Celebrating 2 years of Blogging! GRIT by Brit #blogiversary giveaway


Wow – I can’t believe 2 years have passed since the first GRIT by Brit blog post.  To celebrate our 2nd blogiversary I’m having a giveaway – yay! The first 10 people to post a gym selfie on Instagram with hashtag #gritbybrit will receive a free GRIT by Brit workout tank top.  You can check out the styles at my eStore.  I’ll message the winners for their mailing address and size (S/M/L/XL).  Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram @GRITbyBrit.

Let’s also take a little trip down memory lane.  First up, CLICK HERE to read the inaugural GRIT by Brit workout from March of 2012 – I called it the “Sexy Ladies Sweat Sesh” (wink wink).  Also, here’s a recap of the 5 posts I most enjoyed writing this past year.  While all of my posts have sentimental value, these 5 especially stand out.  Hopefully these can be your pleasure reading for the week.

  1. 10 Healthy Habits for Sustained Success – A random list of 10 habits I strive to live by (it’s a lifelong journey)
  2. 10 Minute Abs & Thighs Workout Video – My first YouTube workout video
  3. Show some Swagger – Reflecting on the importance of prioritizing our needs/health over pleasing other people.
  4. Love Your Body: Get Hate Your Heart – Exploring the physical healing power of forgiveness.
  5. Why Not Have a Big Life – Just a “feel good” post 🙂

Thanks for joining me on my GRITTY blogging journey!  

Lots of luv, Brit

Grinning from ear to ear as I celebrate to awesome years of blogging! #grateful
Grinning from ear to ear as I celebrate 2 awesome years of blogging! #grateful


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Happy Blog Birthday…1 year and counting!


It’s insane how fast a year flies by.  In light of celebrating our 1-year GRIT by Brit blog anniversary, let me go on a typical “Brit preacher/motivational speaker rant” for a second…..

I truly, in my heart of hearts, feel that we all should blog. It’s such an amazing way to explore yourself, find your passions and share your testimony. I’m not a natural writer and never thought I would ever start a blog.  But an intense desire and feeling of duty to share my love for fitness and wellness is what made me a “blogger.”

No matter what you have to say, as long as you are authentic and transparent, you have the ability to transform lives and encourage people who may be going through the exact same life experience that you are facing. No project, work effort, or activity has inspired me as much as blogging. If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, JUST DO IT …and think about it later 😉

Share your story, because the world needs to hear your voice!

As I look back on my first year of blogging, I’ve picked out my top 10 favorite posts. Now these aren’t the most popular in terms of hits, but they each have very sentimental value to me (*tear).

So my friends, here is to 1 year down and several even bigger, better more beautiful blogging years to come! All the best to you, be BLESSED exceedingly and abundantly.

Lots of luv,


Brit’s Top  10 Fav Blog Posts 

  1. There’s No Such Thing as Impossible – Cried the whole time I wrote it
  2. 2-week Plan to Nix 10 Pounds – Pretty much my weight management Bible.   
  3. Tummy Booty & Thighs –  I can ALWAYS count on this workout and Jessica Beil will always and forever be my bikini body motivation
  4. Top 10 Tips for a Happier & Healthier 2013 – My outlook on life in 10 bullet points
  5. Drinks Weighing You Down? – Why I believe soda is the devil
  6. Movin’ and Shakin’ Monte Carlo – My most FABULOUS blog post
  7. 4-week Tone Up Challenge: Complete – My bestie, Jan, had the idea to start doing 4-week fitness challenges for all of my friends…she became the first of 5 😉
  8. Ultimate Body Burn DVD Launch – huge personal accomplishment for me and my friends…will remember this day forever
  9. Six Pack by Summer – my ultimate abs routine, love this workout very much
  10. Drink Coffee to Control Weight & Make Better Love – so grateful that my  old college b-ball teammate and now registered dietitian writes such awesome and informative guests posts for me…and I LOVE coffee 😉

GRIT by Brit 1 year anniversary

ABOVE – me hanging in Chicago this weekend and flashing a HUGE grin for the GRIT by Brit 1 year anniversary

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