Happy Easter 2015

Me and my dad at Easter lunch (photo credit: Mom - Kay Rettig)

Happy Easter, Passover and Sunday my friends!  I hope you enjoyed a nice day with your family or friends.

Last night I enjoyed a lovely Passover Seder hosted by my friend Amanda (author of Glitter & Spice blog).  It was my first time to partake in this Jewish tradition and I really enjoyed it.  We started off the dinner with a toast of red wine and then listened to Amanda recite traditional readings that recounted the events of the Exodus.  The food was delicious – Matzah ball soup, brisket, potatoes and a yummy blueberry dessert – we enjoyed it all!  (We also drank plenty of red wine).

My homemade Easter breakfast: Black coffee, fresh berries, whole wheat french toast, sugar-free syrup

Early this morning I made myself a delicious breakfast and did a bit of work before heading to church with my parents.  Yesterday, I kicked off training for our 2nd round of GRIT Fitness instructors – yay!  We have 8 in our training class.   While I try to keep Sunday’s “work-free” I ended up sending some follow-up emails to the group this morning.  On the bright side, I’m pretty proud of the whole wheat french toast I whipped up – looks pretty good huh?

Here’s a pic of the 8 lovely ladies who started instructor training yesterday!  So excited to work with them over the next 6 weeks and coach them to teach their first class!

8 new instructors in training at GRIT Fitness

After church today, my parents and I went out to lunch.  Here’s a pic of me and my dad.  He’s not great a looking at the camera but he’s a really great dad and friend.   There’s no way I would have been able to start my business without his guidance, coaching and day-to-day support.  My mom’s pretty awesome too.  She’s probably the most positive and encouraging person in the whole world – 4 realz (she also took this pic).

Me and my dad at Easter lunch (photo credit: Mom – Kay Rettig)

Now I’m cleaning up my place and getting  ready for the week ahead.  Stay tuned, I have lots of new workouts and playlists to share with you this week.  I promise you will like.  Talk to you tomorrow. xoxo, Brit

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