Fun in the Sun! My Lovely Ladies Weekend in Miami

Image: Wishing you a wonderful day from Miami Beach! xoxo, Brit

Hello friends!  I have been coast to coast this week.  Last weekend I went to Anaheim, CA for the Idea World Fitness Convention and Sweat Pink Blogfest and now I’m just wrapping up a wonderful weekend in Miami Beach.  Me and 2 of my fab girlfriends from Dallas, Andria and Crystal, decided to take a long weekend and soak up some sun.  It was the perfect “End of Summer Getaway” to relax and refocus for the new season…

Taking it all in – love the Miami Vibes

We arrived on Thursday and kick-started the weekend with dinner and cocktails at Larios on the Beach (Gloria Estefan’s restaurant).  I had a delicious lychee martini along with a hearty green salad topped with skirt steak – well deserved after  long day at work and 3 hour flight to Miami, right?  On Friday, I had to take a few conference calls in the morning but around noon I met the girls on the beach.  My friend Crystal rented a great little tiki hut that provided us some shade to sip our pina coladas under.

Me, Andria and Crystal on Friday – just kickin’t it at the beach and sippin’ pina coladas ūüėČ
Our Tiki on the beach = perfection!

Overall the weather was great,  but because the sun was shining so brightly the sand was burning up our feet. We had a to make a mad dash in and out of the ocean.  I like to think that was my cardio interval training for the day (wink wink).

My and Crystal sprinting back to the Tiki in the hot sand – ouch! LOL

But seriously, we did make up a fun “Beach Bikini Workout” which I’ll post later this week!  Each night we went out for an amazing seafood dinner and, of course, some dancing.  We had delightful brunch on Saturday at Mister Collins at One Bal Harbour Resort & Spa.  Later that night we a great dinner at Michael Schwartz in the Raleigh Hotel.  After dinner we hit up Hyde Night Club at SLS Hotel for a little booty shakin’.  I love the vibe there – it’s a cool Euro/hip hop mix.  Have any of you ever been?

Lounging and dancing pool side at SLS on Saturday night

This morning I treated my self to some time at the spa and enjoyed a mani/pedi and full body massage.  Do you all prefer male or female masseuse?  I had a man today…

Now I’m on a plane back to Chicago for work.  I probably had more than my fair share of cocktails and desserts this weekend, but hey, it’s okay to indulge every once in a while.  This evening I’m going to do my 20 minute treadmill workout at my hotel gym.  Tomorrow morning I’ll go to CrossFit and Tuesday I’ll to Yoga Sculpt at CorePower yoga.  I’ll also be sure to drink lots of water and unsweetened hot green tea (the BEST natural detox drink).  What are your workout plans for the week?

Cheers to a wonderful weekend and an even better week ahead!  Lots of luv, Brit

Yay for our mojitos (coconut flavored ones) – yummy!

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VixenWorkout Review #VixenArmy #Twerk Society

vixen workout

Me and the #VixenArmy after class in Miami last week!
#VixenArmy after class in Miami last week! (I’m on the right in the sports bra – hehe)

Last week I traveled to Miami for work and while I was there I had the awesome opportunity to check out Vixen Workout. ¬†I’ve been hearing about this sexy sweat session that’s selling out classes of over 100 women every night, ¬†Obviously, I had to check it out.

First off, the class is held in a Miami dance studio. ¬†When I walked through the door, the instructor greeted me wearing a tank top with “Twerk Society” written across her chest (see below). ¬†Then I walked into the back studio and the girls were wearing platform heels and spandex pants – lookin’ like true “Video Vixens.” I was like…alright then.¬†¬†The studio was dark lit only by colored lights and a disco ball. ¬†I’m not gonna lie, at this point I was little intimidated.

Fortunately, the music started blasting, the lights got even lower and then it was ON! ¬†The instructor was a ball of energy shouting commands like “Pop” “Shake” “Grind.” ¬†I was caught a little off guard as that was totally different from what I shout during my kickboxing and spinning classes. ¬†Overall, the vibe was very fun and I loved that every girl in the class seemed to get “lost” for 1 hour and exude an abundance of self-assurance. ¬†There was one point when I was truly convinced, I was in a Beyonce video. ¬†As a woman, I must say, it was quite empowering. ¬†I could go on and on about this class, but here are a few facts in case your wanna check it out for your self…

Some iPhone pics I snapped during my 1st Vixen Workout in Miami!
Some iPhone pics I snapped during my 1st Vixen Workout in Miami!

GRIT by Brit Vixen Workout Review 

  • Workout Type:¬†Sexy Dance Cardio, for women only ages 18+
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 350-500
  • Price:¬†Very affordable, only $12 per class
  • Location:¬†Miami and a few classes have started in NYC
  • Intensity: Moderate (like an intermediate/advanced Zumba class)
  • Choreography:¬†¬†Moderately complex.¬† Not too difficult. ¬†Lots of “adult” moves (i.e. twerkin’, booty poppin’, droppin’ it low). ¬†There are only 5-6 moves per song, so it‚Äôs easy to pick up the combinations. ¬†Each class consists of a warm up, about 8 working tracks and then a “booty-shakin’ finale.”
  • Music: ¬†Mostly dirty south hip hop and lots of Beyonce! ¬†Think Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Drake, Rihanna, etc.
  • Vibe: CRUNK. ¬†This class reminds me a lot of my friend Sadie’s 305 Fitness in NYC. ¬†The difference is that Vixen Workout has more hip hop music and the moves are much sexier. ¬†I actually felt very sexy during the workout – it was a super confidence booster!
  • Fun Factor: Through the roof! ¬†This is honestly the most fun I’ve had while working out in a very long time. ¬†As you guys know, I do NOT consider myself a dancer. ¬†I have a very athletic build and often feel out of my element in dance classes. ¬†But, the low lights and club-like atmosphere made it easy for me to let loose.

Check out this awesome video to learn a little more about Vixen Workout. ¬†Vixen Workout by Janet Jones¬†from¬†Vixen Workout¬†on¬†Vimeo. ¬†I really loved the class – I think you will too. ¬†It get’s the “GRIT by Brit” stamp of approval.

At the end of the day, sexiness is all about CONFIDENCE!  Release your inner vixen.  Lots of luv, Brit

vixen workout 2
The #VixenArmy having a blast during class!

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