25 Women to Know + Body Sculpt Workout

Photo by Hello Beautiful & Sharea Antoinette Photography


Happy hump day my friends!  This week is a bit of a bear – lots going at the studio and in my life!  On the bright side, Hello Beautiful, a leading pop culture site for today’s Black Women recently named me as one of their “25 Women to Know” – yay!  CLICK HERE to read the full article and my interview.

On an unrelated topic, I’m really proud of the playlist I put together yesterday for my BODY SCULPT™ class, so I want to share it!  Here’s a link to it on Spotify.  Who would have known that Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny’s Child is the perfect song to power through continuous bicep curls? 😉

Also, I created a home-version of my signature BODY SCULPT™ workout that you can do on your own.  This class is designed to fatigue each major muscle group and keep your heart rate elevated with a couple of cardio intervals.  Here’s the full class description.  BODY SCULPT™ is a very popular class format at my studio!  Give this home workout a whirl and let me know what you think.  You will need two 5-8 pound dumbbells to complete the workout.


Have a wonderful rest of your day!  Remember, you hold the power the make it great!  xoxo, Brit

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  1. I was JUST saying to my friend yesterday that I wish I could go to TX and try this class b/c I need to find a fun music-based strength workout. Thanks for sharing this, will definitely be trying it!

  2. I love this workout plan, it looks and sounds solid. I wonder if any sort of class that is offered online, like through Skype or something via a group call or conference call might gain any traction for people who cannot attend a live GRIT by Brit session. I wish I could be there as well, but the distance makes it impossible. I’m glad you keep this updated for the rest of us, it continues to inspire.

  3. First things first, congratulations on your honor of being selected as one of 25 Women to Know through Hello Beautiful! You should be very proud of yourself! The article/interview is great. I never would have guessed you struggled with your weight for so long. Way to conquer! I also agree that it truly is difficult to turn off the business side of your mind and focus on the life around you. Good luck with that!

    As for the workout you share right here, nice intensity level. That’ll definitely sculpt a body! I’m happy to give it a try, even though my thighs will be burning through those 25 squat jumps.

    Here’s to staying fit!