#LUKESGRIT Challenge – Complimentary Fitness Classes in Dallas this Holiday Season!

Luke's Locker and GRIT Fitness

Hey Hey friends! ¬†I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving Holiday and ate lots of yummy food that you love ūüôā ¬† No need to feel guilty for indulging because I have five,¬†free, super-fun workouts in store for you this holiday season. ¬†If you live in Dallas, come join me and my friends from Luke’s Locker for the #LUKESGRIT Challenge! ¬†Me and 3 instructors from my studio will teach a sweaty series of high energy, motivating¬†classes during the month of December.

The #LUKESGRIT challenge aims to provide a fun environment that encourages women to stay active during the holiday season. Generous prizes from Luke’s Locker will be awarded to those who complete 3 or more community classes in the month of December.

The challenge begins this Sunday, Dec. 6th with a kick off “GRIT mash up” class and shopping event at Luke‚Äôs¬†Locker ‚Äď Mockingbird, Dallas, TX. Each week following, members of the Dallas community can participate¬†in a complimentary community workout at the GRIT Fitness studio located at 3821 Ross Ave.¬†Dallas, TX 75204.


  • Date: Sunday, December 6, 2015
  • Time: 10:00am
  • Location: Luke‚Äôs Locker 3046 Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75205
  • Cost: Free & open to the Dallas community
  • Details: Enjoy a 1-hour ‚Äúmash up‚ÄĚ workout led by GRIT Fitness instructors, followed by¬†refreshments and shopping. The kick-off class will consist of Dance Cardio, Body Sculpting and¬†Cardio Kick Boxing. Space is limited – class participants must register online!


  • Kick Off – GRIT Mash Up Workout¬†¬†12/6, 10:00am at Luke’s Locker – Mockingbird, Dallas, TX
  • Class 1 – Dance Club Cardio, 12/9, 7:30pm at GRIT FITNESS
  • Class 2 – Turbo Kick, 12/16, 6:30pm at GRIT FITNESS
  • Class 3 – GRIT HIIT, 12/23, 6:00pm at GRIT FITNESS
  • Class 4 – Body Sculpt Express, 12/30, 5:15pm at GRIT FITNESS

You can visit the GRIT Fitness website to read the description of each class format.  I hope to see you there!  xoxo, Brit

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New Balance #FreshFoam Running Sneakers Product Review

#GRITbyBrit representin' at the #FreshFoamDallas Launch Party!
#GRITbyBrit representin’ at the #FreshFoamDallas Launch Party!

Last week I approached by New Balance to be one of the first to review their newest running shoe, Fresh Foam 980.  Now most of my reviews on GRIT by Brit are unsolicited РI just review places and products that generally intrigue me.  However, since New Balance is a legit brand, I was quite flattered that they valued my opinion so I happily agreed to test these bad boys.

Fresh Foam Collection for Women (Men's available too obviously)
Fresh Foam Collection for Women (Men’s available too obviously)

I know I should start off by providing feedback on the shoe’s comfort, foot support, design quality, ¬†etc., but in true GRIT by Brit fashion, I must first comment on the style. ¬†When my sneakers arrived in the mail, I was pumped to discover their boldness and brightness. ¬† I LOVE NEON and there’s lots of neon! ¬†Also, the soles are colored. ¬†I hate white soles on sneakers because they always get dirty which isn’t cute.

#FreshFoamDallas Launch Party
#FreshFoamDallas Launch Party

After receiving the sneakers, I co-hosting a #FreshFaom launch party and 5K Fun Run at Luke’s Locker sporting goods store in Dallas along with some local running coaches and representatives from New Balance corporate headquarters. ¬†Everyone was super nice, fun and had lots of GRIT!

So now let me shed some light on the running experience… ¬†While I am a self-proclaimed “group fitness junkie” I’m not really a “runner.” ¬†I mean, I enjoy 2-4 miles every now and then when the weather is nice but I don’t have excellent running form nor do I own real running shoes.

The run was AWESOME. ¬†First, I was personally proud to keep up with all of these hardcore runners. ¬†Second, I was shocked by the comfort of my running experience. ¬†I usually run in my Nike cross training shoes that I wear to teach kickboxing. ¬†Let me tell you, running in shoes specifically designed for running makes a HUGE difference. ¬†My run was bouncy and felt like it was minimizing the impact on the knees. ¬†After tearing my ACL in college and having reconstructive surgery, I’m really careful about putting to much impact on my knees. ¬†Overall, I’m not 100% sure if my pleasant running experience should be completely credited to New Balance Fresh Foam or to just having real running shoes. ¬†Either way, it was a good experience and definitely enticed me to run more frequently (in running shoes that is).

After our run, we celebrated with ice cold beers, yummy snacks and laughs.  As icing on the cake, I met a fellow Dallas food/fitness Blogger!  Be sure to follow Stephanie at Food and Fitness 4 Real.

Me and Stephanie from @FoodFit4Real
Me and Stephanie, author of  @FoodFit4Real

Overall, I can’t honestly say whether or not the New Balance Fresh Foam sneakers are a superior running shoe. ¬†But I can say that they are, in fact, designed for running and if you aren’t use to wearing running shoes these are great first pair to purchase for yourself.

Happy Running!  xoxo, Brit

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