Indoor Body Sculpting – My Favorite Winter Workout

Now that the hype of the holidays has died down, I hope you’re ready to gear up for happier healthier 2015! To help you shake up your gym routine, I want to share my all-time favorite Winter Workout. I LOVE heading to my local gym, plugging in my headphones and moving through these body-sculpting exercises.

There are 3 key reasons I love to the do this workout in the winter as opposed to warmer seasons:

  1. Build Lean Muscle Mass – It’s critical to strength train in the winter. Lean muscle mass increases the metabolism to maintain a healthy body temperature and help prevent winter weight gain.
  2. Show off my workout clothes – Since the workout requires a wide variety of equipment, it needs to be done at a gym. If your gym is anything like mine, it can be a bit of a fashion show. I once got annoyed by the “see and be seen” vibe, but now I don’t mind because I rock my super cute activewear from Target® C9. Better yet, I don’t have to go broke to look fierce and fabulous!
  3. No worries about bad weather – Snowstorm? No problem! This workout should be completed indoors since it has several stabilizing exercises.

I designed this workout to sculpt the entire body, so it consists of 9 sets of exercises (3 Core, 3 Lower Body, 3 Upper Body).

Complete each exercise in a set for 1 minute and then repeat. This means each set of exercises takes 4 minutes. With transition time and a little rest, the entire Body Sculpting workout takes 45 minutes. When done correctly, your entire body will feel tight, toned and very sore the next day – trust me! If you have any questions, post a comment below.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9 all opinions are my own.
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How To Stay Active In Cold Weather

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  I’m headed back to Dallas today after spending a fun-filled weekend in Tampa, FL with my family.  The weather was amazing and we spent lots of time by the bay (I’ll post pics later).  Now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m in full-on Winter planning mode.  That means stocking up on winter workout gear and planning my cold weather workouts.  Here are 5 tips that help me stay active and fit despite the cold:

1. Out with the old and in with the new – I tend to save my hardcore house cleaning for springtime, but lately I appreciate late Fall/early Winter cleaning. It’s like I’m clearing out my old stuff to start the New Year fresh! It also keeps me active and prevents me from sitting on my couch wishing for warmer weather.

2. Bundle up and head outside – Quite naturally I prefer to stay indoors during the Winter, but a three mile outdoor run can do the body lots of good. Not to mention, it’s a great opportunity soak up some Vitamin D. Target® C9 has fantastic cold gear to keep you warm during a Winter run. I’m a big fan of their neon beanies! Quick Tip: Avoid wearing cotton as it releases body heat. Go for dri-fit or wool materials instead.

3. Fire up your vinyasa flow – I LOVE hot yoga in the Winter. Flowing through a sun salutation in a warm studio is the perfect way to stay active and escape the cold.  It’s also great for joint flexibility and mental clarity.

4. Get creative in the kitchen – Instead of going out to eat, research some cool recipes and cook up a creative dish! We burn at least 3 times as many calories preparing a home-cooked meal versus going out to eat.

5. Tune in to YouTube – YouTube is a fantastic source of fun, free fierce workout videos. I have several on my channel, as do many of my fitness blogger friends. If you’re not willing to brave the cold, stay active indoors by knocking out a quick YouTube workout.

How do you stay active in cold weather?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9 all opinions are my own.

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Fitness Fashion Friday #1: Yellow & Camo

Image: Neon Yellow Headband, Living OneLuv; Tank, TJ Maxx (old, bought 2 years ago); Camo Leggings, Onzie (gift from my gym buddy Lew)

Happy Friday gang!  So today I’m officially starting a new GRIT by Brit Tradition: Fitness Fashion Friday!  Every Friday, I’ll post pics of my favorite activewear outfit from the week.  This week I wanna show off the outfit I wore yesterday to teach PiYo at Fossil Corporate HQ in Dallas.  All of the class members are super trendy, well-dressed Fossil employees so I had to bring my “A-game” when picking my outfit.  I think this was the perfect combo of FUN and FIERCE.  What do you think?

Neon/Black Pattern sports bra from Target C9 Activewear on clearance for $10.99 – woo hoo! #c9atTarget
Obviously I have to flex for y’all (wink wink)
SMILE - it's Friday!
SMILE – it’s Friday!
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