NIKE Pop-In @Nordstrom Dallas

Whoa what a weekend!  I had my first partnership with NIKE – one of my all time favorite brands.  Last week NIKE reached out to me to choreograph a fitness/fashion show for their pop up shop at Nordstrom here in Dallas!  This was such an amazing opportunity, because it stretched my abilities…big time!  A wise mentor once told me, “if you’re fully prepared for an opportunity, that means the opportunity isn’t that great.  It’s the scary opportunities that you aren’t fully prepared for that propel you to the next level.”  Well let me tell ya, the NIKE show we pulled off this weekend was DEFINITELY a stretch opportunity!  I’m so excited to share that the event was a huge success and exceeded expectations!  Here’s a quick recap of how everything went down…

On Friday, a fabulous group of NIKE Trainers from the University of Texas at Austin drove up to Dallas to star in the Pop-In show alongside some of my very own GRIT Fitness instructors.  We immediately clicked and I LOVED how psyched they were after me and my sister, Kortani, showed them the routine.After a practicing all Friday afternoon, the girls then had a dress rehearsal Saturday morning at Nordstrom Dallas NorthPark Center (while I was busy teaching my signature Flexin’ Flow class at the W Dallas Hotel) – ahh if only I could be in 2 places at once.

Here’s a quick pic of my class on Saturday morning…

After teaching my Flexin’ Flow class on the W Hotel Wetdeck, I quickly changed clothes (no shower – ewww) and jetted over the NorthPark to do one final run through with the girls before the first show at noon!  Here’s a pic of us backstage after running through the routine one final time…

And here’s a pic of the crew on the elevator to the first floor getting ready to go on stage for the first performance!

The show went off without a hitch and was SO much fun!  We got lots of cheers from the crowd! Here’s a link to the video of the full 10 minute performance.  Afterwards, these sporty sister girls posed for the camera to show off all of their hot NIKE gear and hot bodies ūüôā

After the first show, we chilled backstage and watched a video of the first performance..and ate a yummy lunch.  Then around 2:40 we got ready for the 2nd show.

The 2nd show also went off without a hitch and I was super excited that some my best friends / GRIT Fitness clients came to support us!

All in all Saturday was a HUGE success. ¬†Today I’m feeling accomplished and VERY blessed!¬†Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. ¬†JUST DO IT! xoxo, Brit

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Fitness Fashion Friday #13: Travel Chic

Leather Jacket (Theory), Coral Long Sleeve Top (lucy), Black Capris (Under Armour), Black & Coral sneakers (Nike), Tote Bag (Burberry)

TGIF y’all!  I’m jetting off to (another) wedding in Nashville, TN this weekend.  My childhood friend and basketball teammate, Julie, is getting married and I’m so excited to watch her walk down the aisle.  To keep with the “travel theme” I figured I’d share some of my fav travel gear on this edition of Fitness Fashion Friday.  I made an attempt to mix my casual wear and my activewear.  What do you think?  Regardless, I was comfy ūüôā  I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.  I’ll holla back at ya on Monday.  xoxo, Brit

Messy Top Knot (borderline hot mess – don’t hate)
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Brit’s Fit Holiday Picks: Top Fitness Gifts…a Gym Rat’s Dream!

holidaygifts (1)

Alright Gang – it’s that time of year. ¬†I can’t believe we are only 2 weeks away from Christmas! ¬†In my lifelong efforts to be like Oprah, I’ve compiled¬†Brit’s Fit Holiday Gift Picks¬†(my version of Oprah’s Favorite Things). ¬†Unfortunately, I’m NOT a baller and you will NOT receive a free gift set of the items above. ¬†However, because I’m in the Christmas spirit,¬†I will send a free GRIT by Brit workout tank top to the first 20 people who email me their preferred color (black¬†or¬†blue), size and mailing address (email¬†[email protected]).¬†¬†You’re welcome ūüôā

So let’s get to right to it. ¬†My holiday fitness wish list goes a little something like this…

