5 Tips to Spice Up Your Workout Routine: Variety is the SPICE of life and the FUEL for fitness

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Hopefully you’ve found a workout that you¬†absolutely¬†LOVE , which is GREAT! ¬†I’m a firm¬†believer¬†that you’ll never consistently exercise until you find a workout that you TRULY enjoy and that makes you FEEL GOOD about your body! ¬†However, it’s critical that we constantly change up our workout routines. ¬†This doesn’t mean we have to give up the exercises we love, but we DO have to SPICE things up. ¬†So you are probably wondering…

  • Avoid the plateau – Our bodies are super efficient – ¬†WE ARE STRONGER THAN WE THINK WE ARE! ¬†Once our bodies ¬†get use to a certain¬†workout, they don’t require the same amount of energy (calories or strength) to get it done.
  • Prevent injury – If we do the same workouts all of the time, we run a¬†significantly¬†greater risk of chronic injuries (shin splints, etc.) ¬†Changing it up makes us work a variety of muscles and develop balanced¬†strength¬†and¬†endurance.
  • Stay interested – New workouts keep us engaged in exercise.¬†¬†High mental and emotional engagement makes us more energized meaning we work harder and reach greater fitness levels.


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  1. Do 3 DIFFERENT types of cardio exercises every week¬†– At a minimum, its most important to ensure that you get 3-30 minute cardio workouts in each week. ¬†However, you can maximize results by doing a variety of cardio workouts. ¬†For example: Monday – Treadmill, Wednesday –¬† Elliptical, Friday – Boxing class. ¬†
  2. Add Intervals¬†– Intervals in terms of speed and incline/resistance are a great way to keep your body in the “cardio zone” and make sure you don’t get complacent. ¬†For example: when on the elliptical, ride at level 5 resistance for 3 min then level 10 resistance for 1 min, continue alternating for 30 min to 1 hr.
  3. Power walk instead of running/jogging РPower walking is not as natural of a movement as jogging/running which means you have to engage more muscles.  This is a great way to shock your body and even burn more calories Рadd light hand weights for an extra burn!

    TRX Suspension Resistance Training
  4. Switch up your resistance regimen – Instead of your¬†usual back/biceps and chest/triceps workouts that you have been doing for years, change it up! ¬†Try the new TRX suspension training¬†or an¬†endurance body weight routine (like several posted on this site). ¬†Remember, if you do what you always done, you’ll get what you always got!
  5. Get moving with a group РWorking out with a group makes you push harder and leverage the energy of those around you.  I encourage you to try some of my favorite group exercise classes: Title Boxing Club, Boot Camps (any one), Bar Method, Cycle classes and TurboKick.
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