Nashvegas & New Beginnings

Hola friends!  I hope your week is off to a good start.  I just made it back from Julie’s wedding in Nashville, TN.  This is my 5th and final wedding of 2014!  I’ve had a blast seeing so many of my friends tie the knot this year.  Better yet, each trip had a been a nice little get away to relax from the grind of opening GRIT Fitness, my 1st studio.

I hardly ever have time these days to sit down and enjoy a magazine, so I very much appreciated the hour and a half flight during which I put in my headphones (blasting Ariana Grande) and plowed through my December editions of O and SELF magazine. (Shameless plug: Be sure to check out for some of special blog posts).

In flight pleasure reading – O Mag & SELF are my “go to” magazines
Upon arrival in Nashville, I treated myself to an adult beverage. I love Lychee Martini’s – everything’s good in moderation, right???

This was 2nd time visiting Nashville this Fall as my other childhood friend, Leslie, also got married there in November.  Since this wasn’t my first rodeo, my friends and I immeidately had a cocktail and hit up the Honky Tonks for a fun filled evening.

Strolling by the Honky Tonk’s on our way to the ceremony and reception at the Aerial on Broadway

Julie’s wedding ceremony was right smack in the center of all of the action on a beautiful rooftop.  At the reception, we enjoyed yummy brisket sliders, mac and cheese, pork loin and wedding cake.  But not to worry, we danced enough to burn off the calories 🙂

Julie & Duane after they said “I Do”

As you can see, Julie was was a beautiful bride!  You can click here to see her all of her bridal photos.  It’s crazy that I’m now at an age where I can say I’ve been close friends with someone for over 20 years – cray cray.  Julie, Jamie and I became friends in 6th grade because we went to the same elementary school and played on the same basketball team.  My dad was our coach and my mom made us matching hair bows.  Despite now living in different cities and hardly seeing each other, we still have a special sisterly bond and can talk to each other about anything.  I’m so grateful that we’ve been able to support each other through several life experiences like having a baby, losing a parent, break ups, starting a new job and sports injuries.  Together we’ve experienced several “new beginnings” and our friendship lasts and strengthens with each one.

Jamie, Julie and Me posing at the reception. Over 20 years of friendship!

Now that I’m back in Dallas and back in the swings of work and working out, I’m planning to hit the gym this evening and knock out my Calorie Crusher Pyramid workout.  What are your workout plans for the week?

I’ll back back tomorrow with more news on my fitness studio and a special “Workout Wednesday” blog post. Have a wonderful day! xoxo, Brit

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Southern Charm Weekend in Nashville, TN

Good morning my friends.  I hope your week is off to a wonderful start.  I just got home from my morning spin class at BEYOND Pedaling .  I had to work off the yummy southern food I enjoyed this weekend in Nashville, TN for Leslie’s wedding.   I definitely had my fair share of mac and cheese, fried chicken and Goo Goo Clusters.  This was my first time to visit Nashville, so I was eager to get a true Tenessee experience.

My Southern goodies and snacks in my welcome bag!

Leslie, my BFF, had the most beautiful “Souther Charm” wedding at the historic Bellemeade Plantation. I was bridesmaid along with our other childhood friend, Bethany.  Immediately when we saw each other, we busted out all of our old inside jokes.  I think I laughed more this past weekend than I have all year.  It was like old times – we didn’t miss a beat.

On Friday night we attended a festive welcome dinner at Sambuca in Downtown Nashville.  Afterwards we went out on the town to enjoy the Halloweeen parties.  As a bridesmaid, I had to be the “responsible” one and get the bride home at decent hour so she could be nice and refreshed for her big day.  Mission accomplished – she was gorgeous as you can see!

Me and Leslie (the bride) at the welcome dinner on Friday night and then getting ready for the wedding on Saturday!

There ceremony was inside a beautiful stable lit only by candlelight.  It was so romantic  and intimate.

The beautiful ceremony at BelleMeade Plantation

I was super nervous about giving the maid of honor toast, but I’m happy to report that it went really well.  My friend Lakshmi gave me some helpful tips for for giving a  solid toast so I’ll summarize those pointers and share them with you ladies in case you have any weddings coming up 😉

Me, Leslie and Bethany’s partying it up at the reception

On Sunday we enjoyed a tasty breakfast and a crisp Autumn stroll throughout the Vanderbilt University campus.  Walking through college campuses in the Fall is one of my most favorite things to do in the world – oh academia, I love you!

After we sipped one final mimosa in the hotel lobby, we said our goodbyes and headed to the airport.

I’m still riding high from my wonderful Southern Charm weekend and now I’m looking forward to a great week ahead.  Stay tuned – I’m preparing lots of Fall recipes, workouts and fitness class reviews for the blog this week and next.

Have a wonderful Monday and Happy November!

Luv, Brit

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