STRONG to the finish: Candace’s Progress on the New Year Kick Start Plan

Candace’s Week 2 Update

“Week 2 of my GRIT by Brit New Year Kick Start Plan was a bit quiet, I was able to get in a couple of workouts early in the week and stick to my eating plan. My challenge plans were a bit derailed due to travel to DC later in the week. I did try doing sit-ups and push-ups while watching TV one evening. I was able to knock out 200 crunches and 100 push-ups during commercial breaks. It was a great way to burn calories while watching my shows. Unfortunately, I’m up 1 lb. from the end of week 1. I’m looking forward to getting back on track and going hard in week 3.” – Candace

(below – sit ups with a dumbbell during commercial breaks)

(below – Candace knockin’ out some push ups to tone the core and upper body)

Brit’s Tips for Candace

  • Great job staying active despite not going to the gym every day.  “Commercial Break” exercises are effective and efficient so keep it up!  Next time take up the intensity and do some jumping jacks, burpees or squats during commercial breaks.  These exercises burn more calories and engage more muscle groups.
  • Be extra strict about sticking with your  eating plan this final week, especially on days that you miss a workout.  It’s important to keep the calorie intake down on these days since you won’t burn as many calories during the day.
  • Have a little black coffee in the morning for an extra jolt.  We know that coffee, in moderation, increases your energy and focus to help give you a push in this last week.
  • Most importantly – STAY POSITIVE.  This is the final push and you are well on your way to achieving your goal.  You got this!

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3-week New Year Kick-Start with Candace

New Year New You!

photo (22)

Get to Know Candace

  • GOAL:  lose 10-12 pounds and 2-3 inches
  • Exercise: I currently do PiYo, 24 Cycle and TRX training, but I would like to incorporate more cardio options. I like Turbo Kick, but I’m not very coordinated, so I feel like I’m not properly maximizing my efforts in the class. I’ve considered trying an actual boxing class and I’m open to any other recommendations you have.
  • Focus areas: I would really like to tone my upper body, core and lower body (basically all over!). I also would like to increase my endurance for strengthening exercises.
  • Diet: I have a major addition to sugar, more so sweets (chocolate, cookies, cupcakes). I know I have to practically eliminate sugar to get the results I’m seeking, so I have a strict eating plan that I’ve used in the past that I’ll try again. Any suggestions you can provide would be helpful. I don’t really have any other major eating problems, I generally stay away from salty snacks, beef/pork, bread, fried foods and fast food. I love fruits and veggies, so I need to stock up for generous portions each day. I also need to focus on increasing my water intake, I usually only consume 40-50oz. per day.

Brit’s 3-week Plan for Candace

  • Start Date: January 7, 2013
  • End Date: January 27, 2013



Check back every Monday for Candace’s progress report and see how she knocks out these 10 pounds!  If you are looking for a New Year Shape Up Kick Start, try the plan yourself!

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