Fit in 50 Days – GET INVOLVED

Meet my college roommate/basketball teammate and BFF, Sarah!

(see throw back pic to the right…sexy I know)

Sarah is getting married in 50 days,  so she asked me to put a workout plan together for her and her “soon to be hubby,” Jason.  I incorporated several couple’s workouts so they can get some pre-marriage bonding in as well 🙂

Sarah will keep you guys updated on their fitness progress.   Also be sure to stay tuned for pics from the wedding (in which I’ll be a bridesmaid).  By wedding day – these 2 will be  lookin’ mighty fine!

Grab a buddy and try the plan yourself.  You are destined to see results if you STICK WITH IT – enjoy!

Goals & “Before” Pictures


  • Height: 5′ 7
  • Weight: 130
  • Goals: lose 5 lbs. More definition in arms, shoulders and back
  •  Diet: Mostly vegetarian with addition of eggs, dairy and turkey


  • Height: 5′ 8
  • Weight: 177
  • Goals: lose 15 lbs. Shrink belly and build up chest, arms and shoulders. Look killer in a suit! (p.s. Sarah wrote these goals)


Workout Plan

Wish them luck!

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  1. Good luck Sarah on your weight loss and Congrats on your big day coming up in October. 5 lbs for you and 15 for him…you got this, now getter done!!!