Neon Activewear + Cycling Playlist

Happy Monday morning to you!  I hope you had a good weekend.  I had a really busy weekend myself (more to come on that later this afternoon).  I’m actually feeling kinda tired this morning, so I’m planning to rest and recover today.

On Saturday morning I taught my usual 8AM spin class at BEYOND Pedaling.  I was super pumped because I got to rock my new Chic Bra Top from Onzie.   Not only does it have a funky neon pattern, but the back has a sexy strappy design – oh hey! I paired with with my neon Living One Luv Headband and wore my Target C9 sports bra underneath for extra support (I’m a little on the busty side).

Little #selfie before cycling class – So excited to rock out my playlist!

In addition to my fab new workout clothes, my playlist also pumped me up for an energetic class.  It’s crazy how much time I spend each week making up my playlist – like ~4 hours per class for realz.  A solid playlist is crucial for a good class.  That said, I figured some of you may be fitness instructors as well, so I’m making a personal commitment to start sharing my playlists as much as possible.  Here’s the 45-minute cycling playlist we “tapped back” to during my last cycling class…

After the ride, my class was super sweaty and had big smiles on their faces – 2 outcomes that always make me feel good as a fitness instructor.  They liked the mix of Top 40, Hip Hop and Old school on this playlist – yay!

What’s on your workout playlist?  I’m always looking for new songs.  PLEASE post a comment and let me know what you jam to.  Share the love ūüôā  I’ll catch up with you later this afternoon.  Until then, HAPPY MONDAY!  xoxo, Brit

Posing after class at BEYOND Pedaling with this fabulous crew! I love their energy!
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Fitness Studio Review: BEYOND Pedaling – Dallas, TX

 Over the Winter Break I enjoyed some time away from my full-time Management Consulting job and spent a couple of weeks at home chilling with family, shopping and visiting new fitness studios in Dallas.  While we have several fitness gems in the Big D, my favorite discovery is Beyond Pedaling Studio.

Beyond Studios - Snider Dallas, TX
Beyond Studios – Snider Dallas, TX

You guys already know that I’m an indoor cycling fan. ¬†I teach indoor cycling at 24 Hour Fitness in Dallas and enjoying reviewing the hottest cycling studios – SoulCycle, FlyWheel, Crank and The Handle Bar to name a few. ¬†Unfortunately, most of these studios are not located in Dallas (my hometown). ¬†So they are great to visit while I’m traveling, but I hate not having an indoor cycling studio to call “home.” ¬†This is no longer the case. ¬†BEYOND Pedaling has one my heart and here’s why…..

So first, the studio is located in the adorable Snider Plaza of Dallas’s upscale Highland Park neighborhood. ¬†I was expecting the BEYOND¬†staff to be a little “snooty.” ¬†But to my surprise, I received a warm welcome (by name) from these two bright shining faces – talk about “knowing your customer.”

Studio Director Kelsey (left) and Instructor Elissa (left)
Studio Director Kelsey (left) and Instructor Elissa (right)

Then I bask in the studio’s inspiring atmosphere and vibrant decor – love the bold yellow color scheme (although strikingly similar to Soul Cycle). ¬†I especially love this quote posted above the lockers – totally inspired!

Beyond Pedaling Studios - Dallas #inspired
Beyond Pedaling Studios – Dallas #inspired

There’s also local fitness apparel designers being featured each week so I can get my shopping on before or after class. ¬†Most importantly, they sell really cool headbands – YES!

Chillin' in the Beyond Studio lobby before our workout
Chillin’ in the Beyond Studio lobby before our workout

During the actual class, we rode on high-quality Keiser spin bikes that have a digital displays to track time, calories, average power and RPM (revolutions per minute). ¬†Flywheel has the awesome “Torque” board which is similar in functionality, but most of the other music-driven cycling studios don’t have these displays. ¬†I appreciate the ability to keep track of my effort and exertion.