  1. OMG That’s Paleo? Recipe Book¬†($19.85) – So I started following Juli Bauer on Instagram and quickly became a fan of her blog/social media community PaleOMG. ¬†Her recipes are super savory and made with the fitness enthusiast in mind. ¬†She gets creative with the Paleo diet which is awesome if you’re sick and tired of eating the standard “burger no bun.”
  2. Quest Bars Variety Box¬†($26.99) – If you guys remember my post on the Best and Worst Nutrition Bars, Quest Bars topped my list due to their low sugar, high protein, high fiber and great taste. ¬†There are SO many yummy Quest bar flavors, so I would love a variety box. ¬†They are also convenient “meals on the go” especially when I ‘m traveling for work.
  3. Nike FlyKnit Multi Colored Sneakers¬†($129.90) – ¬†I’m a Nike FREE junkie partially due to functionality, but mostly due to style. ¬†However, the new Nike FlyKnit sneakers ¬†are supposed to be really light, flexible and comfortable. ¬†Also, they have this cool multicolored print that I love. ¬†I will definitely be getting some of these. ¬†Probably 2 pairs.
  4. Lululemon Reversible Wunder Under Yoga Pants ($92)- These leggings are bold fuchsia on one side and black on the other.  Plus they fit like a glove and give your booty a nice little lift.  I would wear these to yoga and then continue to wear them to prance around in the grocery store Рword.
  5. Nike Twisted Headband¬†($15)¬†– Because I’m a headband junkie, 2 different types of headbands made my list. ¬†This one is a new design by Nike that’s also very wide and twists like the Turban one. ¬†However, this is made of dri-fit moisture-wicking fabric and looks more sporty. ¬†I will wear this one to the gym and actually workout in it. ¬†I REALLY want one. ¬†Bad.
  6. Puma Women’s All Sport No Show Socks ($14) – These socks are the perfect texture – not too thick and not too thin. ¬†They keep my feet relatively dry during sweaty workouts and don’t show at all. ¬†Simple and effective. ¬†Just my style.
  7. Up 24 by Jawbone¬†($149.95) – So, you guys already know I’m obsessed with my Jawbone UP wristband. ¬†I wrote a product review a few months ago and my only beef was that there is no blue tooth capability. ¬†Well, that’s not the case anymore! ¬†The new and improved Jawbone UP 24 now has blue tooth capability so you don’t have to manually plug it into your iPhone to sync. ¬†I like to think I influenced that product enhancement.
  8. Focus T25 by Shaun T & Beach Body ($119.85) – As much as I want to be a Shaun T hater, he has a way of sucking me in. ¬†I’ve never tried Insanity, but I’m intrigued by this new T25 program. ¬† Essentially, the program is like Insanity but more “focused.” ¬†Each workout is only 25 minutes long and is promised to deliver the same results as a longer workout. ¬† Also, since I’ve come to the realization that I can only do a home workout for 30 minutes before I start to zone out, I’m even more eager to try T25. ¬†I plan start the Focus T25 program the day after Christmas. ¬†I’ll give it a formal GRIT by Brit review and share with you guys.
  9. C9 Champion Cold Weather Pull Over Fleece ($21.24) РThis is super cute, super warm and super inexpensive.  You can get it at Target. Enough said.
  10. Bosu Ball ($79.95) – Like 3 years ago I had a personal trainer and he always made me do Bosu Burpees and Bosu Plank stability drills. ¬†Since then I kind of stopped because I usually just go to group fitness classes. ¬†But, this holiday season I want to buy a Bosu Ball to keep in my house so I can start incorporating the exercises back into my routine. ¬†They are super effective for cardio and strength training. ¬†Actually, I’ll do a blog post on my favorite Bosu Ball exercises…
  11. Tribal Print Turban Headband ($10) – Aren’t these headbands presh? ¬†So, I don’t necessarily want to wear these to the gym, I just want to wear them with gym clothes. ¬†They come in all different patterns, but the tribal prints are my favorites. ¬†They give me the perfect balance of looking chic yet effortless. ¬†You can get them on Etsy.
  12. Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Replenishing Pack ($10 for 3 packs)¬†– These deep conditioning treatments are my saving grace. ¬†I sweat a lot. ¬†Like my hair is wringing wet after a tough workout. ¬†I have to be diligent about hydrating my hair, so I do use one of these replenishing pack treatments each week. ¬†It’s a good, weekly, deep conditioning routine especially for women with hair texture similar to mine which tends to dry out.
  13. Lululemon ¬†Yeah Yoga Tank ($58) – How cute is the back on this? ¬†I like this tank because it’s supportive for those of us who are bustier, but also cute and sexy with the backless crisscross design. ¬†I can wear this to yoga AND to kickboxing because it provides enough support. ¬†Also, the fabric is thick and fits very snug, which I appreciate.
  14. Foam Roller¬†($15-20)¬†– Foam rolling is my massage substitute. ¬†It’s also a ¬†good warm up for high intensity workouts (along with some light cardio). ¬†The foam roller allows you to massage deep into your muscle fibers, generate heat and break up lactic acid. ¬†It’s a really good tool to have around your house if you do lots of high impact and high intensity workouts (i.e Kickboxing, Boot Camps, CrossFIT, etc.).
  15. Sporty Afros G+ Hair Spray¬†($5-10)¬†– I started using this product from Sporty Afros after I got a sample in a swag bag. ¬†It’s amazing! ¬†The spray is made specifically for athletes. ¬†So after a workout when my hair is sweaty, I spray it heavily on my roots and lightly on my ends, then comb my hair with a wide tooth comb. ¬†It helps prevent breakage and keeps my hair moist. ¬†Most importantly, it doesn’t feel greasy. ¬†I’m a fan!

