Washboard Abs Workout

Image: Showing off my “washboard abs” during a styling session at Lorna Jane (love this outfit BTW – I wear it to teach cycling all the time)

Hey hey – happy Workout Wednesday!  As promised, here is your workout of the week – Washboard Abs.  I’m getting floors installed at my studio, Dallas Grit Fitness, today .  Yay!  This is the last major renovation milestone before I can start decorating and, ultimately, teaching classes.  I’ll be hanging out at the studio all day, so I plan to knock out this ab workout while “overseeing” contractors.  Should be good fun.

It’s been a while since I posted an ab workout, so today I’m bringing you my most comprehensive, complete, core exercise routine.  During this workout you will engage your abdominals in 3 different positions: 1) Standing Up 2) On you hands and toes in the plank position 3) In the traditional position, on your back.  This helps ensure we work the complete core for washboard abs!

Warning: This workout takes about 25 minutes to complete.  You can’t rush through it.  BUT, I promise you will feel the burn.  For best results, do this workout 2-3 times per week for 4 weeks along with rigorous cardio workouts.

Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes.  If you have any questions about the exercises below, just post a comment and I can explain.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!  Love, Brit

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Complete Core + Cardio Workout

Hello friends.  It’s been a crazy work week for me here in Chicago.  During high-stress times like these it’s so important to keep up with my workouts or else I feel super groggy.  This morning I did this Core + Cardio Workout in my hotel gym.  It got me a good sweat so I wanted to share ūüėČ  The entire workout takes about 30-35 minutes.  If you don’t like the stationary bike, feel free to hop on the elliptical or treadmill instead.

I’m jetting off to NYC tonight for a conference – hoping to sneak in a ride at Soul Cycle while I’m there.  Also, can’t wait to see the Dallas crew this Saturday at my PiYo class at the W Dallas Hotel!

Let me know how you like the workout!  Lots of luv, Brit

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Lose the Pooch: New Workout to Sculpt Lower Abs

Attachment-1 (1)

Alright, you guys asked for it so here it is, another Lose the Pooch Workout. ¬†In case you missed the last one, you can CLICK HERE check it out. ¬† Now, before I get started, you should know that the abs, or¬†rectus abdominus, is actually all ONE muscle group that forms an¬†‚Äú8-pack.” ¬†So you can’t really work your lower abs without working your upper abs (and vise versa).

However, there are some exercises that really target the lower region of the abdominals.  I  selected a few of my favorites and effectively sequenced them to create the GRIT by Brit Lose the Pooch Workout.  For best results, complete this workout 2-3 times per week for 4 weeks.  Also, be sure monitor your diet by avoiding foods and habits that cause bloating (i.e. too much sodium and lack of water consumption).

Tighten that Tummy!  xoxo, Brit


Instructional Photos

Boat Pose

Boat Pose (with knees bent, you can straighten your legs to increase intensity)
Boat Pose (with knees bent, you can straighten your legs to increase intensity)


Single Leg Lowers

single leg lowers with crunch
Single Leg Lowers with Upper Body Crunch


Plank Knee Pulls w/ Toe Slide

Plank knee tuck with toes slide - place a towel under your toes and do these on a smooth, hard floor.
Plank knee tuck with toes slide – place a towel under your toes and do these on a smooth, hard floor.


Hanging Knee Pulls

Hanging Knee Raise - You can straighten you leg for fully extended leg raises to increase intensity  (Source: Women's Health Magazine)
Hanging Knee Raise – You can straighten you leg for fully extended leg raises to increase intensity
(Source: Women’s Health Magazine)

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Your Flat Tummy Plan: 3 Days 3 Killer Core Workouts

#TBT Enjoying warm weather in Martha's Vineyard last year with my "Fit Friend" Brittany - 2 Brit's in 2 Bikinis ;)
#TBT Enjoying warm weather in Martha’s Vineyard last year with my “Fit Friend” Brittany – 2 Brit’s in 2 Bikinis ūüėČ

Hey Gang! ¬†While it’s FREEZING outside, I can see the little light at the end of the tunnel that is Spring Break. ¬†Despite being 29 years old and not having a true Spring Break, I like to still prepare my bikini body – hehe. That said, ¬†I’ve been digging through my workout repository and have pulled my 3 fiercest, most effective AB workouts…

Now, the plan is to do 1 workout every other day for the next 6 days. ¬†So do 1 workout, rest/do cardio, do the other workout, rest/do cardio…and so on. ¬†Got it? ¬†The idea is to give your abs and core one day of rest in between workouts so your muscles can repair and gain strength. ¬†Overworking your abs without adequate rest prevents you from gaining the full benefits of the workout. ¬† Alright… let’s do this!

Grit by Brit AB Workout #1:

ABS for Days Vol. 2

CLICK HERE for full instructions & photos

abs for days

Grit by Brit AB Workout #2: 

Tight Tummy, Sexy Stomach, Cut Core

CLICK HERE for full instructions & photos

Tight Tummy, Sexy Stomach, Cut Core

Grit by Brit AB Workout #3:

Six Pack by Summer

CLICK HERE for full instructions & photos


Enjoy your Spring Break Abs ! (cliche’ I know – hehe)¬†

Peace out, Brit


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5 Minute Abs Vol. 1 – Complete Killer Workout Video for your Core

Hey Gang! ¬†I just designed (and tested) this ab workout. ¬† It’s super effective, only 5 minutes and works ALL of your core muscles. ¬†You can simply follow the instructions or work out with me in real-time via my heart-felt video below. ¬†Be sure to subscribe to my¬†YouTube channel¬†for lots of super fun and super gritty home workouts. ¬†Hope you like! ¬†

Lots of luv, Brit ūüôā


5 Minute Abs

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Six Pack by Summer

You CAN have a sexy stomach in time for ¬†Summer by doing the “Six Pack by Summer” workout 3X per week along with regular cardio workouts!

  • Duration:¬†20 minutes
  • Calories burned:¬†about 100
  • Focus:¬†Strength and tone of Rectus Abdominis, Obliques
  • Commentary:¬†Ladies and gents – summer is creeping up a little more every day. ¬† Go ahead and get a jump-start on tightening up your tummy. ¬†Below is workout I put together to overload your abdominal muscles, build core strength and flatten the belly. ¬†No equipment is required so you can do it effectively at home!
  • Facts:¬†The Rectus Abdominis¬†(front abs) tend to be one of our weaker, under-worked muscle groups so its critical to spend special time strengthening them specifically. ¬†Strong abs help balance weight throughout your core and prevent too much weight-bearing and stress on your lower back. ¬†A flat tummy is also just nice to look at ūüôā
  • Instructions: Do the following set of exercises – just one time through. ¬†The entire workout should take about 20 minutes and your ¬†abs will be on FIRE!¬† For best results, do the workout at least 3 times per week along with moderate/high intensity cardio workouts.¬† Be sure to stretch (cobra position) afterwards and enjoy your six pack!

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