Keiser bikes at Beyond Pedaling Studio - Dallas, TX
Keiser bikes at Beyond Pedaling Studio – Dallas, TX

Several of the instructors regularly take ¬†classes as well as instruct. ¬†This helps pump up the energy level and keep the class motivated and in sync. ¬†Also, the studio was packed! ¬†Empty fitness classes totally depress me. ¬†Fortunately¬†class attendance is nothing worry about at BEYOND¬†(especially in Elissa’s classes). ¬†Most importantly, the sound system is amazing and the music clearly blasts through the speakers. ¬†I felt the beat – the beat was good!

iPhone Pics 2014 398

The class itself is a standard, 45 minute indoor cycling ride which includes resistance and speed intervals. ¬†Like most of the newer cycling studios, there’s a ~5 minute arm circuit at the end of the ride that utilizes light dumbbells. ¬†Overall, there’s nothing revolutionary about the actual workout, but it’s a great sweat nonetheless. ¬†A little on the pricier side, $30 per class, Beyond is the most expensive cycling studio in Dallas. ¬†However, I think it’s worth the money if you’re looking for a fun, hip, music-driven cycling workout. ¬†You’re only other option is FlyWheel on Oak Lawn, but it’s a little more competitive and the music isn’t as good – definitely depends on your personal preference. ¬†At the end of the day, BEYOND gets the Grit by Brit “2 thumbs up” – hope see some of the Dallas crew in a class!

Go BEYOND!  xoxo, Brit


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Jammin’ Cardio Playlist – Wake Up and Workout!

rise and shine

I’ve been teaching spinning for 3 months now and I absolutely love it. ¬†Picking out songs and making my ride playlist is so fun – it’s always a party up in my class! ¬†I’m especially proud of the playlist I’m jammin’ to right now, so I wanted to share it with you guys. ¬†I even included some activity ideas to spice up your cardio workout. ¬†You can use this playlist and do the activities¬†on pretty much any piece of cardio equipment – doesn’t have to be a bike.

Also, I highly encourage you to get this playlist going and workout in the morning – I’m a huge fan of AM workouts. ¬†I find that they set a positive tone for my day and keep me accountable. ¬†Anything can happen in the evening (i.e. working late, feeling tired, dinner plans, etc.) so morning workouts are more certain. ¬†Also, some studies show that morning workouts are better for weight loss. ¬†They claim that working first thing in the morning, before eating breakfast, forces us to burn more fat since there is no food in our stomachs to use as fuel. ¬†Try it yourself and see what you think – enjoy your sweat session! ¬†Lots of luv, Brit

grit by brit spinning

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Aqua Studio NYC: Spinning in a swimming pool!

aqua cycling

Aqua cool does that sound?¬† I was super pumped up to hear that Aqua Studio opened earlier this month in NYC, so some friends and I checked it out.¬† It was definitely the “Most Interesting Workout” I’ve ever done.¬†¬† Long story short ‚Äď try it out to say you did it, but overall it‚Äôs not worth the money. I‚Äôm sad to confess that after my first Aqua Cycling workout, I walked right across the street to CrossFit 212 for a ‚Äúreal workout.‚Ä̬† Now let me temper my sentiments by making clear that I crave intense workouts.¬† If I‚Äôm not drenched in sweat by the end, I feel like I wasted my time.¬† If you’re like me in this regard, save your money and hit up a higher intensity class.

On a side note, word on the street is that Beyonce did Aqua Cycling to lose her baby weight.  But, let’s be real. Did you see the way she was sweating and working it out during the Super Bowl half time?  There’s NO WAY she got into that shape by casually pedaling a bicycle in a swimming pool.  I’m 100% confident that she worked her butt off to the point of complete exhaustion to get that body and those moves.  I’m just sayin…

Now that I’ve shared my colorful commentary, here’s the real deal with Aqua Cycling:

Workout Detailspicstitch(29)

  • Aqua Studio opened in NYC on April 15th – it’s located in Tribeca in a really chic, high end, boutique studio
  • 45 minute cycling workout with the bike completely submerged in water
  • No resistance on the bike, so resistance is based on how fast you pedal (the faster you pedal, the more natural resistance you feel from the water)
  • Lots of core and isometric toning exercising are incorporated throughout the workout session.¬† The moves are similar to water aerobics (i.e. arm strokes in the water, float on your back and do crunches)