What’s on your holiday wish list?

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Black Friday Fitness Gift Picks: My fitness Christmas wish list goes a lil’ somethin’ like this…

1. Workout pass for 10 classes from Fitist


This pass is actually my dream come true!¬† There is NOTHING I love more than trying out new group fitness classes.¬†¬† Fitist basically allows you to buy a package of group fitness passes and use them to go to tons of the TOP fitness studios in your city.¬† I’m talking Barry’s Boot Camp, FlyWheel, & top tier yoga and Pilates studios, let’s do the list people…get involved.

2. Under Armour Braided Neon Headbands

headbands uaheadbands

My gym buddies at TurboKick in NYC wear these all the time and I think they are super cute.¬† They instantly make me feel energetic, so I’m determined to get some of my own!

3. Lululemon Sexy Flow & Go Tank

2010 1010 Lululemon Flow and Go Tank Alarming Rear

It’s just hot…enough said…

4. Jade Yoga Mat


I used one of these for the first time during a SHRED class at SLT yoga in NYC.¬† I loved it because I sweated all over it and it didn’t get slippery.¬† There’s nothing more annoying and distracting than a slippery yoga mat…ya heard?

5. Raw Protein Powder


My 2013 New Years resolution and personal commitment is to be a full-fledged vegetarian (pray for me).¬† So I’ll need lots of vegetarian protein supplements to get me through the year.¬† I heard this one is legit and tasty so I figured I’d give it a try.

6. Champion Long Sleeve Dri-fit Workout Tops

long sleeve target tank

I bought 2 of these randomly from Target over the Thanksgiving holiday and I’m hooked!¬† They fit super snug and are super cute.¬† I wear them indoors while working out without getting too hot.¬† Also, they look really cute with black booty shorts ūüôā¬† You can buy them at Target for about $20 – I want more!

7. Neon Nike Free Train Sneakers


I already have 5 pair of these and I’m determine to get number 6.¬† I like the Nike Free Train instead of the Free Run because I mostly do group fitness classes with a lot of lateral movement and jumping.¬† The Free Runs don’t give me the support I need.¬† Also, I love the Free Trainers because they’re comfy AND cool.¬† Every damn day – JUST DO IT!

