from your holiday parties.  It’s a also a nice way to shock your body because of the cross training and interval work.  Be sure to wear a pair of high quality running shoes to protect your knees during the run.  Also, you will need a pair of medium (5-10 pound) dumbbells to complete the resistance training parts of the workout.

If you have any questions, just post a comment below or shoot me an email to [email protected].  Okay, I’m off to spin class – ttyl! xoxo, Brit

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  1. Love this! The treadmill workout reminds me of some treadmill workouts that we had to do in the dead of winter up at Cornell. I love the idea of supersetting that with upper body resistance training. Will try it out this weekend!

    1. I KNOW RIGHT! Awesome Blair, great to hear from you and let me know how you like the workout!

      Best, Brit

  2. I love those types of workouts! Tread Fitness in Dallas is one of my favorite workouts anywhere, and lately I’m trying out Orange Theory as a potential Colorado substitute.

    1. Hey! yeah we say your “base pace” which is around 50-60% of your max speed – so moderate run / little fast than a jog – enjoy 🙂