Aqua Studio NYC

  • Low impact, so a good work out option if you have knee problems
  • Being in water naturally is therapeutic ūüėČ
  • Instructors are really nice (not mean or too intense)
  • Music is good.¬† We gotta a like Drake “Started from the Bottom” jamz during my class
  • Studio is impeccable, like being at¬† high end spa, really nice!
  • Nice change up to your usual workout routine


  • Very expensive ($40 for single drop in class)
  • Lacking intensity – I‚Äôd estimate you only burn 300 calories in 45 minutes
  • The class choreography could use some help.¬† Simply doing more sprints on the bike would make the the workout more effective.¬† Also, we did a body weight arm circuit above the water that was super easy…kind of felt like a waste of time.

Sorry Aqua Studio NY, had a good time, but not ‚ÄúGRITTY‚ÄĚ enough for me ūüôĀ

aquacycling in action

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Wednesday Workout: Sweat, Tone, Sweat!

Good morning everyone!¬† Here’s your Wednesday Workout.¬† I tested this bad boy on Monday night and it’s definitely GRIT by Brit worthy.¬† The workout requires a stationary bike and 2 light hand weights.¬† The key is to stay on the bike and cycle for the entire duration of the workout.¬† It takes about 1 hour to complete and you can expect to burn 500-700 calories.¬† You can also expect to sculpt some lean sexy arms in the process.¬† Try it out and let me know how it goes.¬† Lots of luv, Brit ūüôā

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NEW 4-week challenge: Chi-town shape up w/Lakshmi

I’m kicking off a new 4-week challenge with my friend, Lakshmi.¬† Ordinarily, I’d give you my usual song and dance about how we became friends, blah blah blah.¬† But I think a picture is a worth a 1,000 words when it comes to describing our friendship.¬† So get to know her, check out her diet and exercise plan (maybe even try it for yourself) and check in every week for her progress reports!

Luv, Brit

Our friendship…

Meet Lakshmi a.k.a “Lak-sheezy”

I’m a girl with good intentions, but I am easily swayed off course. I try to work out each day and am able to eat well until the mid-afternoon. Then I find temptation taking over and a handful of miniature chocolates in my hand. I’ve got some major love for starch and sugar – and I need help curbing the cravings.

My goal is to not change in the short-term, but change in the long-term. I want to fix bad habits. It would be amazing if I could drop some lbs. But mostly I just want to get tone, feel confident about my body, and feel some control in my life.

I’m a consultant with unpredictable hours and very last minute travel. I make it a priority to get to the gym. It’s not always possible, but by in large, I’m there 4 – 6 times a week. My hours are long, which makes cooking and planning meals tough.

Help me!

Exercise – I’m a class girl. Unless someone tells me what to do, I will convince myself it’s okay to stop. The meaner the teacher, the better in my world.

Also, I walk to and from work (25 minutes each way) while listening to a live stream of NPR (how yuppie is that?).

As for my diet…

Breakfast – I try to do oatmeal and coffee. Sometimes I do museli with fruit.

Lunch – Salad or sandwich and a diet soda (I know, I know). On a bad day, I add in chips. And chocolate…

Snack – This is where I falter. My company is really good about supplying snacks. No good deed goes unnoticed, so I find myself often in our snack cabinet foraging for sugar and/or salt. Lately our miniature Hershey chocolates have been by downfall.

Dinner – I like starch, especially potatoes. Today I had some leftover gnocchi. Sometimes it’s a frozen dinner. I am tired when I get home from work (usually 8 or 9), so I’m in no mood to cook for one.

Dessert – I will have a tablespoon of PB. Or chocolate covered bananas from Trader Joe’s (4 pieces)

Here are things I don’t like: Running, chicken (it’s a dirty bird), cold meat on salad (unless it’s tuna), pork, ham, lifting weights

Here are things I’m allergic to: Shellfish, walnuts

Here are things I like: Spinning, yoga, potatoes, french macarons

Also, I’m awesome at taking my vitamins everyday.

Brit’s 4-week shape up plan for Lakshmi

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Tone Up Challenge Week 2 Report: Jan falls in love with Flywheel

We’re half way there – Jan has officially completed her 2nd week of my 4 Week Tone Up Challenge. ¬†Here’s her update along with my advice to get her through the home¬†stretch¬†with maximum shape up results – enjoy!

