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Tone it Up Tuesday: Upper Body Workout

Michelle Obama arms anyone? Here’s an upper body toning workout I designed in aspiration of getting first class guns just like our fierce first lady.   The workout focuses solely on the biceps, triceps, shoulders and abs.  You don’t need hand weights and can do this workout right in your living room – yay! The entire workout takes  30 minutes and burns about …

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Where Da Ballers At?

Workout Name: Basketball Court Workout  by Brit Duration: 45 min – 1 hour Calories burned: 400 – 700 Commentary: The fact of the matter is pro basketball players have HOT bodies.  Whether you’re a “pro hooper”, “ex-hooper” or “wanna be hooper,” the basketball court is ALWAYS a great place to get a super effective workout.  The workout I’ve put together …

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Keepin’ Trim While Travelin’

This week I’ve been really surprised by how “in shape” I am despite recently returning from my European Extravaganza.  I was expecting to be sucking air when teaching my Turbo Kick classes yesterday, but surprisingly I’m feeling good – really good.  I’ll attribute my fitness maintenance to my little workout formula I did in my hotel gyms while traveling.  Fortunately, …

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