Bye-Bye Lower Back Fat


Hey y’all – happy Sunday!  Here’s a new workout I designed just for the lower back.  I often find that my upper back is nice and toned, but I struggle to develop definition in my lower back.  This workout combines a lot of exercises that will really tighten and tone that area.  I’m not using weights in the video, BUT for BEST results use 5-7 dumbbells.

Remember, the only way to lose FAT, is to burn more calories than you consume.  However, this workout will help you tone your lower back area and build lead muscle mass so that your body burns more calories at rest.

Let me know what you think!

Back fat BE GONE! xoxo, Brit


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Eliminate the Love Handles

Eliminiate Love Handles GRIT by BritHey hey ladies and gents!  Hope you had a FABULOUS weekend!  One of my best best friends from London came to visit me in Dallas this weekend.   We had a great time dining, laying by the pool and catching up on life.  This Friday we’ll be heading to Greece for our much awaiting summer vacation – eek!

As last-minute prep for our beach bodies, I designed this ab workout to focus primarily on the love handles (yes…that little layer of fat that sits so nicely on my side above my low-rise pants).  The workout incorporates some techniques that I use in my PiYo Strength (Pilates/Yoga fusion classes).  BTW, if you live in Dallas, you better come join me for PiYo on the deck every Saturday – it’s free and we have the best view in Dallas at the W Hotel 16th floor wet deck!

My “Eliminate the love handles” workout only takes 8 minutes – try it out and let me know what you think! Trust me, you will be sore tomorrow 🙂


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