Week 2 Update from Jan:

“Wk #2 was great! ¬†I started going to Flywheel Spin and it was a ‘game changer.’ ¬†I have been spinning for years and love the¬†energy¬†and intensity of Flywheel more than than¬†any¬†class ¬†I’ve ever gone to. ¬†I worked out 5 days last week, but 1 day was without cardio. ¬†I added Brit’s Six Pack by Summer ab routine ¬†to all of my workouts last week (the plank and seated portions). ¬†I also did¬†Brit’s Killer Legs workout after spin one night and was really in the hurt box – in a good way ūüôā ¬†

So far I’ve been seeing some good results in terms of my muscle definition . ¬†My ‘six pack’ is on its way back for sure. ¬†I’m feeling leaner and just more fit in general. ¬†However, my knees and ankles are quite sore from all of the exercise, so I’ll need ¬†to be careful with them.”¬† – Jan

Brit’s Advice for Jan:

  • Diet, Diet, Diet – Jan continues to get her 5 workouts in per week; however, slipping up on her diet could¬†completely¬†wash away her results. ¬†Many top resources claim that weight loss depends 80% on diet and 20% on exercise.
  • RICE – Jan has a history of knee and ankle injuries so it’s critical that Rests, Ice, Compress, Elevates her knees and ankles after workouts to keep¬†inflammation¬†down. ¬†However, you¬†should¬†ALWAYS refrain from exercise and get clearance from your¬†doctor¬†before starting any new workout regimen.
  • EVEN more discipline – Jan must push herself¬†through the home stretch and¬†commit¬†to having a PERFECT last 2 weeks. That means¬†every workout¬†is¬†completed¬†with max effort and she sticks to her diet change ups 100%. ¬†Jan needs to give it all she’s got these last 14 days for¬†maximum¬†results.
Stay tuned for Jan’s 3 week report and special edition final report which will include a post challenge photo shoot of her smoking hot body, compliments¬†of the lovely Anna Jane!

Learn more about FlyWheel at their website:

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Tone Up Challenge Week 1 Report: Jan’s gettin’ in the groove

So, you guys remember my friend Jan from our¬†4-week Tone Up Challenge¬† – well she has officially completed her 1st week and is kicking butt and taking names. ¬†Here is an update on her “toning up” progress.


Jan gettin’ ready for her SPIN class this morning!

“So good 1st week! ¬†I changed up the days a little bit because I was sick, so did your #1 and #2 workouts and will do #3 on Tuesday, so I’m a little off. ¬†Felt really good doing a 5 day workout this week, but knees are swollen. So, ¬†I took Sunday off but went to Spin class this morning and feel really good about it. ¬†The #1 workout was good, did the AB portion twice (the 2nd 1/2). ¬†The standing up stuff didn’t work me out as much as I liked. ¬†The workout #2 was good, a little tough on my knees with the 1st 1/2 squatting etc, but still good to tone up my legs. ¬†I already am feeling good results, bc my body changes pretty quickly so LOVING IT!”

– Jan ūüôā


  • Don’t get complacent. ¬†Jan did a great job on getting in 5 workouts in 1 week. ¬†Often when have a successful exercise week, we get¬†complacent¬†and think we deserve a “break.” ¬†This is also the case we we lose the 1st 5 pounds…we get¬†excited¬†and gain ’em back the next week. ¬†While you should feel good about yourself and¬†proud¬†of your¬†accomplishment, make sure to keep up the hard work. ¬†This week, I’m¬†continuing¬†to push Jan to get her 5 workouts in!
  • Jan’s doing a good job of listening to her body to prevent over training; however, she is still pushing herself and ensuring that she gets ALL of her workouts in. ¬†It can be hard to balance the two, but she’s doing a great job!
  • Don’t forget your diet. ¬†This week, I challenged Jan to focus more on her 3 diet change ups: 1)¬†protein¬†at breakfast 2) healthy afternoon snack 3) and no eating after 9pm. ¬†She did pretty well the first week but there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

Stay tuned for Jan’s Week 2 update next Monday, WISH HER LUCK – Go Jan!

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