8. Nike Pro Leggings

nike pro dry fit tightspDSP1-13302786p275w

I’m a Nike groupie and these bad boys are sexy and WARM.¬† Living in NYC I can wear these leggings during my workouts and also wear them home without freezing my booty off…a good look.

9. Nalgene Flip Top Water Bottle


I like this water bottle because I can quickly chug water during my workout and pop the cap back on.¬† The cap is super snug so if I knock the bottle over I don’t have to worry about spillage.¬† Also, they also come in cool colors and I wanna write my name on one and decorate it with stickers!

10. Champion Neon Sports Bras

Champion - Neon Sports Bras

These are also at Target and hot!¬† They provide great support and won’t cost you an arm and a leg (about $15).¬† I like that there are tons of neon colors! ¬† I wear them under a ripped up T-shirt or a solid black or gray workout tank.¬† I can never have too many!

What’s on your Christmas Fitness Wish List?¬† Any holiday picks you want to share?

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Olympic Inspiration – Find your GREATNESS

Once again, NIKE has hit the nail on the head.¬† As you guys know, I absolutely love the Summer Olympics.¬† Thus, watching the games on TV this past week has been absolute inspirational paradise!¬† The idea that someone trains for 4 whole years to master 1 moment is simply amazing.¬† It’s like Eminem said, “You only get one shot.”¬† Truth is that the experience of training, performing and being great isn’t only for Olympic athletes – it for ALL OF US!¬† The raw endurance and perseverance that Olympic athletes exhibit very much parallels how we can handle challenges in our daily lives.¬† Each day we have the opportunity to find our greatness.¬† The opportunity to push ourselves.¬† To shock ourselves and do something we never thought we were capable of doing.¬† To set higher goals.¬†¬† To explore our true passions.¬† To recognize and appreciate our talents and gifts.¬† To perfect our skills.¬† To strengthen our mental grit.¬† And ultimately, to be GREAT.

I recently saw this NIKE commercial during Olympic games the that so perfectly conveys this message.¬† Please take a minute, watch and ask yourself, “What is my greatness?”¬† GET IT.¬† GRIT. GREATNESS.


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Every Damn Day…JUST DO IT!

  • Name: Nike Training Club (NTC)
  • Duration: 1 hour (if done in a group fitness class)
  • Calories Burned: 400-600
  • Focus: Total body conditioning + intensity intervals + athletic drills
  • What is NTC?: A total body athletic circuit set to music. ¬†If you take NTC in a class, the instructors usually have pretty decent play lists going on in the background. ¬†OR you can download NTC to your SmartPhone and sync your customized workout to your own playlist – sweet! ¬†DOWNLOAD HERE NOW! The exercises and drills are very intense – Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Plank Rows, Split Jumps, Clap Pushups, Froggers, etc.
  • Commentary: I love this workout because it’s HARD and FUN. ¬†As you guys know by now, any workout that makes me feel like a “real athlete” is def ¬†“GRIT – worthy.” ¬†To be honest, some of the drills I’d never do on my own because, let’s face it, they BURN!¬† But boy do they work! ¬†When I’m on the road for work, I¬†the¬†use NTC iPhone app for a sick¬†workout¬†right in my hotel room. ¬†It’s like having my own ePersonal Trainer. ¬†With NTC there are NO EXCUSES – you can get high quality, free, fun workouts anytime, any day. ¬†JUST DO IT!
  • The Facts: To truly change your body, you have to PUSH! ¬†NTC is great for this. ¬†Did you know that most young adults only begin¬†receiving¬†cardiovascular training and benefits after reaching 70% of our maximium heart rate? ¬†To find your max heart rate take 220 – age = Max Heart Rate. ¬†Now, multiply your max heart rate by 0.7 and that’s how many times your heart should beat in 1 minute during an effective workout!

Me and Alex (Co-founder of Sporty Afros) relaxing in the sauna after NTC on Friday, April 6, 2012

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